Hey Arnold!

Season 2 Episode 18

Tour de Pond / Teacher's Strike

Aired Daily 6:30 PM Nov 24, 1997 on Nickelodeon

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  • first episode i have seen in this series

    this is the first episodes i have seen in this series and this is why i kept on seeing this series the episode "Teachers strike" was a very funny episode and the other episode was even better then the episode this episode was a good episode for the season and even made hte season more and more better i like the episode about that rich kid cause when he was racing arnold with the boats it was exciting and i like it when people race. The episode "teachers strike" was good but i like the other episode better so all fans of this show should watch this episode and i give this episode a 9.6/10
  • Very good episode.

    This episode was a good one and I really enjoyed watching it because it was cool the way they compete in a boat contest and the part of where the boat's got stuck in a whirlpoll in looked cool and all and specially Arnold's boat that got wind and succeeded the contest in looked great I enjoyed that part and when Arnold's and Rex's grandparents got into a fight and fell into the pond it looked funny. Also the other episode was a good one and I really enjoyed watching it also because Rhonda made a party for the rich kids in which I think it was completely unfair but then they go to Arnold's party and everything returns to normal and the party looked awesome in my opinion of it.