Hey Arnold!

Nickelodeon (ended 2004)





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  • This show was awesome, and I mean it.


    I loved this show, it had good characters that you could relate to, interesting episode ideas, morals to deliver that mostly worked and the ability to make one fell a variety of emotions from happy to sad, it could make you laugh and cry. It was good, but not perfect, I will get to that latter for now I will focus the good stuff and there is a lot.

    As I said that characters were good you liked them, they all had they unique personalities and they all were generally likeable, you felt compassion for them, especially Helga, because the show tried to make them sympathetic and it succeeded. The characters were the heart of the show

    I loves most of the episodes ideas, I loved the urban myth ones, I loved the family ones, I loved the ones where Helga's secret crush on Arnold almost go revealed, they all were wonderful and while they had similarities, they were different enough to make the episodes unique.

    The emotions that the characters have are huge, they can be very happy or very sad, and shift from them in just the timeline of one episode. The result of this is the audience can go through the same emotions as the characters, which is a really good thing for a show to be able to do and It did it perfectly.

    There are scenes from this show that still to this day make me laugh out loud and want to cry and that is something that I have not experienced form many shows today.

    This show was good, however there were some, well two problems, the episodes did get a little repetitive after a while but that was not too bad. The only other one was the Arnold became a little too wise, I mean even adults were coming to him for advice, and that was a little bit of a stretch.

    However besides that I cannot think of anything else wrong with this show. It was as close to perfect as perfect could get.