Hey Arnold!

Season 5 Episode 1

Monkeyman! / Buses, Bikes, and Subways

Aired Daily 6:30 PM Mar 04, 2000 on Nickelodeon



  • Quotes

    • (after she discover a pay phone was near Helga and Harold)
      Helga: (to Harold) So how much money do you got?
      (Harold shows Helga two quarters in his hand) Enough for one call each. Hello, Mom! It's me, Helga! I'm stuck at the chocolate factory with a moron. The school bus left us here and we don't have any way to get back. Oh, please pick up, Miriam.
      (Helga hangs up the phone)
      Harold: (dials the pay phone) Hello? Mommy, it's me, Harold.
      Worker at Restaurant: I never heard of you! Don't call me again!
      Harold: (hangs up phone) Dialed the wrong number.
      Helga: Just brilliant. You don't even know you're own phone number.