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  • One of the most sweetest animated TV shows on television.

    This show has been so real and so decent. Great story, amazing characters and awesome animation. I know it's just a cartoon, but from the looks of these characters they look, sound and act more like junior high schoolers than Elementary schoolers.

    UGH!!!! Why can't shows today be just like this show?! Anyways, I love this show and I will never forget it.
  • Original and intellectual

  • This one is a mixed bag for me.

    I don't hate this show. I mean, some characters like Arnold, Gerald, Lila and even Arnold's grand parents are really likable and some of the plots around them can be very creative and funny.

    But... and this is a big BUT... I cannot stand alot of its mean spirited themes. It's just painful to sit through. I get the fact they wanted this show to be down to earth and not some silly over the top wacky show, and I can respect that, but for pete sake... give the kid a friggin break!

    I feel so sorry for the guy. He seems like a really nice and likable kid, but he gets treated like crap over and over for no reason. This show almost has a Stressed Eric tone to it at times. Arnold just gets abused at times to the point you want to jump in and deck whoever's hurting him.

    Yes, I know Arnold does triumph from time to time and I'm glad for that, but those hardly make up for the abuse he goes through.

    Characters like Helga and Wolfgang were just unbearable to watch at times. I mean, if they got their comeuppance more for their horrible acts like Angelica from Rugrats, then I could let their horribly unlikabilty slide, but I can't. It's like they're just mostly there to make Arnold's life a living hell.

    And yes, I'm aware Helga secretly loves Arnold, but it doesn't change the fact she is just brutal to him at times, and rarely if EVER feels ashamed for doing so. I personally cannot sympathize with Helga at all. She may have a horrible homelife, but that's no excuse to torment someone just because you can't express your feelings to them.

    If ti wasn't for the fact characters like Arnold and the ones mentioned above, I would have seriously rated this show a 1-3. The mean spirited tone is unbearable at times. I don't care if it was trying to be realistic. There comes a point where you have to let up on your characters and give them a friggin break.
  • So Nostalgic!

    This was on during the golden age of Nickalodeon. Its a show that can be told to future children. Its a hall of fame cartoon that everyone knows about.
  • Great cartoon with nice lessons too!

    I sure hope when I have a son, he is like Arnold (personality wise), not only is this show funny, but it has a lot of great lessons in a lot of episodes. One great thing it teaches kids, is that you don't need money to have fun or have friends, Arnold as well as most of the kids in the school are poor, yet still have friends and still find a way to have fun.
  • A Classic and has something the other shows don't

    What to me separates this show from the rest is that, it is good, entertaining interesting, deals with a lot of real life conflicts and problems in a way that is not oversimplified but yet understandable to any kid, teen, or adult. And it deals with most of them (not all were great) in very great ways. It was a story with morals, that actually had lessons people today still need to learn. This show is reason I am good person. The main character is one of the best cartoon role model for kids ever.
  • Hey Arnold! is my life!

    This show was my life! It was funny, although Arnold's head was shaped like a football. I loved how he was called "football head" by Helga. I miss it. RIP Hey Arnold! 1996-2004
  • This show was straight up good.

    I'll do a review later.
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  • Great show!

    Hey Arnold is one of the best shows on Nick!

    Love this show so much! Nick wouldn't know how big the movie would be for the fans.
  • Probably one of the best shows that have ever aired.

    Hey Arnold was a great show.

    It was funny, entertaining, and at the end of the show, it always taught good morals; though as a child, you may or may not understand it the first time. Anyways, I absolutely adored this show. It showed real world problems, like having an alcoholic mother, an abusive childhood, being ignored, etc. This was back when Nick had real balls; an example would be the episode with Hitler and the war.

    I don't watch shows on Nick anymore considering that it's all slop. Same for Cartoon Network. Like honestly, who puts shows with real people on a network for CARTOONS? Anyways, I still watch Hey Arnold, and I'm honestly curious to see what happens.

    As for Nick, it's a shame to see them throw away such a great cartoon. Can't believe they chose to throw that other movie in besides the "Jungle Movie". The Jungle Movie would have been a bigger hit considering how you finally see his parents, learn his last name, and see the progression with Helga as Arnold had finally decided to reply to Helga's confession.
  • One of the good cartoons of the late 90's (read my description)

    This show does have a lot of good qualities. It has a few mature themes, somewhat realistic situations, good morals, and good voice acting. It's biggest problem that brings the show's quality backwards is that it is not that entertaining. I remember as a kid when Hey Arnold was on, I would look for something else to watch because it was boring to me. I think it is due to the fact that Arnold himself is almost a perfect character who doesn't have any internal problems. Does bad stuff happen to him? Yes, but Arnold has no development factor, which is something that made old cartoons like The Last Airbender and Foster's Home as well as newer cartoons like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic so great. He is a decent role model for kids, but the fact that he is the definition of a good kid makes him an almost unrealistic character.

    Today, I can appreciate the show's good qualities, but it's still kinda boring to watch. It's almost a reverse Legend of Korra (that show does some things wrong, but it is entertaining).

    I'm giving credit where credit is due. This show is definitely good, but I've seen better in other cartoons. Sorry if I tick off any fans of the show.
  • One of the earliest cartoons I remembered

    The show was a true gem in quality and I think it is a huge disapointment to see that cartoons like Sanjay & Craig, Tuff Puppy and all the other bad shows on Nick just cant do well like this show did. It proves that Nick did used to be better and more funnier back then.
  • Remake Hey Arnold! in HD with new seasons!

    Really. You see all these positive reviews, Nick? That's supposed to be REALLY GOOD. You can help this generation of growing kids. Don't expose them to crap shows. Because i'd hate to see the kids 20 years from now say "Oh my god remember Haunted Hathaways? That was the shit! Not the crap we have these days!" Have them say what we said. "Hey Arnold was the shit! Not the crap we have these days!"

  • The good ol' days!

    Words cannot describe how much I miss this show. Hey Arnold was pretty much my childhood. I remember coming home from school and sitting in front of the TV watching this show with a bowl of Peanut Butter M & M's. I loved all of the characters and the overall setting. This show reminds me a lot of my elementary school days and brings back so many great memories. I'm glad it still airs on Teen Nick except you have to catch in around midnight. Definitely will always be one of my favorite cartoons.
  • This show was awesome, and I mean it.


    I loved this show, it had good characters that you could relate to, interesting episode ideas, morals to deliver that mostly worked and the ability to make one fell a variety of emotions from happy to sad, it could make you laugh and cry. It was good, but not perfect, I will get to that latter for now I will focus the good stuff and there is a lot.

    As I said that characters were good you liked them, they all had they unique personalities and they all were generally likeable, you felt compassion for them, especially Helga, because the show tried to make them sympathetic and it succeeded. The characters were the heart of the show

    I loves most of the episodes ideas, I loved the urban myth ones, I loved the family ones, I loved the ones where Helga's secret crush on Arnold almost go revealed, they all were wonderful and while they had similarities, they were different enough to make the episodes unique.

    The emotions that the characters have are huge, they can be very happy or very sad, and shift from them in just the timeline of one episode. The result of this is the audience can go through the same emotions as the characters, which is a really good thing for a show to be able to do and It did it perfectly.

    There are scenes from this show that still to this day make me laugh out loud and want to cry and that is something that I have not experienced form many shows today.

    This show was good, however there were some, well two problems, the episodes did get a little repetitive after a while but that was not too bad. The only other one was the Arnold became a little too wise, I mean even adults were coming to him for advice, and that was a little bit of a stretch.

    However besides that I cannot think of anything else wrong with this show. It was as close to perfect as perfect could get.

  • The Holy Grail of Entertainment.

    Hey Arnold! a show that ran from 1996 to 2004 was one of the greatest show on Nicktoon. The series was a hit and probably one of the best cartoon you can relate with real life issues. The show centers around a 9 year old boy named Arnold, with his best friend Gerald, and a Tomboyish girl named Helga who torments Arnold but secretly loves him. This show has a great humor which is very entertaining, one of the greatest voice acting (One of the few cartoon to use kids to voice act) and every supporting character has a unique realistic role in the show. One of the most appealing aspect of the show was the Holy Grail of any entertainment, Emotion. Helga, the one who really steal the show, is a very deep, interesting and amazing person even with her rough edges around her personality, Arnold is a wonderful motivator and friend. This show combines what life is with great dilemma and jokes.

    Sadly the show never had a fitting end after all this year but this series will always be one of a kind.

    Lets all thanks Craig Bartlett creating an amazing series.
  • I love this show!

    I seriously love this show. The soundtrack is stellar, the animation is almost retro-like, and the humor is very entertaining. There's nothing specifically interesting about this plot; it's about a 4th grader named Arnold and his friends going on misadventures. But it still won me, and many others over. I wish that it didn't get canceled...
  • This show is very entertaining!

    My ninth TV review.

    This show is about a 9 year old boy named Arnold who lives with his grandparents and has a friend named Gerald. He is also tormented by a girl named Helga, who secretly likes him, and she also pretends to hate him. This show definitely needs to come back to Nickelodeon since this show and any other show from the 1990's and a little bit of the early 2000's is 1 million times better than the horrible shows that Nickelodeon has been airing, such as Fanboy and Chum Chum, Marvin Marvin, iCarly, Victorious, Big Time Rush, and How To Rock.
  • Best Nickelodeon's 90s Cartoon Ever

    Hey Arnold! is about 9 year old Arnold who lives in a city with his unusual grandparents. He lives in a boarding house with other people who like his family. He has a cool best friend named Gerald, an unlucky boy named Eugene, a bully named Harold, a Southern boy named Stinky, and a "lead-in" friend named Sid. Helga is the girl that hates Arnold, but actually loves him. Her best friend is Phoebe, who is actually intelligent and they're also friends with peacemaker Sheena. Also there's the "it girl" named Rhonda and her nature loving friend, Nadine and Lila the sweetest girl in the show. Arnold is caring, kind, and a dreamer. Hey Arnold! is one of the only cartoons that you can actually relate to. It doesn't just focuses on Arnold; it focuses on his classmates too. It focuses on real issue like crushes, school, family, etc.

    Pros: Funny jokes; creative plots; unique characters; great music ; stunning animation

    Cons: Didn't have a proper conclusion.

    Overall, Hey Arnold! is hilarious, smart, sad, and interesting. The first two seasons were great, but the last three seasons were the best. Also they didn't used older people to voice the kids, they actually used real kids. It is one of the best Nickelodeon cartoons ever.

  • Move it football head!

    My favorite nick cartoon ever i would have loved to have been arnold playin ball and hangin out at the stoop with my buds it was heartwarming and really makes me wish i was a kid again!
  • Hey Arnold, you're totally lame!

    Hey Arnold is a sitcom with a serious lack of originality. The animation is poor, the voice acting is worse, and most of the characters act as if stupidity is something valuable. The primary protagonist is a boy, Arnold, who has a misshapen head and butts into everyone's business. His best friend, Gerold, is an African-American with a Marge Simpson hairdo. And of course, there is Helga, a tomboy who hates Arnold, but has a secret obsession with him. There are many other characters, but I do not want to waste time explaining them, since I rather not speak of psychopaths, cheap-sakes, and various others with severe mental disabilities.
  • Hey Arnold! Your show was great!

    A Nicktoon loved by many. Arnold was a character in those fun little Claymation shorts shown in "Pee-Wee's Playhouse" twice and in once "Sesame Street" about imagination. Then the little foot-ball head was brought to Nickelodeon in 1996 and started having his own show there.
  • One of the best nicktoons

    I wish nicktoons were still like this. now their done in poor CGI and have gross out humor which pisses me off. Hey Arnold was a damn good show, Helga was the funniest character on the show.
  • Only have 4 words to say!

    I only have 4 words to say: MOVE IT, FOOTBALL HEAD!
  • A Nicktoon still loved by many today

    One of my favorites growing up, Hey Arnold was about a boy (named Arnold, surly) that's basically Mr. Goody-Two Shoes. He's surprisingly well-rounded for a nine-year-old, and kids his age (and sometimes, even adults) come to him for advice. There's also a sub-plot (my favorite portion of the show) about a girl named Helga, the school bully. She especially likes to victimize Arnold, but that just covers up her feelings about him; she's madly in love. It is sort of creepy to see the extent that Helga will go to, such as making shrines of Arnold out of garbage, sneaking into his house, or even stealing things from him, such as his hat or gum.

    CHARACTERS: Such a diverse set of characters makes this show look like the "watered-down" version of The Simpsons. And they are a little connected, considering that the creator of Hey Arnold's borther-in-law is Matt Groening, and the voice of Homer doing a handful of characters on here. Sure, there are some stereotypes, but most of them bring something new up to the table.

    There ARE some characters that I hate from Hey Arnold, though. Rhonda is nothing but a whiny rich girl who seems to never learn her lesson, and Lila is annoying.

    ANIMATION: Nothing wrong with it. Fine by my standards.

    HUMOR: Love it!

    Overall, a great classic.
  • An Awesome show!

    i used to think that 'Hey Arnold' was a good tooties show. But i guess when you're grown up and wake up at 6 am to go to school and watch this show its actually very humorous. I mean their jokes are really funny and at least they dont try too hard to be funny like lame shows these days: Hannah Montana, The Replacements etc. I think that this show has drama, comedy and friendship in it. there were some episodes i couldnt stand. you know, when they werent showing arnold. like this show is called 'Hey Arnold'. Not 'Hey Helga' or 'Hey Gerald' etc. Anyway, its a nice show :)
  • A city boy lives his grandma and grandpa in a boarding house.

    Craig Barrlet is a fricken' genius! This was one of my favorite cartoons to watch as a child. The entire serious was funny, sad, and both. It should have kept on going. The movie was great, most people didn't like it because they said it wasn't funny enough, it was an ACTION MOVIE! It reminded me of one. It was epic and adventurous. I only wish they could have made the sequel where Arnold finds his parents in the jungle. That would have been the greatest series finale ever. but it never happened. Oh well. hey Arnold was one of the best nicktoon series ever. 10/10 no doubt.
  • This was a good show, very good in my opinion.

    This show was really good, when it was out. This show had everything at the time: a good plot and it did not have to rely on stupid humor to be a good show. This show did not have to be anything funny or have no sense to get its point across. The show had good morales and great characters like Pigeon Man and Arnold himself.

    I just did not like the fact that Arnold seemed to be uptight about everything. It just was something I did not like.

    I also think that some of the later episodes were not as good, because of the Lila character wasn't that likable for my tastes.
  • Best Show Ever

    Hey Arnold! is the best Nickelodeon show ever. Unlike other cartoons,. this is more realistic. The jokes witty and hilarious, amazing animation, and cool plots. The characters are diverse and unique in their own way. There will be no Nicktoon like this because it's unique. It would be cool if they made a second movie. This show has everything; from adventure to romance, from comedy to drama. Also it's one of those cartoons that will make you cry. (I did). Overall, it's the best show ever.
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