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  • one of the best cartoons of the 90's

    Hey Arnold! was one of my favorite shows growing up. This show about a football-heading kid in the fourth grade with the maturity of a 40-year old was so funny. Arnold lives with his quite odd yet loving grandparents in their boarding house. the reason this show was so successful wasnt just because of a great main character but because there were so many great supporting characters. Grandpa, Grandma, Harold, Stinky, Sid, Brainy, Curly, Nadine, Rhonda, eugene, ernie, mr. hynn, oscar and susie, lila, Big Patty, Mr. Green the butcher, Bob and Muriel Patacki, Stoop Kid, and many more. the best of these supporting characters has to be Helga Patacki a mean girl with a talent for poetry and a secret burning passion for Arnold, Phoebe, Helga's brilliantly sweet friend and sidkick, Mr. Simmons the peace loving nurturing 4th grade teacher at PS 118, and Gerald, Arnold's cool smooth best friend. these characters combined with years of hilarious storylines made one of the best shows of the 90's.
  • This series is about a 9-year-old football headed boy named Arnold who has exciting and sometimes surreal adventures in the big city, while helping his fellow classmates with their problems along the way.

    This is probably one of Nickelodeon's greatest Nicktoons along with "Rugrats," "The Angry Beavers," and "Rocko's Modern Life." "Hey Arnold!" has everything you would expect from a great show. It has drama, humor, adventure, and romance. Probably the show's greatest plotlines would involve one of Arnold's classmates, Helga G. Pataki. Helga always constantly teases Arnold to his face, yet she secretly harbors an undying love on him and would always admitt her love for Arnold whenever he is not around. I also love the part where Brainy, a kid who is always behind Helga whenever she confesses her love for Arnold, gets punch by Helga. "Hey Arnold!" is truly one of Nickelodeon's greatest classics ever created.
  • Football head

    Hey Arnold!, - Hey Arnold was about a kid who lived in the city in a boarding house with he two grandparents. His parents are in an unknown spot. The show deals with him growing up in the 4th grade and takes story arks with his friends mostly given all of his friends some episode about them. No matter how big or important they were to the plot. One of the main plots dealt with Helga and her love for Arnold. She is left alone daughter of a sales man who really doesnt seem to care for his daughter. All in all the show was funny and one of the best on nickeldeon.
  • Amazing show, football head.

    Ok, So this is a show about a boy named Arnold who lives in an Apartment building with his grandparents, a very Crazy gramda, and a almost normal grandpa. Arnold and his friends/neighbors/schoolmates always get into some sort of trouble in each episode. These people consist of Helga(arnolds secret admierer), Harold, Eugine, Sid, Stinky, Pheobe, And many others. Even though Hey Arnold may be a "old show" to some viewers out there, I still think it was an amazing show for its time. not to mention the variety and attitudes of characters. Overall I think Hey Arnold was a grat show.
  • A show that i watched as a child .

    I remember this show " hey arnold ! " when i was a child , it used to be on nick ( something ) and is a all time classic , everyone i know used to watch it when they were around 10 years old . The whole show was about a boy called Arnold , and his life living in a boarding house with his granparents . My favourite was Arnold because he was the main character also how can't you like a " football head " . Though i haven't watched it in some time , i think many children around the 10 years old mark will love this show .
  • An all time favorite from Nick's Golden Age.

    If you don't know Arnold than plain and simple: you weren't a ninities chid. But for those of you who weren't (and I don't hold it against you) this was a show about a group of 4th graders hanging out. THe main focus was the title character Arnold, an advice giving good hearted, orphaned kid, and his friend Helga who although bullied him, harbored a secret, obessive crush on him. Other more minor characters had episodes dedicated to them too, and all the characters evolved through the course of the show. Hey Arnold was really popular and swpaned a theaterical movie, however the idiots at Viacom decided to release it around the same time as Lilo & Stitch (don't get me wrong Stitch was a good movie, I'm complaining about Viacom, not Stitch). Because of this stupidity, the sequal, The Jungle Movie, that was supposed to end the series on a conclusive note, was never produced. Hey Arnold was undoubtly one of my favorite shows when I was younger and I wish that Nickelodeon would air it more. Even more than that I wish they'd finish The Jungle Movie (maybe not as a theratical release but a made for TV reunion show type thing). The VERY few times Arnold is still on it's fun to watch for the adult subtext and themes that went over your head as a kid. I seriously wish Nick would just kick the likes of The Naked Brothers Band off the air and put this on instead. This great show were the characters were likable, the plot lines had a point, and that represents a time when cartoons were worth watching. Bring it back viacom!
  • classic!!

    Hey Arnold was a classic nick show & it should still be airing. there also should've been a 2nd movie! i've been wondering what Arnold's last name was & what happened to his parents.*sigh* i guess at this point i'll never know:( this was a show that anybody can relate to.the newer shows on nick cant compare to this! you can actually lol at the jokes in this show unlike all the shows that're on nick now which arent funny at all. i miss the 90s so much cuz all the shows that were shown then were more mature, had better jokes, & better storylines.so, that's he end of this review.
  • Who dosent miss the classics???

    One of the best classics in Nickelodeon. I lOVe this show and i also have and always will. Greast characters, storyline, and everything. Before avatar came along i thought this was the best show on Nick. This show has no flaws. The earlier episode were drawn a bit poorly but every cartoon is like that so i ignore that.

    They took this off of nick not to long ago. I dont know if they have any dvds witch is sad. The only hey arnold dvd i know they have is the movie which came out YEARS ago and i already saw that. I hope they put it up in the air soon.

    Another reason I like this show is that at the time it came on the air, there was no live action stuff like we do now (Well maybe very little but at that time they had GOOD live action shows). and NO spongebob! I wish i wasent so young at the time so i can experiance the best channel ever at the time. Now it sucks. anyway back too the review, The show rocked. 10/10. hope it comes back
  • One of the best Nicktoons ever

    This was back when cartoons were great. Hey Arnold was a show that had it all, comedy, drama, and love. Like every show, when Hey Arnold fist aired it got okay ratings. But then, Hey Arnold started airing more and more episodes and the ratings went up! Hey Arnold was a cartoon that brought me back to the screen everyday even to watch re-runs. The show had very interesting characters such as Helga, the girl with the angry outside but a soft and gentle inside. Another great character was Phoebe. She was quiet and smart yet insane. One of the best plots in this show was Helga's crush on Arnold. This made me laugh every time she met up with Arnold. She would him "Football Head" and other names. Then, Arnold would leave and Helga would sigh and poetically express her feelings toward Arnold. This cartoon was fantastic and it was sad to see it come to an end.
  • The best there ever was.

    Hey Arnold is a show about an orphaned boy with a strangely shaped head who lives with his grandparents. They live in a boarding house with a variety of colorful neighbors with unique personalities. Along with those neighbors are the kids Arnold interacts with at school such as: Gerald, Arnold's best friend with Marge Simpson hair; Helga, the bully infatuated with Arnold who has her sidekick Phoebe; and Eugene, the klutz. This show has never spat out an episode that wasn't true to the characters in it and has a suprising number of deep episodes. The true essence of the show is the way characters interact and it doesn't have to rely on stupid, toilet humor for entertainment like cartoons today do. I grew up with this show and when it left did an era of quality cartoons, that today's shows just can't measure up to and just seem to exist to dumb down the kids that watch them. Anyway, it just makes you appreciate the show more and only gives me more of a reason to give it a ten.
  • My all time favorite Nickoldeon classic!

    I loved every minute and every episode of this fabulous show! Hey Arnold i think was one of the best Animated shows, as i was entertained by watching the cool kids doing some great adventures in New York City! Too bad its another classic that is caneled now, but at least i think it ended with a big hit of a movie that also made it into the movie theaters! Hey Arnold the movie was so awesome! One thing that was so special about it was that Helga Pataki finally confronts Arnold and admits her true love to him! In the regular episodes it was so funny watching Helga Pataki in some episodes when she's around Arnold she acts like she hates him but then usually says "How i love him!" when Arnold is not within earshot. I always enjoyed seeing Helga Pataki go on hiding her love secret adventures like when she sleepwalked every night when she ate pork rines. There was also the great episode when she had to go in his house to retrieve her heart locket! One of the greatest classics of all time with the greatest characters! Adventures like when Arnold and his friends come acros the monkey man! The haunted train, and Arnold and his friends helping Stinky win a pumpkin contest are more examples of So many great episodes With neat plots! Arnold will continue to live on in our memories! Especially to the fans of this show like me! Stinky, Sid, Gerald and Harold are some more friends Arnold usually hangs around with, although Arnold and Harold had some rough starts, later on it looked like they got along pretty well! And Helga for having a best friend had Pheobe! Hey Arnold again is so aweosme and i always couldn't wait to watch it! Very good show!
  • Awsome cartoon

    One of my favourite ever cartoons!!!!!! i used to love this programme all the time, how i wish it was released on dvd, i mean the movie is but none of the episodes, my favourite character was Helga, she very much reminded me of myself, i mean i was a tomboy and was secretly ion love with a guy from my school, but never told him! I used to come home from school everyday and watch it, then now i am 22 and i8 still love the show.

    Unfoutunaly i havent seen it on Nickelodeon this year, last year it used to be on Nicktoons every day from 2pm and last an hour, that was 4 episodes, wow i miss that progamme.
  • miss it.

    Yet another Nick show that just had to get cancelled. Hey Arnold is about a football headed kid named Arnold who lives with his two senial grandparents is a boarding house. This show doesn't just focus on Arnold, but on other characters like Eugene his best friend, Helga, the mean girl who secretely likes him, and Harold, the fat kid. Arnold doesn't really like Helga in the same way she likes him because he likes some other girl named Ruth. But Arnold also doesnt know Helga likes him. This is a very good show Nick should have kept going on with it.
  • I used to hate this show, but ever since it was cancelled I miss it a lot.

    This show is a show I really miss. It was different from most others. I used to hate it though, every time it would
    come on, I would turn it. But, when it was pulled off nickelodeon, I was thinking, Wow, I really miss Hey Arnold.
    Nickelodeon then put Hey Arnold on Nicktoons, but then they pulled it off too. The thing that Hey Arnold had was that It Had a Big Heart, which is very different from the cartoons of today, and that's why most loved the show.
    That's my review and thank you for reading. - a n d e r s o n 5 8 7
  • This never gets old!

    Awwww! This was my most favorite show when I was young! This show features about a boy named Arnold who lives with his grandparents in an old boarding house. I like how this show shows character development on each character on the show! from arnold to ruth, it's just realistic how he goes with his life trying to be good and having great friends. and I love the concept of helga secretly loving arnold but in arnold's eyes he doesn't get her, but he still helps her when she needs him. This show is a classic! I love the episode about the journal that shows about arnold's parents and I hated why nick didn't support to make a movie about it. Overall awesome show.
  • a cartoon about the life of arnold (what's his last name?)and his friends. it depicts his everyday struggles while being in the 4th grade. a real classic.

    i remembered watching this show when i was still a kid and i absolutely loved it because the storylines were fun and the characters were really funny. yeah back then the animation kinda sucked but as it progressed on to the latter seasons, it was starting to look really good. i really loved the whole close-knittedness of the kids in the neighbourhood. and speaking of that, the whole love triangle thing going on with arnold, helga and lila is absolutely hilarious. for whatever it's worth, i think arnold should end up with helga. hahaha. yeah those were the good times watching Hey Arnold! and the most depressing bit was that there was originally intended to be six seasons coupled with the Jungle Movie, which ties up the loose ends from the episode The Journal and arnold was supposed to find his parents i think. oh well, i just hope that nick comes to their senses and just fulfill the last wishes of us fans and just air the sixth season and the movie so we can move on. i mean c'mon, this show is a whole lot better than some of the junk they're airing nowadays. Long Live Hey Arnold! :)
  • a boy lives with his grandparents

    Hey Arnold! is one of my fave cartoons. It centres on the life of Arnold, who lives in a boarding house with his grandparents. He attends school and has a best friend Gerald, and much of the plot centres on the relationship between Helga and Arnold. Helga loves Arnold secretly but finds it difficult to reveal this, although coming terribly close to doing so on numerous occasions. In one episode for instance she steals Arnold's cap to finish her masterpiece- a lifelike model of Anold with whom she dances. But upon seeing Arnolds distress at losing his cap she returns it. However the plots are varied and unique and interesting and not all focus entirely upon this theme. For instance there is one where they save this tortoise, this one about this ghost train to hell and this one about this guy who likes pigeons. All in all a great series.
  • I used to love this show! :)

    This had to be one of my favorite shows on Nick. It's about the adventures of an 11-year-old boy named Arnold, who he and his friends each have a story on. Together, they get into wild and crazy adventures.

    Out of all the shows I used to watch, this one I could relate to. A bunch of neighborhood kids having fun, going to school together, and much more. It's been so long since Nick has showed a really good cartoon, because now.... there's nothing good on *expect the shows that I now watch....* But, yeah, that place has fallen fast. I wish this show were back.
  • Hey Arnold depicts the life of a boy (Arnold) who lives in a boarding house with his Grandparents. He encounters many new and strange experiences with school, girls, and his quest to always stick up for what is right.

    Hey Arnold is definetly one of the best cartoons I have ever seen on television. The kids and boarders are hilarious. The refrences to art and lterature are incredible. Hey Arnold is a show that people of all ages will love. Children's programing today does not represent goodf values whatsoever. We need shows like Hey Arnold to entertain kids without teaching them bad morales. Each person will get something different out of the short but complex show. This cartoon is a must watch for anyone. It may change your life. I really hope they bring it back to Niceklodeon soon!
  • I really wish that they would bring it back.

    I do not really remember when I started watching Hey Arnold, but I do remember taking a instant liking to it. Hey Arnold was a great show and could be enjoyed by all ages. Also this show had some great values and good characters all in one neat show. The story was about a boy named Arnold whose parents dissapered, so his grandparents took him in and raised him. This show follows Arnold as he grows up with his best friend Gerald and tries to live a normal life. I watched this show when I was younger, and I wish they would bring it back.
  • A must watch for any kids from this generation.

    This has to be one of the greatest American Cartoons ever made. This is not your average kid's show. It contained humor, parodies, " suggestive adult humor " and more.

    The characters were simple amazing, almost anyone can relate to any character in this show. Helga dazzles me with her strong sense of power and her sweet side and her carings ways towards Arnold.

    Arnold is the idea boy. And all his friends were simply a wonderful variety. I find it sad that the creators of this show stopped and never showed us, to the true and loyal fans, what would happen eventually to Helga and Arnold. I also adored the parodies of different shows and of course, real people.Influential people. The best thing was about this show, it focused on a lot of different characters and that is why every story was worth watching. And of course, who can miss Grampa's stories? The shows' creator and story tellers did a wonderful job telling and shedding us light upon Arnold's parents and how they disappeared, I simply loved the imagery used when they described hope in a way for Arnold when he gets on a plane in search for them. A lot of the episodes dealt with real life issues and even bits of history.

    I hope they release it on DVD soon, this is one of the series I might force my children to watch!
  • A Nickelodeon classic.

    "Hey Arnold!" was one of the few surviving goodies currently airing on Nickelodeon. Unlike say, Rocket Power, or The Wild Thornberrys, this show manages to make even the most sincere topics interesting and funny, complete with great artwork. I'd recommend it as second best Nicktoon of the decade. The cartoon is creatively written, wonderfully voice, ingeniously funny, and above all, smart. Today we are shoved with heaps of rubbish kid cartoons, but Hey Arnold could never be catagorized as that. Overall this was a good Nickelodeon show and I wish they still aired new episodes. This show will always be a classic.
  • I hope they bring this back.

    Hey Arnold was on the of the best shows on Nick.... until they took it off! Why did they take thos show off the air! Sure, they show it on Nicktoons, but, early in the morning. I cant get up that early to watch Hey Arnold. All of those ppl in the house. They act like family. They have the crazy grandma. She's funny. They have the lazy uncle Oscar. Therrs also Arnold, who this show mainly focuses on (hence the name). It's funny when Helga expresses her fellings for Arnold, then that kid is there, and Helga punches him! Iss soo funny. I dont kno why they took this show off the air.
  • I wish they showed more episodes

    what a classic show. I loved this show. Nick doesn't show it any more. it's one of the few shows to curse in the episodes. If Nick brings it back that'll be a miracle! i liked the episode "Oskar can't read" Hey Arnold was better than alot of the crud they show on nick. The creator made very smart plots and this show get's a 9.8 ................... ..... .... .. .......... ..... ...... ...... ...... ... ......... ..... ....... ........ ......... .......... ....... ..... ....... ...... ........ .... ........ ..... ... ..... ..... . ...... . . ......... ........ ...... .
  • I loved this show when it first came out and still do!

    Hey Arnold,is my 2nd favorite Nickelodeon show of all time it came on when I was realy young. And I can still watch Hey Arnold on tv to this day. I wish Nickelodeon would not have ended Hey Arnold even though it was on for about 8 years I could of still seen it go on for another 2 years! Hey Arnold is one of the best Nickelodeon show's ever made and it is a classic. Even though Nickelodeon removed Hey Arnold reruns from their schedule I really enjoy watch them on the holidays when they show Christmas and Thankgiveing and Halloween episodes. But I wish Nick would put it back on in reruns! I give Hey Arnold a perfect 10!
  • Awesome show!

    Hey Arnold was an amazing Nickelodeon show. It may have been just a cartoon, but those kids dealt with some serious real life issues. And then other times they just got to goof around and have fun. I loved all the episodes. However the episode about the haunted train is still one of my favorites. Also the Christmas episode. My favorite characters were definitely Arnold and Gerald. Also Arnold's grandma and granpa. And I was always curious what his last name was! Anyways Hey Arnold will in my mind always be a wonderful show. It's definitely one of Nickelodeon's finest shows.
  • One of Nickelodeon best cartoons

    Arnold is a 9 years old boy who live with his grandpa and grandma, He and his friends always seems to get in some kind of trouble in each episode but he know how to solve it
    It is a good show, Helga is really funny she is the girl who is in love with arnold but she never admit it, she always tease arnold to hide her true feelings for him, Arnold sometimes seems to "know" about it but because of helga's rude attitude most of the time he feel that it is imposible, it is one of nickelodeon best show
  • A show about a gang of kids in the city.

    In the show you had Arnold, who was the good kid and everything he did was basically the right thing. You had his best friend Gerald, who would make mistakes and Arnold would always end up fixing them up for him. Then you had Helga who had a secret crush on Arnold. Even though she had a crush on Arnold she never told him about it and always tortured him instead in fear that he might not like her back. Then you had Arnolds grandparents, Arnolds grandparent was all about hardwork and thats how you get through life by working hard. Then his grandma was a little stir crazy who had a few screws loose. It was a great show when I was growing up. I don't think they show it on Nickelodeon anymore.
  • I think this show is gra8 helga and arnoold forevs

    I love this show and it will never get dry, even when I watch some re-runs on some other dumb channel. You know they totally ruined Nickelodeon, that upsets me more than anything...grrr zzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzz z z z z z z z z z z zz z z z zz z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z zz z z z z z z z z z zz z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z
  • Hey Arnold! is about a fourth grader named Arnold just living life as it is, and having some surprises. It's, in a slight way, an animated version of Seinfeld.

    At first, I thought Hey Arnold! was a terrible show, but I was too young, but a couple years after it's first episode, I absolutely fell in love with it. HA! is definitely now one of my favorite shows ever to be on Nickelodeon. The atmosphere is fantastic, the character's are very cool, and the episodes are almost always funny, imaginative, and fun to watch. It's nice to see HA! on the Nicktoons channel, ( Comcast Digital Cable channel 129 ) but it really is over due for a DVD season release, like most Nick shows. HA! is a very good show.
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