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  • Good

    I like this show alot cause it gives me everything i want to see its very good and something i like to watch this show has good and bad point about it but its ultimatly good entertainment for me and my friends and family it i think its a good show with informative and insightful situations that people can relate to in there own way , This is a show that i caould watch without flipping the station to find what else is on , i recommend anyone to atleast watch it once to see if they like it like i do
  • Hey Arnold was a good show. But the only problem I had was Arnold. Arnold was so damn perfect it ticked me off. Arnold was always trying to save the day like he was a superhero.

    Hey Arnold was a good show. But the only problem I had was Arnold. Arnold was so damn perfect it ticked me off! Arnold was always trying to save the day like he was a superhero, and if he made a mistake he'll do anything to solve what he did. Remember that whole Arnold/Eugene thing with the fish, the bike and finally Eugene called him a bad luck charm! Arnold in the beginning was a cool calm guy that you'll hang wit, but later on excuse my french, he turned into a p*ssy.
  • The show was stopped before it could get really good... unfortunately, that leaves it with few great moments, but its al around a real good show!

    While most of the characters are a bit 2D (and the characters are everything), there are characters like Helga and Harold that are rather interesting. The show centers around Arnold, a 4th grade student who is pretty much the problem-solving go-to guy of his large and diverse group of friends. He's got good morals, he's smart, athletic, and oh my goodness he's an orphan as well. The character seems a bit too "perfect" but it's the angst of his long lost parents (who aren't proven dead) and his curious crushes that make him more lovable... especially to the class bully, Helga, who is the best character in the show. She pretends to hate him, but secretly adores him to the brink of obsession. She has a family that usually neglects her and forgets her name, which she brings out her frustration in her poetry and violent nature. My personal fav characters are her, Phoebe, and Arnold's grandparents who are a hilarious couple. Grandma has a few screws loose...
    The show was ended because of a dispute between the creator and Nickelodeon before the once-would-be movie, the Jungle Movie, would come out, during which Arnold and his frineds would go to the jungle to find Arnold's parents, save a native tribe, and go through tons of character development.
    Hey Arnold! is a pretty good show in entirety, but the individual episodes are lacking in major plot most of the time. Worth watching, but not too much.
  • Hey look! It's Super-Arnold! He'll save the day!

    Super-Arnold always has to strike a life lesson in this crud. "Hey, let's make a show about some 9 year old kid that has life difficulties and an insane lovesick girl that can't just send him a love note! It'll be great! These middle school outsiders will have distinct personalities which publish their feelings. Eugene will be this quirky jinxed kid, Harold will be a bumbling fat-butt who is just trying to fit in and Arnold will be the moral supporter of the show! We'll call it Hey Arnold!" I'm surprised this show lasted this long. The "Hey Arnold!" movie was decent. But it's a good thing they cancelled this show. They shouldn't be allowed to say, "c*ap" and "fr*aking" on this show! (No language will be put in my submissions). This is definitely a TVY7 show. And I do love this show at times and it is considered a classic but this review answers the question of the title to these fairly-lame plotlines which asks, "Why did I watch that?" Why DID I watch that? Why did YOU watch that?
  • The greatest Nicktoon of all-time? Probably..

    Nicktoons have been remarkably consistent over the years. Sure there have been a few bad eggs in the bunch, and I find some of the most popular are a tad overrated, but in general, they're a great bunch. So when I say Hey Arnold is probably the best of them all, that's no mean feat. But it's true.

    In the 5 years it was on, Hey Arnold was home to hundreds of short stories (and the odd longer one), all of which were engaging, sharply scripted and reached well beyond their target age group - at 14, I still very much enjoy them. The characters were all great - from Arnold himself, to sidekick Gerald, to lovestruck Helga, to the crazy Grandpa - and the stories were consistently unique and very interesting.

    The sharp writing - combining humour and storytelling - also contributed to the show's longevity, and whilst it's a shame the show has finsihed now, it has a lasting legacy. Now, how about some season sets, Nick?
  • I thought Hey Arnold was a great show.

    In the 5 years it was on, Hey Arnold was home to hundreds of short stories (and the odd longer one), all of which were engaging, sharply scripted and reached well beyond their target age group - at 14, I still very much enjoy them. The characters were all great - from Arnold himself, to sidekick Gerald, to lovestruck Helga, to the crazy Grandpa - and the stories were consistently unique and very interesting.
    The sharp writing - combining humour and storytelling - also contributed to the show's coolness. it's a shame the show has finsihed now, it has a lasting legacy. Now, how about some puting the season on dvd, Nick?
  • Good show.

    I think that Hey Arnold is a really good show. I still watch it when it comes on and it's one of my favorite cartoons. There are good characters and good episodes. I wish that they still made new episodes but the originals are fairly good just like this show is.
  • The show is about a boy named Arnold who has a football head and lives with his grandparents in New York City. The show follows him around as he and his friends get into trouble and try to solve problems.

    The show had its ups and downs but overall, I think it was pretty interesting. All the characters were diverse, and though many of the episodes could stand alone it did have a small plot line that tied all of them together: Helga loves Arnold but she's too afraid to admit it. It also tackles some interesting issues like how much pressure parents put on a child to be adequate and sibling rivalry. Overall, even when it's not always original it still holds the viewer's intrest.
  • Hey Arnold is a pretty good show

    Well i don't watch it all the time just when nothing else is one but it is still pretty good i like the granny she is by far the funnyest person ever on Hey Arnould, Arnould himself i don't realy like but i like his friend Gerald. I hate Helga,Cid and Stinky
  • One of my favorite cartoons and one of the best Nicktoons of all time along with Rocko and Doug.

    This is a great cartoon. I even have some taped episodes of this fine show. I like all of the characters, like Arnold, Gerald, Harold, Sid, Stinky, and Helga. Each episode is genuinely funny and amiable. If you like other Nick gems like "Rocko's Modern Life" and "Doug", you just might get to like "Hey Arnold!". Recommended.
  • Hey Arnold! was one of Nick's longest running shows. I really liked seeing the episodes and the movie.

    Hey Arnold! was created by Craig Bartlett, cousin of Matt Groening (creator of the Simpsons). Craig has been well-known for his writing contributions to some of the older nicktoons like Rugrats.

    The plot of the stories weren't always about the kids and thats what made this show suitable for all. They had plots on the adults too. Another thing I liked about Hey Arnold was Helga. She is a girl who likes Arnold but is too scared to tell him as he may not like her.

    I have seen the differences between each season and more and more characters jump in from Season 2. Season 1 wasnt that good but it got better slowly.

    I just wished that Craig would have done the Jungle Movie before he left Nick (same thing happened with Joe Murray).
  • Come back Arnold! We misss you!

    I have watched this show ever since I was a little kid. I loved it then and I still love it now. I just wish they finished the second Hey Arnold! movie. This show was totally awesome. It will be missed by tons of fans. I don't know why this show had to go off the air.
  • This is a show based on a young boy who lives with his grandparents and his name is Arnold

    This is a cool show and the main character Arnold is always being pestered by this angry girl called Helga but the twist is that she really likes Arnold. Overall it is a fun show to watch and it is a great way to kill 30 minutes. You should see it.
  • one of my faves!

    I love this show! it was so awesome! it's my top fave! besides JN. I miss helga,she's wicked cool! I miss the ways she used to be dramatic about her love.infact I want this show to return! we miss you arnold! WE MISS YOU SO BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!! we don't forget you!*starts playing slipped away:by avril lavinge*
  • I love this show. It's normal, but that makes it good!!!!!

    This show is very good. It's a typical cartoon, but for some reason, I like it because of that. The ideas for episodes are very original, and I love every episode. This show should definately start a new season, even though it ended years ago. If it was brought back, it would be more popular than ever. Check it out!!!!!
  • This show was a really great one! Unlike some that are now.

    This show was dedicate with a kid who was always trying to do the right thing.I suppose it was ok.It was really funny sometimes.In fact,sometimes,when there was nothing on,I flicked to this show and watch it rapturasly.This show wasn't that bad. it's too bad it ended without showng the fate of ARnold or the fate of his parents.This show should come back one day.
  • Hey Arnold! My first favorite Nicktoon.

    Hey Arnold was about a football-shaped head boy who attended a school in NEw York called P.S.118. And like all good nicktoons it got cancelled. The difference is Hey Arnold never got closure, the last episode left it wide open but after that is was canceled. The show is one of few nicktoons to have a big screen movie. The show was great and is greatly missed I wish they would at least make a movie or something so we can get closure.
  • Hey Arnold is a really great cartoon. It's based on Helgas love for Arnold, but a lot of episodes focus on Arnold and his friends. I wish that they would bring this show back in Australia.

    Hey Arnold is based on Helga's love for Arnold, but a lot of episodes focus on Arnold and his friends.

    That cartoon used to be one of my favourite cartoons. Since the show doesn't air anymore in Australia, i dont get the chance to watch it. I just wish that they would bring this show back in Australia.

    My favourite character was Helga because she loved Arnold, but she pretended like she hated him.

    I really enjoyed watching "Hey Arnold" and i think that anyone who watches it will have a great time.
  • Over all personality of the show.

    Hey Arnold! is a classic cartoon. Hey Arnold! was one of the few 90's animated shows that doesn't promote a certain toy or game. The show is just about a boy in the 4th grade and his average - or should I say not so average life. He lives with his grandpa and gradma in a bording house full of borders that really makes this buidling colorful. The adventures Arnold goes on range from hangingout out with friends to saving his neihborhood. Hey Arnold!'s last episode was produced around 2002 and aired in the U.S in June 2004. The show could and should have continued, but for private issues Nickelodeon canned the show. Maybe it was to make more room for a 15th re-run of Spongebob throughout the day. Jim Lang really does a great job with the show and his quirky sound effects are astonishing. As a child I never really liked the first few seasons because the animation, but in the later seasons I liked the new Flash animation which made it look very colorful. Now, that I am older I appreciate both and think they are excelent. As the show progressed the animators and writers became more out going with their creation and that was around the higher ratings of the show. Hey Arnold! was from the time when Nickelodeon cared about its viewers instead of the ratings and obnoxious shows. Thankfully, Nicktoons Network, then Nicktoons, then Nicktoons Network again have been created for such toons such as Hey Arnold! It is unknown how long that will last since many shows are vanishing from the schedule such as Doug, Kablam, etc for other shows such as My Dad the Rockstar. Hopefully, someday we will see DVD or blu-rays sets of the show and it will live on forever collecting dust in your home entertainment shelving right up next to the old VHS'.
  • Hey Arnold!

    This is one of the greatest Nick Toons that has ever been made with the others being Spongebob Squarepants and Fairly Odd Parents and Yakkity Yak. It is the shame this show is taken off the air. It is rarely on television now. All there is on Nick Toons/Nickelodeon is cheap cartoons that I never heard off.
  • An all time great of cartoons

    Hey Arnolds is probably the most classic nick toon of all time. The show follows a football shaped head boy named Arnold, his best friend Gerald, and the many other zany kids and their adventures on vine Street and the surrounding suburban neighbour hood. The characters of this show are all very distinctive and recognisable. Over the years this show has had many hilarious and memorable moments. Hopefully the show has not finished for good and we will be able to find out the remaining mysteries, like what happened to Arnold parents and what is Arnolds last name. Hey Arnold is also a very unique show, I cannot think of any others like it.
  • I think this is a very good show. If you have not watched it yet then you need to. It makes you laugh alot. Believe me i love this show so much that sometimes i even record it because i want to watch them over and over again. So get.

    i rate this show like a 6 because i like it alot. sometimes its not funny but than again most of them are. It will have you cracking up. If you havent watched it yet please do so. Believe me you wont want to stop.When you first wathch it you wont want to get off of the couch.The characters are so funny and they will have you
  • bring it back nick!

    This show had everything: humor, great characters, surreal things you never see in most cartoons like arnold, romance, and overall good episodes. Nick made a big mistake when they cancelled it, sure they might not continue the show but at least give us re-runs. Helga was Arnold's love interest who we never saw whether they got together or not and the rest of the cast was equally as funny and did weird things. Harold was the funniest, then Sid, Grandpa and well...this show not only had Dan castallaneta (spelling?) but i say it had that sort of charm and humor that the Simpsons had. Definetly one to watch!
  • This tv show is great.Everyone who likes it please go to tvshowsondvd.com and vote for it , it's the only way that Hey Arnold would come out on dvd otherwise it won't so please vote as many times as you can , tell everybody that ok thanks......

    This show remind me lot of things is a very special tv show for me i used to watch it many years ago but now i can't because i don't have cable.
    But it's a great show is my favourite caroon show.
    My favourite character is Arnold because he's a great guy and his Grandmother because she's a strong and crazy person wich it makes her so wonderfull.
    thanks ,

  • great cartoon

    this was a super children\'s show and used to be one of my favorite shows: it has the right mix of normal and abnormal characters which doesn\'t make the show too crazy or too boring,it is very interesting and funny; it is definately one of the best nicktoons out there and should be brought back immediately
  • Classic show.

    This is great! Because unlike most cartoons, it takes you deep into the characters feelings and emotions and how they deal with things and challenges and also shows compassion and understanding. This is a great show that is truly a classic and very original, although it is kinda similar to Recess in a way...
  • Awesome show - I watched it all the time

    How good as the football shaped headed kid! Arnold was an typical normal kid. He had a big heart and he always gave everyone a chance. (remember the stoop kid?)

    He lived with his kind Grandmother and it seemed like he lived with a bunch of animals too.

    His friend were great too. Gerald (his best friend with the cool hair) was one of my favourite characters. and Helga who secretly had a crush on Arnold (although it was more like an obsession!)

    There were many great shows I watched as a kid, but this was definately close to the top of the pile.
  • I used to love this show. I would love it more if it didnt end!

    This used to be the best show. When I used to watch this show I used to get that good feeling like, wow that was a great episode. I thought this show was boring at first, but my opinion changed as I watched more and more episodes. I was always happy when I watched this show. Even if I wasnt that happy, if I was watching that show, I would become happy.
  • The adventures of a daydreaming, jazz-loving, football-headed nine-year-old,who lives in a boarding house with his grandparents and some eccentric boarders,encounters life in the city with his best friend,Gerald,a loofah-haired kid, who is the keeper of t

    Hey Arnold! (1996) TV Series

    This is one of the best shows on Nickelodeon! All of the characters are great- Arnold, Helga, Stinky, Harold, Sid, Phoebe, Sheena, Grandpa, Grandma, Ernie, Mr. Hyhun, Mr. Simmons, and everybody else! This show is very good and funny. Some of my favorite episodes are when Helga goes on a road trip with her mom, and the episode when everyone thinks there is a ghost of a mad scientist in the basement of the boarding house after finding a pair of bifocals that supposedly belonged to the scientist. This is a great show for anybody, especially kids since they can relate to it. I give it 10/10.

  • Great for kids and adults alike, bring it back!

    Hey Arnold's first episode was in 1996. Last episode was in 2004 [I might be wrong]. In those 8 years or so, the kids who have watched this have learned this thing: Hallelujah, we don't have weird shaped heads. But anyways... a great show, don't know why they cancelled it. Maybe too little people watched it. If so, what a shame.
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