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  • Hey Arnold, you're totally lame!

    Hey Arnold is a sitcom with a serious lack of originality. The animation is poor, the voice acting is worse, and most of the characters act as if stupidity is something valuable. The primary protagonist is a boy, Arnold, who has a misshapen head and butts into everyone's business. His best friend, Gerold, is an African-American with a Marge Simpson hairdo. And of course, there is Helga, a tomboy who hates Arnold, but has a secret obsession with him. There are many other characters, but I do not want to waste time explaining them, since I rather not speak of psychopaths, cheap-sakes, and various others with severe mental disabilities.
  • a dumb show about a kid with a football head and does thing's with other kids

    god i hate this show so much.god who ever thought of this show should just go out of work i'm serious.a show about a kid who has a football head and does thing's in his neighborhood and has a bully that is a girl who actually's like's him.what a freak how she bully's him and then keep's a picture of him and then talk's to herself about how she like's his head(crazy). i'm so glad how this show ended and it was weird how arnold lived with his grandparent's and a whole house full of stranger's and arnold's friend's talk freakey and look like the have picke nose.
  • Well,it's maybe fine to me.

    It's maybe a show which I don't like,but it's fine to me.Well,it was fine with some of the best episodes ever.I can see that it's a very good classic like Rugrats and Rocko's Modern Life.They are both very good classics like this one and I could see that they don't show those shows anymore.Well,I'm not saying that this show is very terrible,it's just that I dont like it,but I think it's very fine to me.I grade this and those shows a C because it was pretty much fine shows and it was better than those classic Cartoon Network shows on there.
  • How do you call it a show?

    Nick has a lot of HORRIBLE cartoons but nothing in the world is even close to how awful this show is. Please people, CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!! The freaggin show has NOOOO talent at all what so ever. I\'d rather watch sesame street. Their are shows that I don\'t like for example Powerpuff Girls or Dexter\'s Lab, but at least I can actually watch those shows, I can\'t even watch Hey Arnold.
  • Not bad.

    It is just an average show. Not one that I would take any time to watch. Nothing really stands out about this show. It has some funny moments, but the rest is just bland. I think it is just okay in terms of comedy, but in the storylines and plots area, it lacks something. My favorite part of this show is the basic thing, which is that it doesn't try to do too much. I think that it saves the show from being like others. Overall, not a great show, but it also isn't a bad show either. It is just average. Thank you.
  • This show is kinda borring.

    I use to love this show, bu tknow I think its very borring. The main character is the nicest boy in the world. How old is that? Arnold is passive at times, and isn't the intrasting. Its just about him in the city living with his Grandparents in a boarding house. He will never take off his hat, and never go any where with out it. He does the same thing almost every time. The things he does no one can relate to! He can do anything, but is still borring as heck! So I'm kinda glad that Nick cancelled it, and put more intrasting things on there instead.
  • i hate to be the only one to rate this show so low but i gotta get things strait here

    ok i used to like this show i like this show when there is humor but there is something i dont get this show is very dull and boring the main character has no personality the only remotly interesting character is helga i like when she beats up that creepy kid alot but thats it
  • Hey look! It's Super-Arnold! He'll save the day!

    Super-Arnold always has to strike a life lesson in this crud. "Hey, let's make a show about some 9 year old kid that has life difficulties and an insane lovesick girl that can't just send him a love note! It'll be great! These middle school outsiders will have distinct personalities which publish their feelings. Eugene will be this quirky jinxed kid, Harold will be a bumbling fat-butt who is just trying to fit in and Arnold will be the moral supporter of the show! We'll call it Hey Arnold!" I'm surprised this show lasted this long. The "Hey Arnold!" movie was decent. But it's a good thing they cancelled this show. They shouldn't be allowed to say, "c*ap" and "fr*aking" on this show! (No language will be put in my submissions). This is definitely a TVY7 show. And I do love this show at times and it is considered a classic but this review answers the question of the title to these fairly-lame plotlines which asks, "Why did I watch that?" Why DID I watch that? Why did YOU watch that?
  • I think this is a very good show. If you have not watched it yet then you need to. It makes you laugh alot. Believe me i love this show so much that sometimes i even record it because i want to watch them over and over again. So get.

    i rate this show like a 6 because i like it alot. sometimes its not funny but than again most of them are. It will have you cracking up. If you havent watched it yet please do so. Believe me you wont want to stop.When you first wathch it you wont want to get off of the couch.The characters are so funny and they will have you
  • Good

    I like this show alot cause it gives me everything i want to see its very good and something i like to watch this show has good and bad point about it but its ultimatly good entertainment for me and my friends and family it i think its a good show with informative and insightful situations that people can relate to in there own way , This is a show that i caould watch without flipping the station to find what else is on , i recommend anyone to atleast watch it once to see if they like it like i do
  • Hey Arnold is a pretty good show

    Well i don't watch it all the time just when nothing else is one but it is still pretty good i like the granny she is by far the funnyest person ever on Hey Arnould, Arnould himself i don't realy like but i like his friend Gerald. I hate Helga,Cid and Stinky
  • This one is a mixed bag for me.

    I don't hate this show. I mean, some characters like Arnold, Gerald, Lila and even Arnold's grand parents are really likable and some of the plots around them can be very creative and funny.

    But... and this is a big BUT... I cannot stand alot of its mean spirited themes. It's just painful to sit through. I get the fact they wanted this show to be down to earth and not some silly over the top wacky show, and I can respect that, but for pete sake... give the kid a friggin break!

    I feel so sorry for the guy. He seems like a really nice and likable kid, but he gets treated like crap over and over for no reason. This show almost has a Stressed Eric tone to it at times. Arnold just gets abused at times to the point you want to jump in and deck whoever's hurting him.

    Yes, I know Arnold does triumph from time to time and I'm glad for that, but those hardly make up for the abuse he goes through.

    Characters like Helga and Wolfgang were just unbearable to watch at times. I mean, if they got their comeuppance more for their horrible acts like Angelica from Rugrats, then I could let their horribly unlikabilty slide, but I can't. It's like they're just mostly there to make Arnold's life a living hell.

    And yes, I'm aware Helga secretly loves Arnold, but it doesn't change the fact she is just brutal to him at times, and rarely if EVER feels ashamed for doing so. I personally cannot sympathize with Helga at all. She may have a horrible homelife, but that's no excuse to torment someone just because you can't express your feelings to them.

    If ti wasn't for the fact characters like Arnold and the ones mentioned above, I would have seriously rated this show a 1-3. The mean spirited tone is unbearable at times. I don't care if it was trying to be realistic. There comes a point where you have to let up on your characters and give them a friggin break.
  • Good show.

    I think that Hey Arnold is a really good show. I still watch it when it comes on and it's one of my favorite cartoons. There are good characters and good episodes. I wish that they still made new episodes but the originals are fairly good just like this show is.
  • Hey Arnold is a really great cartoon. It's based on Helgas love for Arnold, but a lot of episodes focus on Arnold and his friends. I wish that they would bring this show back in Australia.

    Hey Arnold is based on Helga's love for Arnold, but a lot of episodes focus on Arnold and his friends.

    That cartoon used to be one of my favourite cartoons. Since the show doesn't air anymore in Australia, i dont get the chance to watch it. I just wish that they would bring this show back in Australia.

    My favourite character was Helga because she loved Arnold, but she pretended like she hated him.

    I really enjoyed watching "Hey Arnold" and i think that anyone who watches it will have a great time.
  • A show about a gang of kids in the city.

    In the show you had Arnold, who was the good kid and everything he did was basically the right thing. You had his best friend Gerald, who would make mistakes and Arnold would always end up fixing them up for him. Then you had Helga who had a secret crush on Arnold. Even though she had a crush on Arnold she never told him about it and always tortured him instead in fear that he might not like her back. Then you had Arnolds grandparents, Arnolds grandparent was all about hardwork and thats how you get through life by working hard. Then his grandma was a little stir crazy who had a few screws loose. It was a great show when I was growing up. I don't think they show it on Nickelodeon anymore.
  • A Nickelodeon classic.

    "Hey Arnold!" was one of the few surviving goodies currently airing on Nickelodeon. Unlike say, Rocket Power, or The Wild Thornberrys, this show manages to make even the most sincere topics interesting and funny, complete with great artwork. I'd recommend it as second best Nicktoon of the decade. The cartoon is creatively written, wonderfully voice, ingeniously funny, and above all, smart. Today we are shoved with heaps of rubbish kid cartoons, but Hey Arnold could never be catagorized as that. Overall this was a good Nickelodeon show and I wish they still aired new episodes. This show will always be a classic.
  • The show is about a boy named Arnold who has a football head and lives with his grandparents in New York City. The show follows him around as he and his friends get into trouble and try to solve problems.

    The show had its ups and downs but overall, I think it was pretty interesting. All the characters were diverse, and though many of the episodes could stand alone it did have a small plot line that tied all of them together: Helga loves Arnold but she's too afraid to admit it. It also tackles some interesting issues like how much pressure parents put on a child to be adequate and sibling rivalry. Overall, even when it's not always original it still holds the viewer's intrest.
  • It is a pretty awesome show if you ask me.

    The story is basic for this cartoon.Arnold and his friends do mostly some what normal things around this town with his friends.There is also a girl that loves him and pretty well stalks him but she acts like she hates him when shes around him.It really doesn't sound all that interesting does it? but it is!For some odd reason it sucked me into their world.Its preety funny for the most part.Its not as funny as some cartoons on tv but its all good man.The look of the animation kind of bugs me sometimes,but i still like all the charcters.8 years is long enough for a cartoon to run i think.Awesome show!
  • football headed kid.

    What's with this football headed kid? He's so super freaky! I can't belive helga even likes him one bit.He has the dream boy attiude but not even close for the looks.Put Troy bullton's face on Arnold twek it a bit. So you have the perfect man.Love him for awhile and soon he'll be your boyfriend.He does'nt even play football so why is his head shaped like one? He goes to the freakst school and has the ugliest friends nad family.They should get rid of this show fast before they lose lots of money and fan's. So you can see this show is deffintly not for you and me.
  • Underrated cartoon with an interesting plot

    I like this show because it's very amusing to watch and funny at times! With Arnold, the 'perfect' kid with his best friend Gerald, and a girl named Helga who calls him 'football head' and hides her feelings for him, this is without a doubt a great series which stands out from many other 'pre-teen' shows.
  • soo funny!!!

    i loved this show it was one of the best 90s shows yet wasn't like the other cartoons this one was mellow and relaxed and wasn't like red and stimpy one of the dumbest show of the 90s! i liked helga and her sister they were funny and reminded me of some one in my family. anyway i liked all the caracters and they were all funny to!
  • Great for kids and adults alike, bring it back!

    Hey Arnold's first episode was in 1996. Last episode was in 2004 [I might be wrong]. In those 8 years or so, the kids who have watched this have learned this thing: Hallelujah, we don't have weird shaped heads. But anyways... a great show, don't know why they cancelled it. Maybe too little people watched it. If so, what a shame.
  • Great show that I enjoyed watching.

    Hey Arnold was another one of my favorite shows. I did not like every single episode, but most of them were great. I liked all the characters and all the situations they got into, which happened to be about friends, school, family, or sports. I loved the Helga and Arnold thing. That was funny and cool. I like Lila a lot. She gave this show good vibes. I really liked Helga and her family because they were all so different and weird, which made it so funny. There were 2 episodes which dealt with helga and her parents and they were fantastic.
  • I love you, I hate you...

    One of our current society's many ill-informed stereotype beliefs is that animation is "greasy kids stuff", and that it never amounts to provoking thought or raw emotion. Chances are, these same people are yet to discover a certain Nickelodeon cartoon known as Hey Arnold.

    Created by Craig Bartlett, HA! essentially chronicles the daily lives of elementary kids residing in a typical neighborhood. Leading the pack is the titular character only known as Arnold, with a football-shaped head(...yes, football shaped, see next paragraph for more) and a golden heart. His best friend is the street-savvy Gerald, and they constantly tag up with fellow kids like the unlucky geek Eugene, the overweight "one day your friend, the next your worst nightmare" Harold, the entertaingly paranoid Sid, the farm-boy Stinky and others. Leading the female posse is Helga, who acts mean and selfish--which is to hide the fact she has a secret crush on Arnold(Which basically forms the show's center), and can be nice when she needs to be. Her best friend is the bookworm Phoebe, whose modest and kindhearted self is Helga's opposite. Other fairly prominent girls are the snotty fashion queen Rhonda(Though just like Helga, she's nice from time to time) and the widely reviled "Girl Next Door" Lila.

    Before I hop into the show's heart, one thing I want to mention: yes, the character design IS very odd. Aside from Arnold's peculiary shaped head, there's Gerald's tall hair, Sid's long nose, Stinky's thin shape and so on. While memorable in a quirky way, it's also a detriment because those "animation is for little kids" folks will glance at the characters and instantly pass it off as a typical hijinks show, when it's actually a straight-up look at everyday life.

    And when I say "straight-up", I need to confess--that's actually a huge understatement there. Amidst the sea of silly and sarcastic cartoons, Hey Arnold is perhaps one of the most brutally honest animated children's shows ever. That very fact is it's biggest gift... and it's biggest curse.

    The cast is not only very varied, each character is unique and distinctive, which means there will be some you'll either love and some you'll really hate. And unlike many other cartoons, it actually uses real kids to do the voices instead of women, which resulted in many personel changes throughout it's run; the former is admirable, while the latter is one of the show's bigger flaws.

    Many of the episodes center around Helga, which mainly focus on her secret love for Arnold. This can be a bit of a problem, because from what I've read in forums everywhere, Helga is extremely "love her or hate her". Personally, I mostly love her. Yes indeed, she can be a huge jerk and certainly not my first choice for a friend... but she's certainly not evil. She's just seriously flawed, which is what I love about her personality.

    And Arnold... well, he's somewhat attracted polarizing reactions as well, though this time, people accuse him of being a perfect, flawless Gary Stu-like kid. I like him, though it's understandable why our Grand Theft Auto generation would shun his overly-kind self. However, as much as some people believe otherwise, Arnold certainly isn't an angel. He can be very sullen at times; and push him too far, he'll show his backbone: scathing apathy. Just ask Iggy after the pajamas episode.

    While Arnold and Helga are the stars, the show-stealers are none other than their respective best friends: Gerald and Phoebe, both whom are huge fan favorites--and I have to agree here, I really like both... well, Gerald's "street savvyness" can get a little annoying at times, but he's cool. Interestingly, they've shown some hints of being a couple themselves, though it never really went anywhere(Inevitably, they became huge among fanfiction writers)

    The secondary characters are plentiful, and like I said, you're guaranteed to love some and hate some. If I had to mention one character that stands out for me... it'd have to be Sid, the Harley Davidson "bad boy" who's actually a huge wimp and more than a little paranoid about everything around him. He has some of the show's best lines and moments.

    For sake of not running overlong, I won't discuss the adult cast, but do not be fooled, it also has it's stand outs: particulary Phil and Gertrude, Arnold's grandparents.

    Just as you'd expect, the plots of Hey Arnold's episodes spanned pretty much everything. And I do mean everything. School, home, new characters on the block, parties, friendship, loyalty, respect, obsession and of course, that fine line between love and hate. They're as personal as a relationship between two kids, and as epic as an authentic reenactment of a major historical conflict. From fitting in with your peers to squeezing into the book of world records. You mention it and if it's TV-Y7 appropiate, you got it.

    And this needs to be repeated: it is brutally honest. Which is it's most admirable quality, because it refuses to sugarcoat reality while generally maintaining an optimistic feel. And it's also it's biggest flaw because, quite frankly, it tends to cross the line.

    You might see me complaining about how today's cartoons treat it's characters(My avatar of a certain plighted redhead girl should clue you in a little), but yeeeeeeeesh, they're pretty tame compared to what Hey Arnold did in it's heyday. Seriously, it can get nasty. Eugene is a good example of this; poor kid can't catch a damn break. The most sickening case is the episode about his fish pet. Had he known what really happened at the very end, well... it would've been nice to see him go all-out ballistic on Arnold and Gerald.

    Nonetheless, Hey Arnold was a fine cartoon series, and certainly up there with SpongeBob and ZIM as one of their finer post-Golden Age offerings. Unfortunately, it's current airing schedule has become very erratic, but if you get a chance to see it and you're interested in slice-of-life shows(And willing to brave it's flaws), then definitely don't pass it up.
  • Classic show.

    This is great! Because unlike most cartoons, it takes you deep into the characters feelings and emotions and how they deal with things and challenges and also shows compassion and understanding. This is a great show that is truly a classic and very original, although it is kinda similar to Recess in a way...
  • I love this show. It's normal, but that makes it good!!!!!

    This show is very good. It's a typical cartoon, but for some reason, I like it because of that. The ideas for episodes are very original, and I love every episode. This show should definately start a new season, even though it ended years ago. If it was brought back, it would be more popular than ever. Check it out!!!!!
  • This is a show based on a young boy who lives with his grandparents and his name is Arnold

    This is a cool show and the main character Arnold is always being pestered by this angry girl called Helga but the twist is that she really likes Arnold. Overall it is a fun show to watch and it is a great way to kill 30 minutes. You should see it.
  • miss it.

    Yet another Nick show that just had to get cancelled. Hey Arnold is about a football headed kid named Arnold who lives with his two senial grandparents is a boarding house. This show doesn't just focus on Arnold, but on other characters like Eugene his best friend, Helga, the mean girl who secretely likes him, and Harold, the fat kid. Arnold doesn't really like Helga in the same way she likes him because he likes some other girl named Ruth. But Arnold also doesnt know Helga likes him. This is a very good show Nick should have kept going on with it.
  • A must watch for any kids from this generation.

    This has to be one of the greatest American Cartoons ever made. This is not your average kid's show. It contained humor, parodies, " suggestive adult humor " and more.

    The characters were simple amazing, almost anyone can relate to any character in this show. Helga dazzles me with her strong sense of power and her sweet side and her carings ways towards Arnold.

    Arnold is the idea boy. And all his friends were simply a wonderful variety. I find it sad that the creators of this show stopped and never showed us, to the true and loyal fans, what would happen eventually to Helga and Arnold. I also adored the parodies of different shows and of course, real people.Influential people. The best thing was about this show, it focused on a lot of different characters and that is why every story was worth watching. And of course, who can miss Grampa's stories? The shows' creator and story tellers did a wonderful job telling and shedding us light upon Arnold's parents and how they disappeared, I simply loved the imagery used when they described hope in a way for Arnold when he gets on a plane in search for them. A lot of the episodes dealt with real life issues and even bits of history.

    I hope they release it on DVD soon, this is one of the series I might force my children to watch!
  • A good show.

    Hey Arnold was one of the best show's to ever come out of Nickelodeon studios. The characters voices were really done by kids which rarely happens, and even years later when they were no longer kids, they were still being refered to as such. It had character's of several different personalities and deverse backgrounds, and wonderfully written storylines, and had a good long life.
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