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  • This is by far the greatest cartoon to ever be aired on Nickelodeon.

    You see, what separates Hey Arnold! from most cartoons, is it's characters. Usually there are two to four main characters and maybe five to eight side characters, none of which get a whole lot of attention. In Hey Arnold!, you had an entire neighborhood of characters each with at least one episode that showed you who they were. They're background, personality, struggles, and overall triumph. Where else do you see that? And Arnold was such a sweetie, you couldn't not like him. This show deserves far more attention than it gets, that's for sure.

    Also, Helga's huge secret crush on Arnold was the funniest thing ever.
  • A very good show

    Hey Arnold was a great show about kids and everyday lives. Arnold is a character who always tries to help his friends and is probably the kindest character. Helga is a bully who always picks on Arnold, when she actually has a crush on him. I don't remember much about this show but what I remember about this show, is that it was great.
  • Great toon.

    Plot: Hey Arnold! Follows about a boy that always hangs out with his friends, make fun as soon as possible, and always goes to school. A boy with a good manner. And this cartoon also follows about a girl named Helga who has a very obsessive crush on Arnold. Quite good, because it's two plot lines are unusual when it comes to cartoons.

    Characters: Those characters built a foundation in detail and attitudes, an inspiration. They're special. Also, voice acting fits in the whole show.

    Humor: It had some good comical humor that are sometimes satiric, and there's some sexual innuendos too.

    Art: The art is great, when you are looking for old-styled cartoons.

    Overall: 9.5 Started in the right time, ended in the right time.
  • A Really Good Show Better Than Fred!

    A really good show. Better than Fred!
  • Excellent Show

    Very funny. This show was amazing and I was angry when they got rid of it and decided to not make the Jungle Movie. Overall it was great.
  • Great Cartoon

    Hey Arnold was one of my favorite cartoons when I was younger. And I still enjoy watching it whenever it comes on, but its very occasional. But the kids in the show never acted their age. The were all 9-11 year olds but sometimes they act like teens. Still a great show though. My favorite characters were Arnold and Gerald. My least favorite were Oscar and Harold. I hated them. I think they should still air this show on Nickelodeon. It is a lot better than most of the cartoons they have now. Hey Arnold really is a classic. Bring it back Nickleodeon!
  • Good show.

    Hey Arnold is a good show and is really relaxing show. I think that the characters are really enjoyable and can be very interesting in their own ways which makes it so good. Also I really enjoy the music in the show especially the ending theme it just shows how cool Arnold can be. I think that this show was a great edition to the Nicktoon classics so if you like the 90's nick you would probably like this too!
  • One of the best classic Nicktoon


    Hey Arnold! is a much-loved and popular Nicktoon on Nickelodeon. The whole basis of the show is Helga's love for Arnold, but a lot of episodes and storylines focus on Arnold and his friends. Hey Arnold! shows a variety of different characters - even the background characters have 1 or 2 episodes onthemselves. Arnold is a good person and tries to do things right. People at his school seek him for advice and see him as their own advisor.

    I think Hey Arnold is one of the best classic cartoon on Nick. I'm so glad that TeenNick brought this show back but it was only for the month of September (same as Rocko's Modern Life). :/ At least I have 9 recordings of it so that I review these episodes next month. I really enjoyed most of the episodes. Before Teen Nick brought it back, the last time I watched Hey Arnold on TV was 2005ish, but I can't remember that much if Nick aired it on that year. I did still remember seeing this show a lot when I was younger before it ended. Now, let's move on the characters. Most of them are very funny. Helga's crush on Arnold is hilarious, yet she can get mean at him and call him football head (which Stewie Griffin from Family Guy had the same head). Gerald, Arnold's grandpa, Ernie, Oskar, and a couple more are funny as well. Overall, I enjoyed this show. I wish TeenNick brought this show back again since they were airing it for only a couple weeks. 10/10

  • Just like "Rugrats", this cartoon was my childhood memory and I miss this cartoon very much


    Well... remember when Nickelodeon was all about cartoons back then but now they seem to focus on their sitcoms now which isn't bad since some of them are enjoyable BUT you realize how Nickelodeon focused more on airing new episodes of the sitcoms than airing the new episodes of the cartoons. Anyways, "Hey Arnold" was my childhood memories and just like "Rugrats"... I miss this cartoon very much. I watched this cartoon on Netflix to relive my childhood memories and the episodes are still as wonderful as they were as a little kid. This cartoon is also my mom's favorite cartoon to watch and she misses watching this cartoon as well. I remember my mom would always watch this cartoon with me and she has seen every single episode with me as a little kid. The storylines are very creative and the humor is very good. The movie of this show was also epic and just plain hilarious. I own "Hey Arnold! The Movie" on video so I can still watch the movie. Anyways, I have seen every episode and even saw the movie. This cartoon is just so dang good and I miss it so much. Why do out childhood memories have to be canceled. Now, all I have to remember my childhood is "SpongeBob SquarePants" and "The Fairly OddParents", I only have those two to help me out especially SpongeBob. Overall, this is a cartoon that I wish was still on the air right now and "Hey Arnold!" is definitely in my top 5 greatest Nickelodeon cartoons. 10/10

  • a really good classic cartoon that i miss

    hey arnold was a really good classic show i used to watch all time when it was on in the 90s anyway it was about a kid name arnold who lived with his granparents he was a avrage kid that would hang out with his friend jarded and they would sometimes get into trouble and it took place in the city they would do all sorts of things like kids did try to skip school , play baseball with your friends. have trouble with the bully. and help people with problems as well. it was a classic cartoon that nick had going for it.
  • Oh, that oblong head~

    Unlike todays show, this show manage to impress me.

    First off, the animation doesn't impress me, but thankfully it doesn't make me want to rip my eyes out. The style suits me for its simpleness. I love Arnold's smiles. ^^

    As for the characters, GOD, they are deep and something to enjoy as a adult. One of my favorites had to be Helga. She is a sweetheart to how she expresses herself through poems and writing all this determination onto Arnold the one person to give her attention.

    Arnold the main character is also someone kids need to look up to. Willing to listen to others and help them, with a good lesson at the end. I would love for a child to see this instead of the butt humor or fart jokes that airs these days!

    The music was pleasing to the ear with a jazz vibe which made me smile to see. Its something different I like to have.

    I would reccomend this to anyone. Adult or child, its suitable and keeps children entertain.

    I shall miss you oblong head boy. You were the biggest contribute to my childhood and hopefully someone else ^^
  • I Miss this show so much

    This is one of the greatest shows from my childhood. I loved it. I didn't get all the jokes but the episodes were great. Almost every single character in this show was good. Almost every episode was. It is a great shame that this show was suddenly canceled, and it is a greater shame it is never aired where I live anymore. I loved this show as a child, and I am quite sure if it were still on for me, even if just by re-runs, that I would continue liking it.

    One of the best cartoons ever. 10. Perfect
  • One of the coolest cartoons in the world!

    I think "Hey Arnold" is a very special cartoon. I grew up watching Hey Arnold. It is romance and comedy together. Arnold is a good advisor, good friend and good guy at all. Show's more about Arnold's friends and classmates than himself. About Helga's hidden love for Arnold, about Arnold's missing parents, his granpa and grandma and his school, including the teachers. It's a classic and absolutely fabulous cartoon show!
  • "One of my Favorite Cartoons Next to South Park"


    I love this cartoon more than Rugrats. It's a great show. My favorite episodes are Helga's Makeover, Harold's Kitty, Ms. Perfect, Rhonda's Glasses, Hall Monitor, What's Opera, Arnold?, Helga vs. Big Patty, Arnold's Room, Curly Snaps,Preteen Scream, Arnold Betrays Iggy, Hey Harold!, Cool Party, Arnold's Thanksgiving, Helga's Show, The Flood, Girl Trouble, school play, student teacher, new teacher, jamie o in love, dinner for four, Phoebe skips, egg story, it girl, deconstructing Arnold, grudge match, polishing rhonda, Helga sleepwalks, helga of the couch, buses,bikes, and sudways, helga'smasquerade, bis sis, new bully on the block, phoebe breaks a leg, summer love, beaned, April fools day, curly's girl, eugene, eugene, A Day in the Life of a Classroom, ghost bride, and phoebe's little problem.My favorite characters are Arnold, Helga, Gerald, Curly, Phoebe andGrandpa Phil

  • I love this show,it has all that a cartoon could want great characters,and great stories.


    I have all the seasons on DVD and love all of them from start to finish this show never disappointed me in any way. The cast of characters are funny and enduring.

    The show was very good at getting it's point across with out being heavy handed in the moral department, plus it was nice to see a neighborhood like this that was simple even with the bustling city surrounding it.

    The show is just plain fun to watch and with heartfelt moments in just about every episode, to me this is a show that can be enjoyed by kids and adults.

    So if you can buy the DVD's and watch them, with your family and enjoy

  • One of the last great kids' shows we had, Hey Arnold was great for grown-ups too! :-)


    I love Hey Arnold. I am a grown, married woman, and I have no shame in admitting it lol I once loved cartoons, animated shows in general. Hey Arnold was one of the last animated shows.

    Programs for kids these days are too sophisticated or just too complicated. I loved watching Arnold and Gerald running about the neighborhood. Yes, they had problems to solve and some of it could be serious at times, but it wasn't like the whole world was balanced on their shoulders. Helga was the best! She bullied Arnold, which I think he might have secretly liked, just a little, but inside she loved him with all her heart. It was hilarious.

    The characters on Hey Arnold were all fantastic. Arnold's grandparents were so funny, as well as the boarders who lived in their house. I think this is just one of the best shows they made and I miss it. I sometimes watch episodes online. I was happy to see that TeenNick will be adding Hey Arnold to it's late night schedule.

    In my opinion, Hey Arnold is one of the BEST cartoons ever made, and I'll never get tired of it.

  • How do you call it a show?

    Nick has a lot of HORRIBLE cartoons but nothing in the world is even close to how awful this show is. Please people, CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!! The freaggin show has NOOOO talent at all what so ever. I\'d rather watch sesame street. Their are shows that I don\'t like for example Powerpuff Girls or Dexter\'s Lab, but at least I can actually watch those shows, I can\'t even watch Hey Arnold.
  • This is gotta be the best show in history.


    It's about guys named arnold, helga, and many more people. But, arnold is a football head and helga treats him like shit. Oh, and hey arnold is a relation to spongebob.

    Arnold - spongebob

    Helga - squidward

    The boy - patrick

    My score: 9.5

  • Best Nicktoon EVAR!


    After catching up on Hey Arnold! on Youtube, I might say this has quality equal, if not superior than the likes of Spongebob, or Invader Zim.

    It's about a neighborhood in the Big City, (Forgot the name, sorry) and the kids having several adventures of breaking world records, winning bike races, new kids, and other things kids have to handle or try.

    Arnold is the nicest kid you'll ever meet, who never gives up on anything, and thinks about every solution. Gerald is his best freind who reluctantly tags along, and loves hanging out with kids playing baseball and stuff. Helga is the most interesting character out of all the kids. She is a tomboy and a bully who is impatient and hates Arnold, but yet loves him as well. Harold is a bully with a sensitive soft spot, who is hungry 24/7. (I'm hungry 24/7 too) There's also like 10 other kids, but I don't want to spoil who they are, or their personalities. You'll have to find that out. Oh yeah, and there's also a boarding house where Arnold and his grandparents live, and other crazy people, like a con-artist, a demolition expert, and more.

    Now the episode plots might seem dull and average, but they take the stories and use them for comedic relief, and telling kids, not every urban legend is real, there's always a solution, and other wonderful lessons without preaching them too far. The stories can get goofy and zany, but not too much it's not enjoyable or unrelatable.

    I could go on for hours, and I still wouldn't have been finished.

    10 out of 10.

  • This show is kinda borring.

    I use to love this show, bu tknow I think its very borring. The main character is the nicest boy in the world. How old is that? Arnold is passive at times, and isn't the intrasting. Its just about him in the city living with his Grandparents in a boarding house. He will never take off his hat, and never go any where with out it. He does the same thing almost every time. The things he does no one can relate to! He can do anything, but is still borring as heck! So I'm kinda glad that Nick cancelled it, and put more intrasting things on there instead.
  • a dumb show about a kid with a football head and does thing's with other kids

    god i hate this show so much.god who ever thought of this show should just go out of work i'm serious.a show about a kid who has a football head and does thing's in his neighborhood and has a bully that is a girl who actually's like's him.what a freak how she bully's him and then keep's a picture of him and then talk's to herself about how she like's his head(crazy). i'm so glad how this show ended and it was weird how arnold lived with his grandparent's and a whole house full of stranger's and arnold's friend's talk freakey and look like the have picke nose.
  • Good show! Later episodes are better though

    I'm not really wild about the older episodes, but the episodes dated 1998-2003 are my fave. The one thing I don't like about this show, is that they're in 4th grade, and they walk around the city by themselves, go to the movies, restaurants, amusement park, by themselves. If I were the creator of this show, I'd make them 12/14 years old, and in middle school. They're WAY too smart for 4th graders. My favorite character is Helga Pataki, with her unibrow and big pink bow. She may be a bully, but she's very witty and has feelings. I also like Grandpa Phil and Grandma Gertie "Pookie." They're very crazy, even though they're in their 80s. (Sorta like Sophia in "The Golden Girls") Mr. Simmons is their very touchy-feely teacher, who is always thinking positive and looking on the bright side, just like Eugene, the schoolyard jinx. Arnold is always trying to help him, (and his other classmates) to get out of jams. Overall, great show, but they should be older!
  • This show was the best cartoon of the 90's (even though i liked all shows from 90's nick not including Ren and Stimpy.)I can't believe Craig Bartlett abandoned his best show ever!

    This show was awesome!!!!!!!!!! Here is my Review on Hey! Arnold (in a scale from 1-10)

    plot/summary-10 The plot to this show is awesome!every episode had a good and entertaining story behind them.

    comedy- 9.9 The comedy was really funny,and i personally think that Helga makes this show funny.

    Theme song- 10 a nice and funky theme song.

    romance-10 Im so into the Helga/Arnold love/hate relationship

    action/adventure 2.9 This show was a really good series except this show is not a action/adventure type.Sorry Hey! Arnold.

    Overall-10. This show was just simply amazing! This show is about a brave and courageous man named who goes on funny adventures with his pals and has a crush on a girl named Lila.But Helga a girl sorta hates,but loves Arnold,but except never emitted it until Hey! Arnold the movie
  • Well,it's maybe fine to me.

    It's maybe a show which I don't like,but it's fine to me.Well,it was fine with some of the best episodes ever.I can see that it's a very good classic like Rugrats and Rocko's Modern Life.They are both very good classics like this one and I could see that they don't show those shows anymore.Well,I'm not saying that this show is very terrible,it's just that I dont like it,but I think it's very fine to me.I grade this and those shows a C because it was pretty much fine shows and it was better than those classic Cartoon Network shows on there.
  • i hate to be the only one to rate this show so low but i gotta get things strait here

    ok i used to like this show i like this show when there is humor but there is something i dont get this show is very dull and boring the main character has no personality the only remotly interesting character is helga i like when she beats up that creepy kid alot but thats it
  • Now this is cool!

    I remember Hey Arnold a lot. I remember the days when it was brand new. It somehow reminds me of The Magic School Bus, mostly because there are characters named Arnold and Phoebe.

    Anyway, I think Hey Arnold is really funny. Many episodes are really good.

    Some of my favorite episodes inclued the episodes with the false fire alarm, the episode with the stoop kid (Actually, the end of the episode was hilarious), the episode where Helga got beaten up by a huge girl (Funny), the episode where Principal Warts got mooned (Hilarious, although I thought Warts was an idiot not to recognize who were the boys that mooned him at once. We know, don't we?), the episode where Harold and Helga got lost after a field trip, the episode with the 'haunted train' (My old time favorite), and the episode with the 'demolition' of the old building (Another old time classic, although somehow, I was on Ernie's side), and so many more I can't name them all.

    And yes, I've seen Hey Arnold The Movie in theatres 8 years ago along with The Powerpuff Girls Movie, and Lilo And Stitch. It was awesome, cool, funny and great.

    I still think about Hey Arnold now, and sometimes, I try to find my favorite episodes online. It's still cool. Along with the Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life and Spongebob Squarepants.
  • Why can't they make classic kid shows like this nowadays?

    Hey Arnold! is a show that makes me feel sorry for the kids of today, as they never got to experience classics like this. Instead they are stuck with shows and movies such as; Hannah Montana, High School Musical and iCarly, which, in my opinion, has a lack of charm that I was lucky enough to experience in my childhood. Hey Arnold! is a cartoon that I will never be too old for. With characters such as; Anrold, Helga, Grampa and Granma and Gerald what's not to love about this show?! This cartoon was able to be both entertaining and sentimental, a rare achievement for any kid's show to even understand nowadays!

    I miss this show, and it exsisted during the era that Nickelodeon was at its best, with a line-up involving; Kenan and Kel, As told by Ginger, Rugrats and the Wild Thornberrys. If only cartoons like this were still around for children now...
  • Arnold meets Gordon who knows Otto, Mike, and 9-Volt who knows Orbulon and Mr. Blik.

    This is the best show ever. The football, the Helga, the stuff. They do stuff and play baseball. And Arnold's last name is Shortman. Helga tells Arnold she has a crush on him. Yippeee!!!!! a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z q w e r t y u i o p a s d f g h j k l z x c v b n m 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 Arnold is good. Really!
  • Not bad.

    It is just an average show. Not one that I would take any time to watch. Nothing really stands out about this show. It has some funny moments, but the rest is just bland. I think it is just okay in terms of comedy, but in the storylines and plots area, it lacks something. My favorite part of this show is the basic thing, which is that it doesn't try to do too much. I think that it saves the show from being like others. Overall, not a great show, but it also isn't a bad show either. It is just average. Thank you.
  • a true nickalodeon classic

    wat happend nick? u used to be so memerable back then with shows like are u afraid of the dark? angrey beavers kean and kel wild thornbarries ren and stimpy and many others
    now there gone and hey arnold id one of them. hey arnold is about a boy named arnold who moves in a fictional town of greenhill and makes freinds and helps freinds out with there problms. the plot line is lovable and nothing will beat this show hey arnold is probily one of nick most pro duced shows any way i guisse im lout of room so i guiss this the end
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