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  • I grew up watching this show, so this is a personal favorite.

    I remember watching the premier episode on Nick. I really didn't like the fact that Hey Arnold was going to take away the old boring shows i was watching. then i saw hey arnold and fell in love with this show. This show teaches kids how to be a better person, and of course adult ideas like what is love. I personally fell in love with Helga, cause i could identify with her (not her bullying side but her compassionate side). this show shows how people are not what people think of them on first impression (example would be helga). yes, this show does have so violence and curses a little bit, however, while growing up with this show i learned from the moral of the stories. this would always remain my favorite show ever shown in television!

    "Do you want to see old Betsy?"~Helga :)
  • Anorld has got to be the best character with all the excellent advice.

    Hey Anorld is about an football shape head kid.Who gives advices to anyone who needs it.His best friend is Gerold and there is an girl who always bully him name Helga.Who is secretly in love with him.But she never admitt his feelings to him.Anorld lives in an boarding house with his Grandma and Grandpa.Who are owners of the boarding house.Yeah this show is pretty cool.I mean they showed the first Hey Anorld Movie in one of The Nickoloden movie.Before it started.When I first saw it.I was liked "Wow" This was going to be an cartoon after all.This show has been my fav ever since.I wished that they could bring the show back and show more episodes.
  • A true masterpiece

    Hey Arnold! is a show about a group of kids living in an urban area struggling with concepts such as Bar Mitzvahs, crushes, and just about anything else in those categories that would be appropriate in a childrens show. Arnold is a good kid and is looked up to as a role model and counselor to his peers. The great thing about this show is that all the characters can be related to. Nothing is fake. It is stressed that Helga is mean and irritable because of her extremely neglective parents and her out-of-control sense of expression, such as keeping shrines of her love, Arnold, made of used gum. Real concepts such as this are tackled. There is a great moral in every episode, and I guarantee you will learn a thing or two just by watching one. You can tell that that the producers put a great amount of effort into each episode, and they're doing it for an inspiring reason: to teach kids good values. Hey Arnold is suitable for all ages, and it truly an excellent show that sgould be remembered.
  • A 10 year old boy, Arnold, with no parents, lives with his grandparents in a boarding house. He and his friends, experience the adventures of the urban city.

    One of my favorite, old tv shows. It is creative, funny, adventurous, and clearly one of Nickelodean\'s best tv shows of all time. This show is just plainly awesome. I can\'t believe this show is cancelled. If nickelodean made this show on DVD, the series will sell like no- tommorow! Some episodes are boring at times (very rarely are they boring) but most of them are perfect. I only wish they actually made the \"Hey Arnold! The Movie 2\". That would just complete the Hey Arnold! series perfectly. In my opinion, this show should have still be on, or atleast show re- runs.
  • This show is an Original type of Nickelodeon Show.

    This show doesn't have much humor but it's actually the first Nick show to actually have Drama in it instead of Comedy. The show revolves around arnold in most of the episodes but most characters in the show have a few episodes about them. Other times it ranges from many things such as "Arnold making a Treehouse that Big Bobs beepers will demolish" to "Arnold having his identical cousin coming over". Each episode mostly has 1 plot about it if you watch it. Another thing to note is that Arnold lives with his Grandparents and that 3 Episodes are about arnolds parents which are "Parents Day", "The journal part 1" and "The journal part 2". If you have had nothing other than Comedy on Nickeldeon than you should watch this show.
  • A Young Boy, Arnold, tries to live life as best he can, with his mother and father nowhere to be seen (they dissapeared in a rain forest.) his Witty Grandpa, and his insane Grandma try to keep him down to earth.

    This is one of my all time favorite cartoons. - One of the few cartoons I still watch, at 13 years old. I love the real-ness of it. It doesn't have any "main idea" it's just about this average kid who's trying to make it through school, fit in, hang out with his friends, and escape from his secret admirer, Helga. All The characters are well crafted and I love it that I can see a little bit of myself, and a little bit of my friends and family in each of the characters.
    Unfortunatly, this show is only aired on Nick Toons at 3:00-4:00 in the morning.
  • Arnold rox my soxs

    I love Hey Arnold and I have seen at least each episode about a dozen times. Even after it has been off the air I can describe almost every episode. Hey Arnold should keep playing because it really was ahead of its time. Most of the Nick shows now, have slumped. I really have not liked some of the shows that Nick has put on. They need to go back to the days of Hey Arnold and Doug with a mix of Zoey 101, Unfabulous, and Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Hey Arnold is one of the greatest show of all time.
  • Go Arnold! Go Arnold!

    This was a totally wicked awesome show! It had a bit of everything! And Arnold is one of THE BEST main character's ever! He's sweet, funny, nice and has an awesome voice (all of them)! I always loved how Helga had a crush on him, but alway's pretended like she hated him... It was soo cute!
    Anyway, I also loved Gerald! In fact, I loved him so much, I named my favourite teddy after him (actually he's a reindeer... something about the antlers just reminded me of his hair *shrugs*)
    Arnold's grandparents were cool too, his grandma was the best "and old..." *laughs* classic...
    Anyway, I love this show! *sighs* I wish it was still on...
  • Hey arnold is a fun and care free show you can watch over and over again.

    I remember coming home from school and turning on the tv and right after are you afraid of the dar, My favorite show of all time would come on. Hey Arnold! It is a classic show that i still watch to this day, even though i am 14 years old. This show relates to almost eveybody and it always made me laugh how helga had a major cruch on arnold. The show centers around arnold and the gang at ps 118 in new york city. It is original, surprising and sometimes scary. But this show will always be a classic for ever ands ever.
  • This show i use to unappreciate, But then i began loving it and then i it was gone. I wish it would come back.

    This show i use to unappreciate, But then i began loving it and then i it was gone. I wish it would come back. I fisrt saw it it was ok, I got bored of wacthig the show, then when it was gone i then miss heaving to wacth something. Now it only appears on Nick (sometime) on sunday. I wish i know why the didn't want this show anymore. Oh well i guess there are more shows that are just as great as this one. The moive was ok, I didn't like it very much. I wish it never ends.

  • really good show!

    hey arnold is a really good show...
    and arnold is a really good influence to kids because he is nice and he is really smart...
    the show follows the life of arnold an ordinary foot ball head shaped boy and his expieriences... this show has everything
    lesons, occasionaly scary stories, advices and lots of laughs... it is a really good show for kids because it teaches them that life doesn't really go the way we want it to but there is always a silver lining... arnold is always optimistic... and that just makes helga sick and fall in love with him at the same time!
  • Hey Arnold had it all.

    Hey Arnold was a hit show on Nickolodeon! I loved this show because it was fun and interesting. Arnold and the gang go on may life-adventures, and problems threw many awesome seasons. Arnold, Gerald, Pheobe, Helga, Sid, and others were my favorite chactacters. The episodes were brillant and intersting. It was a fun show and it continues to be the best!!!
  • The show hey arnold was a great insperation to become a better person.

    hey arnold is a show of many felings and also many charicters with a great personality. This show combines the fun of a kid and also gives a lesson about life.
    this show was great for all ages. the classic school bullieing and the freindship that lies beneeth it is a great mix for a great show.
    Arnold and his freinds always semmed tio get through all the hard times and the random accedents that happen throughout the show.
    hey arnold inspired me because i like the real deal when it comes to life for a preteen boy

    PS.i'd still like to find out his last name but the fact that they are not making any new epesodes is sad. the mystery that lies about his parents still goes through my head but i can live with it because it was and still is a great show.
  • This is perfect.Thats all you really need to know but if you wanna read my opinion then HEY YOU read my review

    This is a fantastic cartoon series created by simpson's creator matt groening's brother in law craig barlett.
    From what i understand Hey Arnold was a claymation on sesame street that eventually led to a cartoon series.But i'll tell you this was the first cartoon i actually cried at.No really.Whilst this show is amazing it has one downfall.Bad language.i feel this is a big downfall however it doesn't take away from the show but at the same time it doesn't add to it.For example helga would say crap a couple of times because of her neglectful parents and they would have a bottle of hot sauce that says ass kicking
    but would have a picture of a man kicking a donkey.I could go on and on but i won't.Hey you watch Hey Arnold!
  • Hilarious!

    Hey Arnold used to be my favorite show of all time. It made me laugh so hard. Especially when Helga would monologue for 5 minutes straight about her love for Arnold. Even my parents agree that the show should be brought back. I loved how it was all about kids in the neighborhood and how they just wanted to play and have fun!
  • I watch this show every morning before school!

    I know thats a little pathetic but I love it it's wiked funny! Ok I remember when this show first came out I hated it. It seemed kind of stupid. But now I think that i need it on DVD! LOL
    Well i like it because there is so much going on its nothing like other random kids shows you would watch on the TV! I like the fact that Helga is absolutely obcessed with arnold i think its funny even if its a major crush and that she will never get to seriously tell Arnold that she loves him!
    And there are episodes that are with each of the characters some of them dont even have Arnold in them! My favorite episode is probably Sid the vampire Slayer! lol where he thinks that Stinky is a vampire! lol and My other favorite is I think called Evil Twin where Arnold has a dream that his cousin Arnie gets jealous of Arnold because Arnie's girlfriend Lola (who looks a lot like Lila)is flirting with him.
    I like this show a lot and it should have never been canceled it was good!
  • Teaches you life lessons.

    I have to say that it was one of the best shows in old-school. It teaches you life lessons like...that one episode where Arnold teaches Harold not to be afraid (like when he had that barmitsfa
  • This show is one of my all time favorites.

    I liked Hey Arnold! from the day the show started. If this show were to return with new episodes, I'd watch it readily. Although Arnold was the main character, the other characters (especially Helga) overshadowed him so much I felt that Arnold was one of the minor characters. However, in spite of that, it was nice to see the other charcters get some focus shed on them. Here's my take on some of the characters (some now, not all):

    Arnold: Arnold, in a way was the glue that held everyone together. Shoot, he [i]was[/i] the glue that held everyone together. This kid was wise beyond his years. Yet, at the same time, his strength was also his weakness. Arnold was so reasonable, so wise and so observant, that to some point, you forget that he was only a kid and it made him somewhat unrelatable. The episodes that reminded the viewers that Arnold was still only a kid was refreshing. It was also amusing to see how oblivious he was to Helga's obsession with him. Or was he?

    Helga: It's a shame that Helga was such an angry person (with good reason) at such a young age. She was a bully with alot of hurt dwelling with her. If she were to someday let go of all of that anger and hurt, she would grow up to do great things. Underneath that bitter exterior lies an intelligent and poetic soul with the capability to to love and appreciate her friends. The only people who were able to see this was Mr. Simmons and Phoebe. However, her constant bullying, her cynical outlook on life and her own overshadowing from her sister Olga by her family took away the focus her positive traits. I also liked how she was so into Arnold. Arnold was one of the first kids to give her any sort of positive attention. That's why she cares for him so much. It's just sad (and a little humorous) that Arnold doesn't realize this. These things about Helga made her one of the more (if not the most) appealing and relatable characters, positive and negative. She is one of my favorite characters in the series.

    Gerald: Gerald was cool and collected (most of the time that is). He was usually the voice of reason for Arnold when Arnold was going astray. Gerald also had a business mind (well he was a bit of a hustler...not in a negative way though). If he keeps that up, he would be one heck of a business man to reckon with. Gerald's only problem was that he cared about image too much. It sometimes clouded his better judgement. Yet, all of these things made him relatable. It was also cool to see how he had a thing for Phoebe. Which bring me to...

    Phoebe: To tell you the truth, the only thing that made me like Phoebe was the episodes that made her more human. She was a brainbox, no lie on that. However, it also made her naive towards the sometimes harsh realities of life. She's had a bit of a sheltered life (like Rhonda in a sense, only not as snobbish). I guess that's where Helga came in. Helga was cynical, but she was a realist as well. Helga may have bossed, but Helga did her share in proving that she can be a good friend as well.

    Herald: He is a dumb bully, but he's an amusing one. Herald had a bark that is far worse than his bite. In spite of that, Herald had traits that proved him to be a responsible and romantic person at heart (I said romantic because I think he liked Rhonda). Yet just like Helga, his negative traits at times (well most of the time since he was a bit of an antagonist) overshadows his positive traits. Still liked him though (as one of my favorite character that is).

    That's it for my take. I miss this show and it would be so cool if Nickelodeon was to bring it back with new episodes. Alas, that ain't gonna happen though.
  • this show is a great. it has a little bit of everything

    it has a little bit of drama it has a little bit of romance it has a little bit of action. this show is great i love this show so much. i wish it was still on. it's never on. i hope it comes back. it was such a great show.
  • I have a problem with the show

    On Hey arnold, we learn that Arnold's parents left the country to help a friend overseas and never came back. But, Arnold never went searching for them. Even though the series is cancelled, I want to see one final episode where Arnold goes searching for his parents and Helga admits to Arnold that she is in love with him and doesn't try to come up with an excuse when Arnold doesn't believe her like in the movie. Rugrats got cancelled in 2004 and in 05 they released "Tales from the crib snow white". Make one more hay Arnold episode
  • Rare to find a failry new show set like this

    Rare to find a failry new show, with a old morals view, Craig Bartlett grew upin Seattle, and made this show at first with napkins I think it was. Anways, this show always has a good message for the family and is funny and nice for all. The animation was good, and got a little worse on the last season. The plots were all orginal and the city folk were all great. All the characters were well thought out and fun. A classic clean show, with a more mellow pace then other shows on TV.
  • This is about a kid named Arnold and his friends in the town that they live in.

    This was a good show and I think this should be back on the air.I would want this back beacause this was my favorite show when I was growing up and I think it would be better if it was back on the air for everybody else that likes Nickelodeon. this show only airs on the Nicktoons Network. This rally sucks.- Battlestar94
  • On a scale from one to ten, I would give this show A FULL BLOWN TWENTY!!

    Who ever erased this show off the wall must be crazy! I mean come on, be smart. Who would ever erase such a good show like this one. I know what you are thinking. I know we didn't watch it back then but now it's off the chain. Man, do I regret not watching it before!
  • I never see this show on anymore!!!!

    I loved this show, but now I don't see it on T.V. anymore!!!!!!! This show was awsome! I really liked the show and the movie! It is not boring, it's just right for a person like me. I like Arnold the best because he is very nice, and I feel sorry for him because he dosen't have a mom or a dad, but he still tries to live the best life he can live. Good show!
  • This show was one of Nick's classics!

    This show was so awesome along with many other great ones like wild thornberrys it was xclassic and interesting to watch.I especially loved helga who always went into a corner and kissed her pic of arnold.LOL!

    Nick is crap now with nothing good to watch at all bring this back and other classic shows.I hate cartoons these days they're so made up an not original.
  • Nickelodeon should've let this show go on for a few more years because this was sucessful in all ways.

    Like some creators on many animated shows , the creator of this brilliant show was known to be smart about a boy who's just like any other boy who lives in an apartment city where he has friends and some enemies and live with some crazy people.

    The characters are solid and are like some other cartoons that we see in today's stanards and maybe big fans of the creator wished that he should create another show that features the same score as this show which is now cancelled and I still enjoy the show like any other die hard fans and the last episode was awesome because this told many interesting stuff that happened the day Arnold was born and everything else is known to be at it's core and Nickelodeon would ever return this or if the creator would make another show that happen to be yet another sucess and that's just a big wish like some of the other shows that happen to vanish off to television that are my favorites and this is yet another memorable ideal Nicktoon overall.
  • I love you, I hate you...

    One of our current society's many ill-informed stereotype beliefs is that animation is "greasy kids stuff", and that it never amounts to provoking thought or raw emotion. Chances are, these same people are yet to discover a certain Nickelodeon cartoon known as Hey Arnold.

    Created by Craig Bartlett, HA! essentially chronicles the daily lives of elementary kids residing in a typical neighborhood. Leading the pack is the titular character only known as Arnold, with a football-shaped head(...yes, football shaped, see next paragraph for more) and a golden heart. His best friend is the street-savvy Gerald, and they constantly tag up with fellow kids like the unlucky geek Eugene, the overweight "one day your friend, the next your worst nightmare" Harold, the entertaingly paranoid Sid, the farm-boy Stinky and others. Leading the female posse is Helga, who acts mean and selfish--which is to hide the fact she has a secret crush on Arnold(Which basically forms the show's center), and can be nice when she needs to be. Her best friend is the bookworm Phoebe, whose modest and kindhearted self is Helga's opposite. Other fairly prominent girls are the snotty fashion queen Rhonda(Though just like Helga, she's nice from time to time) and the widely reviled "Girl Next Door" Lila.

    Before I hop into the show's heart, one thing I want to mention: yes, the character design IS very odd. Aside from Arnold's peculiary shaped head, there's Gerald's tall hair, Sid's long nose, Stinky's thin shape and so on. While memorable in a quirky way, it's also a detriment because those "animation is for little kids" folks will glance at the characters and instantly pass it off as a typical hijinks show, when it's actually a straight-up look at everyday life.

    And when I say "straight-up", I need to confess--that's actually a huge understatement there. Amidst the sea of silly and sarcastic cartoons, Hey Arnold is perhaps one of the most brutally honest animated children's shows ever. That very fact is it's biggest gift... and it's biggest curse.

    The cast is not only very varied, each character is unique and distinctive, which means there will be some you'll either love and some you'll really hate. And unlike many other cartoons, it actually uses real kids to do the voices instead of women, which resulted in many personel changes throughout it's run; the former is admirable, while the latter is one of the show's bigger flaws.

    Many of the episodes center around Helga, which mainly focus on her secret love for Arnold. This can be a bit of a problem, because from what I've read in forums everywhere, Helga is extremely "love her or hate her". Personally, I mostly love her. Yes indeed, she can be a huge jerk and certainly not my first choice for a friend... but she's certainly not evil. She's just seriously flawed, which is what I love about her personality.

    And Arnold... well, he's somewhat attracted polarizing reactions as well, though this time, people accuse him of being a perfect, flawless Gary Stu-like kid. I like him, though it's understandable why our Grand Theft Auto generation would shun his overly-kind self. However, as much as some people believe otherwise, Arnold certainly isn't an angel. He can be very sullen at times; and push him too far, he'll show his backbone: scathing apathy. Just ask Iggy after the pajamas episode.

    While Arnold and Helga are the stars, the show-stealers are none other than their respective best friends: Gerald and Phoebe, both whom are huge fan favorites--and I have to agree here, I really like both... well, Gerald's "street savvyness" can get a little annoying at times, but he's cool. Interestingly, they've shown some hints of being a couple themselves, though it never really went anywhere(Inevitably, they became huge among fanfiction writers)

    The secondary characters are plentiful, and like I said, you're guaranteed to love some and hate some. If I had to mention one character that stands out for me... it'd have to be Sid, the Harley Davidson "bad boy" who's actually a huge wimp and more than a little paranoid about everything around him. He has some of the show's best lines and moments.

    For sake of not running overlong, I won't discuss the adult cast, but do not be fooled, it also has it's stand outs: particulary Phil and Gertrude, Arnold's grandparents.

    Just as you'd expect, the plots of Hey Arnold's episodes spanned pretty much everything. And I do mean everything. School, home, new characters on the block, parties, friendship, loyalty, respect, obsession and of course, that fine line between love and hate. They're as personal as a relationship between two kids, and as epic as an authentic reenactment of a major historical conflict. From fitting in with your peers to squeezing into the book of world records. You mention it and if it's TV-Y7 appropiate, you got it.

    And this needs to be repeated: it is brutally honest. Which is it's most admirable quality, because it refuses to sugarcoat reality while generally maintaining an optimistic feel. And it's also it's biggest flaw because, quite frankly, it tends to cross the line.

    You might see me complaining about how today's cartoons treat it's characters(My avatar of a certain plighted redhead girl should clue you in a little), but yeeeeeeeesh, they're pretty tame compared to what Hey Arnold did in it's heyday. Seriously, it can get nasty. Eugene is a good example of this; poor kid can't catch a damn break. The most sickening case is the episode about his fish pet. Had he known what really happened at the very end, well... it would've been nice to see him go all-out ballistic on Arnold and Gerald.

    Nonetheless, Hey Arnold was a fine cartoon series, and certainly up there with SpongeBob and ZIM as one of their finer post-Golden Age offerings. Unfortunately, it's current airing schedule has become very erratic, but if you get a chance to see it and you're interested in slice-of-life shows(And willing to brave it's flaws), then definitely don't pass it up.
  • Underrated cartoon with an interesting plot

    I like this show because it's very amusing to watch and funny at times! With Arnold, the 'perfect' kid with his best friend Gerald, and a girl named Helga who calls him 'football head' and hides her feelings for him, this is without a doubt a great series which stands out from many other 'pre-teen' shows.
  • not for the humor

    compared to other nicktoons shows based often in humor, Hey Arnold distingued more in the differences between the ethnics peoples. The Arnold's grand-parents are very potential roles, sometimes funny and sometimes contain informations that the childrens who understand. I like personally Helga that she's secretly love Arnold. She's a shelfish survive with the parents who not very tied up for her but she's real sentiments that none characters that have in the series
  • Great for kids and adults alike, bring it back!

    Hey Arnold's first episode was in 1996. Last episode was in 2004 [I might be wrong]. In those 8 years or so, the kids who have watched this have learned this thing: Hallelujah, we don't have weird shaped heads. But anyways... a great show, don't know why they cancelled it. Maybe too little people watched it. If so, what a shame.
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