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  • No doubt was this a Nick Cartoon Classic!

    "Hey Arold" -- stupid football head. Gotta love it. Interesting cartoon. Had to do with friendship, family, school, sports, and more. Nickelodeon nieeds more cartoons now that were like this one. Arnold having lost his parent and living with his grandparents was a unique ouch for a cartoon but it worked. Also not knowing what is klast name was really put some "???" in the show. As the writers never released it but said the name was repeated multiple times throughout the show. I liked the sports episodes the most. When they played foootnball in the rain or hjad the vacant lot turned into a baseball field. Also you can't not mention Helga when your talking about this show as she was always mean to him but just because she liked him. I did trhink that part got old sometimes throughout the show. Overall this was a classic trendsetter for Nick Cartoons.
  • I really loved this show.

    Hey Arnold is about a boy named Arnold that has a football head. LOL. Yes, I'm not joking. He has a football head. Anyway I loved this show. It covered so many kid issuses and sometimes the episodes were so sad. It had a huge fanbase. I really don't know why nick cancled this. But whateve back to the point. This show was great! When I was little all my friends used to watch this with me. Nick must have been nuts when they cancled this! It was a great show and if you ever get a chance to watch it or the move again. do it. You won't be dissiointed!
  • One of The Best Nick Shows

    One of The Best Shows on Nickelodeon back when Nickelodeon had its Golden Years and didnt have Dumb shows they run now like Avatar: The Last Airbender or The Naked Brothers Band or Zoey101 or Unfabulous which all 3 of them Suck Eggs. But I digress Hey Arnold! was a Good show and I think they should Release it on DVD since I no longer have Nicktoons on Cable. I miss the show just as much as I miss Invader Zim or Angry Angry Beavers. The Show I wish could continue I mean its as Popular as Zim is now a days.
  • Great show that I enjoyed watching.

    Hey Arnold was another one of my favorite shows. I did not like every single episode, but most of them were great. I liked all the characters and all the situations they got into, which happened to be about friends, school, family, or sports. I loved the Helga and Arnold thing. That was funny and cool. I like Lila a lot. She gave this show good vibes. I really liked Helga and her family because they were all so different and weird, which made it so funny. There were 2 episodes which dealt with helga and her parents and they were fantastic.
  • Bring this awesome show back!

    Hey Arnold! was like my favorite show ever a few years ago when it was on Nickelodeon. I haven't seen it in a while. Please Nick, bring it back on TV!! I miss it!! Arnold is obviously the main character. He is a good person and his head is shpaed like a football. Helga calls him football-head usually. She has a crush on him, but whenever she talks to him, she's mean. I rememeber an episode about when they are at an amusement park, I don't know what it's called, but I remember I loved it. If you know the episode name, PM me! Thank you!!
  • i admire this show because its good funny helga is my favorite charater in the show and gerald fat boy sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny

    this is a great show it funny and good helga is the funniest charater because she bosses people around and she hides her feeling around other people about around and how hes socute smart sensitive and everthing and herald is a phat boy he funny also he stold a ham out the market lol and he eat tooooooooooooooooooo much this show is fantastic because arnold is a little cute and he has a football head and gerald as a friend i like this show it reminds me of me sometimes that why i like it and i still do at this age
  • A show about a boy with a fooball head, his friends, grandparents, and people who live in the boarding house with him and how they do things

    In this TV show a boy with the head shaped like a football named Arnold lives in a boarding house in NY with his grandparents who are funny people. In the show Arnold encounters obstacles mostly at school and brings them to his grandparents who help Arnold out. If he doesn't encounter them at school it wil usually be around his neighborhood or tales his grandpa tells him. Arnold's best friend Gerald is at Arnold's house alot and helps Arnold with his problems. In one episode one of Arnold's peers (not really his friends just someone he knows) named Ugene gets stuck in a tree when Arnold tries to get him out he gets stuck up there also.
  • This show is about Arnold and his friends A Great Show

    I think this show is underappreciated. It is one of the best Nicktoons next to Doug.Every time you watch it you think its interesting. Always interesting stories about Arnold and his friends. Whetber it's about Gerald selling watches, or Arnold going into the sewers. This show is a pretty great show. One of my favorites on Nickelodeon. But they do not show "Hey Arnold" on Nickelodeon. They only show repeats of "Spongebob Squarepants" on Nick. Everyone has probably seen this show. It's probably the best nicktoon besides "Doug". "Hey Arnold!" still shows on the nicktoon channel every once in a while. Not as much as the newer Nicktoons though...
  • I enjoyed it while I could

    I was in the fourth grade when this first came out. My dad didn't want me to watch it, even though it was a show about fourth graders. Anyway, now that I've reviewed some of my favorite episodes here's my show review. It was a nutty show, and I was secretly rooting for Helga. It's a shame Nick cancelled it before Arnold could find his parents.
  • My 2nd favorite nick show.

    This show is awsome! I wish it was still on tv. The show is about Arnold, His freind Gereld Helga, the girl who has a crush on arnold, and the others. I think the show was very pouplar around 1996 through 2004 (The last year of Arnold) because the show has gotten its own movie. The movie was very good and had some really funny scenes and jokes. The show itself is very good. The show had well written episodes. It also proves that its better than today`s nick cartoons. The show is on nicktoons network on different hours. I hope it comes back.
  • My Favorite Show on Nick

    I loved watching this show when i was younger i don't no anybody who would not like this show everybody has a 1 point in there life loved this show. This was the best nick show ever made it had a whole bunch of jokes some older humer and a lot more. I think if nick made more shows like this then more people would watch nick cause everybody watchs this show and it is the best show nick ever had. I bet one day when i m older and this show comes on i would so watch it cause it is the best there is the best there was and the best that there ever will be
  • Wonderful show

    I loved this show. I watched it all the time. It was a classic fun cool funny show. Arnold and his freinds rocked. Helga was great. Arnold helped people and did the right thing. His grandparents were hilarious and cool. I felt sorry for him he never saw his parents. His classmates were hilarious and crazy as well. THey had so many fun times. Helga's family was outrasgeous. I loved seeing Arnold befriend and help so many people. There was mystry to the show, not knowing some last names and the name of the city. I love this show and hope to see it on DVD.
  • This is about a nine year old named Arnold and his friends in the city of New York.

    I used to love this show when I was a little kid and I still love it now as a teenager. I think this show is mildly interesting, entertaining, and humorous. My favorite characters are: Arnold, Helga, and Phoebe (I like her because I am almost exactly like her). My favorite scenes in this show is when Helga is hiding somewhere and talking to her picture of Arnold. I don't know why, but I always thought those scenes were funny. My favorite episodes would have to be the one about the flood and the one where Helga is talking to the psychiatrist about her childhood. I wish this show was still on tv; I miss it alot.
  • Hey Arnold is funny

    I really love Hey, Aronld and I really miss it. I can't believe it is canceled. If I ever see the person who canceled the show, as Helga says, "they're going to have to talk to Old Betsy." If the show comes back on, I really hope that Arnold will have a chance to see his parents again and meet Eduardo. Also, I also hope that Helga and Arnold fall in love with each other. I know you may think I'm crazy, but I really want that to happen. I mean, I really think that they're meant for each other. And the show is so funny. Like in "Arnold's Hat," I like the part when Helga is in the dump and she says, "yuck. I can't believe this. Three hours of digging through garbage. I just gotta find that hat." And I like it every time she screams. If Helga would just be nice to Arnold, I wouldn't think that she'd have to be worried about him not accepting her true feelings for him.
  • Come on every one loves this show, nick!!!!!!!!!!!

    best show ever. they really need to bring it back. any one would agree with me. Nickelodian needs to think before they take some of the best cartoons off the air. (like rocko's modern life , hey arnold , rocket power , and the angery beavers and doug) Also they took many reality show off the air. these include All that and kenan and kel and others. i think we should take action to see if there is anything we can do to get some of these shows back on the air. i mean if every one likes the why do they get rid of them!?
  • Oh, Arnold my love. Man I have loved this show ever since I was a kid; I love to watch the love struck Helga spout her love for Arnold in poetic soliloquies only to shun and belittle him in public. A cartoon such as this I have not seen before or since

    Oh, Arnold my love. Man I have loved this show ever since I was a kid; I love to watch the love struck Helga spout her love for Arnold in poetic soliloquies only to shun and belittle him in public. A cartoon such as this I have not seen before or since. Not just love poems and mean little girls this show was something more. Arnold captured my imagination on the limits of kid power seeing him rally around his wacky and zany world with his moral ways and positive attitude made me fall in love with him too. The whole Hey Arnold world from their crazy adults to their wacky classmates made me love this show. All of the characters were great although the character personalities don’t develop much through the show there is always a life lesson learned with every wacky adventure.
  • great show

    Although I may be 16 I enjoy watching cartoons as they are able to be much better than real life. I have seen the amount of appalling drama for children and the never-ending list of terrible "game shows" and none of them can compare to the great cartoons that we have to watch. Namely Simpsons, Rugrats, Cow and Chicken and of course Hey Arnold amongst others. Hey Arnold is a well drawn and written show. Kids can identify with the characters as they all seem to represent people we meet everyday. The on going love story between Helga and Arnold is so amusing as that sort of thing really does happen in the playground. It also may appeal to regular Simpsons watchers as two voicers supply voices for Hey Arnold as well as many other well-known cartoons. These great voicers are none other than Dan Castellanetta and Tress Macneille. And also Mr Simmons is voiced by Dan Butler (Bulldog in Frasier). Overall this is a great catoon with great moralistic storylines. Essential viewing by children and cartoon lovers.
  • A good show.

    Hey Arnold was one of the best show's to ever come out of Nickelodeon studios. The characters voices were really done by kids which rarely happens, and even years later when they were no longer kids, they were still being refered to as such. It had character's of several different personalities and deverse backgrounds, and wonderfully written storylines, and had a good long life.
  • Hey Arnold

    my favorite tv shows when i was a kid. If Nick would put Hey Arnold,Doug,and Rugrats on dvd it would make my day. as i,ve always been a indoor person cartoons were my life. From what few shows that haved taped and have on tape and i still like to watch my old cartoons. Nick dosent car Spongbob is the only cartoon that even makes since the rest are brainless and have no meaning to them what so ever even thow spongbob is a little brainless it is still a good cartoon cartoons from the 90'S are dead and Sponebob is the only one keeping it alive.
  • This show was great because the characters played they did alot of things and was really funny.

    Hey Arnold! is a much-loved and popular Nicktoon on Nickelodeon. The whole basis of the show is Helga's love for Arnold, but a lot of episodes and storylines focus on Arnold and his friends. Hey Arnold! shows a variety of different characters - even the background characters have 1 or 2 episodes on themselves. Arnold is a good person and tries to do things right. People at his school seek him for advice and see him as their own advisor. Characters: Arnold - Arnold is the main character of Hey Arnold! , Arnold is very helpful to others but gets too much into their business sometimes. Helga loves Arnold more than anyone else. But Arnold doesnt know it. Arnold's last name isn't revealed in any episode, but will be in the 2004 sequel, Hey Arnold 2! Arnold's nickname is "Football Head". Gerald - Gerald is Arnold's cool best friend and the all-time keeper for the ancient legends of Arnold's neighborhood. Helga - Helga is the meanest kid in Arnold's neighborhood for one reason - she loves Arnold! And no one else knows that! Helga's best friend and sidekick is Phoebe. Harold - Harold is big and fat bully, and could swallow 50 Mr. Fudgie-bars whole! He's mostly hanging out with Stinky or Sid. Harold also thinks hes so tough but he always cries for his mommie. Phoebe - Phoebe is the class Smartie! She's very useful when Helga needs help with something... or needs her to do Helga's homework. Phoebe loves Gerald, so does Gerald but its hard to tell what's gonna happen. Phoebe also knows Helga's big-deep-dark secret about Arnold, but is positive she won't let it out.
  • It's a great drama that little kids can watch.

    Arnold is an average elementary school boy that lives with his grandparents, unknowing of the whereabouts of his true parents, simply living life in the attic of his dormitory filled with some of the most unique faces you can find on the block. Big adventures, accompanied with his closest friends, come to him occasionally that you and me never have experienced in our younger days, but Arnold simply lives a laid back life that he makes full use of every single day.

    Hey Arnold is a unique childrens program. It doesn't contain the comical humour where random characters fly in ten different directions and survive one hundred feet falls after jumping off an airplane, or the equally comical action that involves school yards, breaking through walls, beams coming of out your palms, etc. It's a charm of its own that does a great job of entertaining a wide audience not exclusive only to kids.

    You could make this into a live action show, and this show would still be equally as good. It's the characters that provide so much entertainment and fun. You have Oscar; the resident immigrant who annoys everyone within the dorm; Gerald, Arnold's best friend; Helga, hardcore enemy of Arnold, yet secret admirer; Arnold's old, yet athletic and healthy grandparents, among a huge cast of characters that equally deserve recognition. I've seen shows trying to fit in too much characters, and others that literally only show three or four characters throughout its life span. Hey Arnold does a brilliant job of creating so many unique and loveable characters without giving the spotlight to two or three specific ones, sharing the stage with everyone.

    So what is Hey Arnold really about? Much like other American cartoons aimed at children, it's simply a slice of life show. So, what separates Hey Arnold compared to other American cartoons aimed at children? I've already mentioned characters, but it's not like all other cartoons fail for not having good characters. It's the indirect morals, the drama, the conclusions, the atmosphere, music, humour, etc.

    A lot of cartoons create scenarios for its characters that'll make you learn something about life. Hey Arnold is really no different, but it does it in a much more dramatic fashion and indirect way. It's not only Arnold too; most of the characters in the cartoon face different trials in which they must overcome. As you progress with the show, and notice the characters' development along the way, you can't help but provide a place in your heart for them. If I wasn't introduced to anime, there would have been no animated show that I've seen that does better drama than Hey Arnold.

    The end of the episode also might not be a happy ending nor a sad one. They're sort of in the middle, and the atmosphere, along with the music, do a great supportive job of emphasizing these points. The music especially provides a melancholy atmosphere that isn't relaxing or depressing, cheerful or hopeless. Even if a character's goal was accomplished, or not accomplished, within themselves, they might really have lost, or won. This is what is meant when Hey Arnold isn't really direct. You'd really have to evaluate the situations yourself, and this is one of the charms Hey Arnold provides.

    However, not all episodes are like these. In fact, half of the episodes situate a character in an unfortunate and unfavourable scenario that ends up turning out hilarious. Helga has a deep crush on Arnold, and accidentally expressed her feelings through the answering machine to none other than Arnold's house. She goes through some insane adventure to capture the tape even if it meant dirtying her pink dress from the obstacles that awaited her. Though like the dramatic episodes, the comical ones aren't really totally and flat out funny. Within them are really imbedded character development and some more slice of life goodness.

    Like Arnold, the show that stars him is as laid back as his life. So many factors contribute to this classic; the atmosphere, music, humour, drama; yet it doesn't really contain that "definite, absolute" feeling to it. In turn, it's the lack of this that ultimately molds Hey Arnold into the greatness that it is. It teases your tastes, and lets your imagination fill up the remaining gaps. It's really a show that you almost can't hate on, unless it was impossible for you to like dramas. Maybe not all of us can or will experience the great adventures that are portrayed in Hey Arnold, but what we can do is appreciate them from a couch being told to us through a TV screen. Old or young, Hey Arnold deserves a spot in your time schedule.
  • A kid who has a football head that helps people.

    This show is one of the greatest shows that used to be on Nick . It's about a kid who has a head shaped like a football and helps others who have problems. And all the characters are clever and funny. There were a lot of funny times like Brainy breathing behind Helga and Helga punches him. Even this movie has its' own movie. This is one fantastic nicktoon.
  • Arnold, the perfect boy.

    Well, this show is the second longest-running Nicktoon, and it, unlike Rugrats, deserved IMHO. The characters are all loving (Helga is one of my fav cartoon char) and even though being this an *old school* Nicktoon it did not have, like DP and ATLA, an straight-going story, all the episodes were just cool, being "The Journal" and "Helga on the Couch" my fav, since they deepen two of the main plots, Arnold's parents and Helga's crush. About the characters, Arnold is just perfect. I mean, he always does the right thing (with the exception of an episode, but the exception makes the rule), helping others solving their problems, and getting in and out of trouble himself. Gerald is his sidekick, always with him, helping or representing at times a problem (like when he moved in with Arnold). Helga... what can I say about her? She is just *lovely*, always saying that she hates Arnold in order to hide her love for him (something that would make her weak and defenseless against the others, something that she doesn't want to be). Her sidekick is Phoebe, an asian (in appearence, since her mom is red-haired) nerdie (even got to sixth grade!)who always follows Helga's orders willingly. And all the others "minors", like Rhonda (rich girl), Eugene (bad-luck boy), the guy who always pops out right when Helga is declaring her love towards Arnold... All of them are important in a way, all contribute to the show, most get an own eppy. Special mention deserve Arnold's grandparents, the ones who raised him and live with him, both of them funny and wise.
    One of my wishes is to watch The Jungle before I die...
  • football headed kid.

    What's with this football headed kid? He's so super freaky! I can't belive helga even likes him one bit.He has the dream boy attiude but not even close for the looks.Put Troy bullton's face on Arnold twek it a bit. So you have the perfect man.Love him for awhile and soon he'll be your boyfriend.He does'nt even play football so why is his head shaped like one? He goes to the freakst school and has the ugliest friends nad family.They should get rid of this show fast before they lose lots of money and fan's. So you can see this show is deffintly not for you and me.
  • Hey Arnold is about a boy and his childhood adventures. He under goes many obsticles and must give advise or find ways out of it. He looks on the "bright side" alot. And because of that, it makes his character shine in many ways...

    My favorite show is hey arnold as far as personal favorites go. It's original style and funky music, creates a blend of unique that makes you fall in love over and over. It makes you wish you were an only child in a boarding house, with a safe neighborhood, even for fourth graders to walk around at night. I came to know Arnold when the show started. Although I loved it alot, I didn't really obsess it untill I found a site that had it's episodes and fan comments. So I joined up with tv.com, to know more about it, and the creators. I believe that it deserves a chance of life again, because it was never completed as far as the story goes. Yes it had a movie, but it needed a second to satisfy, at the very least, it's fans. So I give Hey Arnold! a nine point nine, because of it's unfinished success at a great show. And I will always and forever remember the show, and love it, even if it isn't granted a second chance of life.
  • It is a pretty awesome show if you ask me.

    The story is basic for this cartoon.Arnold and his friends do mostly some what normal things around this town with his friends.There is also a girl that loves him and pretty well stalks him but she acts like she hates him when shes around him.It really doesn't sound all that interesting does it? but it is!For some odd reason it sucked me into their world.Its preety funny for the most part.Its not as funny as some cartoons on tv but its all good man.The look of the animation kind of bugs me sometimes,but i still like all the charcters.8 years is long enough for a cartoon to run i think.Awesome show!
  • Well it is!

    Hey Arnold! was the show that I think kept Nick's high ratings. At it's piont in time, it was just an expirment for Nick, near the return of the hit show Rugrats. At first, like any first show, it got some okay ratings. But in 1997, the year Rugrats came back with a very different cartoon style, Hey Arnold! was evolving into the biggest show on Nick! It was the biggest show till 2000, a year where more Nick shows were coming out. Hey Arnold was the show that made me want to watch evry day, and I think it is one of the best cartoons of the 90's and early 00's.

  • The daily happenings and adventures of Arnold and his friends.

    If my memory serves me well this show came out about the same as "Recess" another favorite show of mine. To this day I always try and watch the show whenever its on and still think back on what it was like to watch it as a kid. This show is still a favorite of mine and really one of the only Nick shows that was still acceptional on its way out. This show hit on so many different kid issues and did it with style.
  • soo funny!!!

    i loved this show it was one of the best 90s shows yet wasn't like the other cartoons this one was mellow and relaxed and wasn't like red and stimpy one of the dumbest show of the 90s! i liked helga and her sister they were funny and reminded me of some one in my family. anyway i liked all the caracters and they were all funny to!
  • Hey arnold was my favorite show on Nickeloden with doug , guts , double dare & some old nick cartoons.

    I wish they could bring back hey aronld , wild thronberrys , catdog . rocket power , double dare & some old cartoons. They could get rid of danny phantom , catscartch , and Avator. Some teen nick shows need to go good bye , so they can bring back some old Snick shows were on Saturday night.

    I think they got a spingoff Idea from doug , Hey Arnold and kind of from dexter's lab. on cartoon network for Jimmy Neturion.

    I wish they named nicktoons network as classic Nicktoons
    with classic cartoons like gameshows & more
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