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Nickelodeon (ended 2004)





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  • Best Nickelodeon's 90s Cartoon Ever

    Hey Arnold! is about 9 year old Arnold who lives in a city with his unusual grandparents. He lives in a boarding house with other people who like his family. He has a cool best friend named Gerald, an unlucky boy named Eugene, a bully named Harold, a Southern boy named Stinky, and a "lead-in" friend named Sid. Helga is the girl that hates Arnold, but actually loves him. Her best friend is Phoebe, who is actually intelligent and they're also friends with peacemaker Sheena. Also there's the "it girl" named Rhonda and her nature loving friend, Nadine and Lila the sweetest girl in the show. Arnold is caring, kind, and a dreamer. Hey Arnold! is one of the only cartoons that you can actually relate to. It doesn't just focuses on Arnold; it focuses on his classmates too. It focuses on real issue like crushes, school, family, etc.

    Pros: Funny jokes; creative plots; unique characters; great music ; stunning animation

    Cons: Didn't have a proper conclusion.

    Overall, Hey Arnold! is hilarious, smart, sad, and interesting. The first two seasons were great, but the last three seasons were the best. Also they didn't used older people to voice the kids, they actually used real kids. It is one of the best Nickelodeon cartoons ever.