Hey Arnold! - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Arnold's Valentine
    Episode 20

    Arnold gets a date with both Ruth (the girl he likes) and Cecile (his pen pal, who's actually Helga in disguise), but later the real Cecile shows up.

  • Arnold's Christmas
    Episode 19

    While Helga tries to find the perfect gift for Arnold, Arnold tries to find Mr. Hyunh's long-lost daughter.

  • 12/9/96

    Magic Show:
    Arnold has a magic show and he makes a disappearing act and uses Helga as the person disappearing. Helga decides to play a trick and literally disappears. She bumps into a pole and has a dream on how the world would have been if she's gone.

    24 Hours to Live:
    Arnold hits Harold with a baseball, so Harold promises Arnold that he'll beat him the next day.

  • 12/23/96

    False Alarm:
    Eugene is accused of pulling the fire alarm. In the school court, the jury thinks Eugene is guilty except for Arnold, who believes there is a shadow of a doubt.

    World Records:
    The kids try to get in the book of world records so much that they would do anything, including most people on a one-person bike and the longest game of Crack-The-Whip.

  • 11/27/96

    Abner Come Home:
    Arnold must find a way to recover his pig pet Abner after he runs away.

    The Sewer King:
    Arnold loses Grandpa Phil's watch inside the sewers, so he must retrieve it from The Sewer King.

  • 11/25/96

    Olga Comes Home:
    When Olga returns home, she shows her report cards, but Helga changes them, causing Olga to collapse emotionally until Helga apologizes.

    Sally's Comet:
    A comet is getting near and Arnold and Gerald want to see it, so they tell everybody to turn off the lights to see the big moment of the comet with their telescope.

  • 11/20/96

    Spelling Bee:
    Arnold and Helga compete on a Spelling Bee contest.

    Pigeon Man:
    When Arnold's pigeon gets sick, he takes it to "Pigeon Man," a person surrounded by pigeons who lives in a rooftop.

  • 10/28/96

    Tutoring Torvald: Arnold gets assigned as Torvald's tutor, though Torvald gets the worst grades in the class and he doesn't care about math at all. Despite the fact that nobody believes Arnold will succeed, he continues to try to get Torvald to make the effort, much to Torvald's dismay.

    Gerald Comes Over: After Arnold stays over at Gerald's house, Gerald begins to wonder why Arnold never invites him over to stay over night. Arnold explains that his family is crazy, but Gerald believes he'd like to hang out with some of the fellow boarders, so Arnold agrees to let Gerald stay over the next day.

  • 11/18/96

    Das Subway:
    Everyone decides to take the subway home, but disaster strikes when they find themselves trapped in it.

    Wheezin' Ed:
    Arnold convinces the gang to go to Elk Island, where, unknown to them, two men are plotting a counterfeit coin scheme.

  • 10/21/96

    Benchwarmer: Arnold and his friends play basketball on the team, but Coach Wittenberg insists the only play they will use is to pass the ball to his son Tucker. Arnold is upset because that is not fair play.

    Cool Jerk: A cool guy becomes friends with Arnold when the kids are fighting against him. However, Arnold then realizes that Frankie is a criminal.

  • 11/13/96

    Door #16:
    All of the borders get very curious to what is inside the very personal Mr. Smith's package.

    Arnold as Cupid:
    Oskar gets kicked out of Suzie's room when they get into an argument, so Arnold tries to get them back together when Oskar moves into Arnold's room.

  • 11/11/96

    When Arnold gets mugged in the street, Grandma teaches him how to defend himself, but the training and fighting starts to get to his head.

    Roughin' It:
    Grandpa, Arnold, and Gerald are all going on an old fashioned camping trip... until Big Bob, Helga, and Phoebe show up with luxurious camping equipment.

  • 10/9/96

    The List:
    Arnold attempts to do something that no other kid has done before - completing the entire list of a kid's perfect Saturday! But, unfortunately, things don't go quite to plan.

    Haunted Train:
    When the kids complain of being bored, Grandpa tells the story of the Haunted Train. So, the kids decide to go and see if the train exists for themselves.

  • 10/14/96

    Operation Ruthless:
    At the Annual Cheese Fair, Helga tries her best to keep Arnold well away from Ruth - a girl who Arnold has a crush on.

    The Vacant Lot:
    Arnold and friends decide to clear out a vacant lot to play baseball on, but the adults take over it, and use it for their own reasons.

  • Heat / Snow
    Episode 6

    Arnold has a really bad day - the city is suffering from a heatwave, and whatever he does, Arnold just can't seem to get cool.

    Snow hits the city and Arnold can't wait to get out and have some fun... but wait, there's chores to be done... and when they're done Arnold has the time of his life playing Hockey with the "crew."

  • 10/16/96

    6th Grade Girls:
    Two girls from the sixth grade who are tired of the way that their boyfriends treat them, decide to take Arnold and Gerald to the school dance, but only to make their boyfriends jealous.

    The Baseball:
    Arnold's favorite baseball player is playing his last game, so he decides to go and see his last game. The only problem is that he winds up with terrible seats.

  • 11/6/96

    Helga's Makeover:
    Helga is annoyed when Rhonda doesn't invite her to her slumber party - everybody assumes that "girly" parties aren't for Helga. So, Helga is determined to prove them wrong, and gets a makeover.

    The Old Building:
    Arnold is asked by his Grandma to help save an old building, and then asked by Ernie to help knock the building down! Who will Arnold decide to go along with? How can he get out of this tricky situation?

  • 10/30/96

    Arnold's Hat:
    An obsessed Helga steals Arnold's hat to complete her shrine to Arnold, which is hidden in the back of her closet. But, she notices how miserable Arnold is without his hat, and decides to give it back to him.Stoop Kid:
    Arnold's football lands on the stoop of "Stoop Kid," - a bully who has lived his whole life on his stoop, and is highly protective of it. But, when it's Arnold's fault that Stoop Kid becomes the joke of the city, he must help Stoop Kid face his biggest fear - leaving his stoop for the first time.

  • 10/23/96

    The Little Pink Book:
    When Helga loses her pink book, full of love poems about Arnold on the bus, it ends up in Arnold's hands. Now Helga must get it back before Arnold figures out who wrote the poems.

    Field Trip:
    The kids are really looking forward to their field trip to the aquarium - especially when they remember the scary Lock Jaw from their last trip. But, when they get there, they see that Lock Jaw isn't really that scary. Arnold notices how neglected the old turtle looks, and returns later with Grandma to set it free.

  • 10/7/96
    Downtown as Fruits: Not looking forward to performing in Helga's "The Four Food Groups" musical, Arnold and Gerald decide to take the bus a few stops too many, but end up stuck downtown.

    Eugene's Bike: When Arnold accidentally ruins Eugene's new bike, he takes Eugene out on a day of fun, thinking that "every geek deserves his day."moreless