Hey Dude

Season 5 Episode 5


Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jul 05, 1991 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Ted, Buddy, and Jake are outside the guest cabins fixing the fountain when hear a baby crying. Ted goes over and looks in one of the cabins and there is a baby in there all alone.

Mr. E tells the others that he got in contract with the baby's mother, Mrs. Fleeman, and she told him she had twins and must have accidentally forgotten one when she left. She won't be able to return to get the baby for a day or two. Mr. E wants Jake to call the child welfare office about Baby Fleeman, but Brad tells him the baby already suffered enough and shouldn't be left again. Mr. E agrees to let the baby stay as long as the others don't neglect their chores. Brad asks Mr. E to hold the baby, but he wants no part.

In the girls bunk, the kids are trying to pick out a name for the baby. Danny suggests Godzilla. Brad suggests Leslie. Ted says Leslie is a girls name and Brad tells him that was her grandfathers name. Ted thinks he should be called Rex, Tex, or Max. Buddy suggests Buddy that way he could be Big Buddy. Melody wants Jeremy. Jake wants Harley. The baby starts crying and he needs a clean diaper. Ted having a baby sister, changes the diaper, improvising with a towel. The girls kick the boys out telling them that the baby needs quiet environment and they are too loud.

Outside Mel is dancing with Baby Fleeman, when Brad calls her over to help with a weedwacker. Mel puts the baby in his carrier and goes to help. Jake and Danny sneak over and swipe the baby when the girls aren't looking. The girls return and Mel panics that the baby is missing. They hear loud music coming from the boys bunkhouse and quickly realize where the baby is. Ted tells the girls that they are just trying to give the baby some male influence. Mr. Ernst comes in and says that he thought the baby wouldn't cause them to neglect their work. He orders them to pack up the baby's things and Brad and Ted are going to drive him to the welfare office.

Ted and Brad return from the welfare office. Mr. E asks if Baby Fleeman is in good hands and they tell him he is. Mr. E leaves and Brad tells Ted all they have to do is deal with Baby Fleeman who is in back of the jeep. Brad and Ted sneak Baby Fleeman into the girls bunkhouse. They tell Mel they took him to the office they just didn't go in. The others kids agree to help out as well.

In the morning, the kids are tired because Baby Fleeman had them up all night. Mr. E comes and see the dried milk on Ted's arm and Ted convinces him it is a new insect repellent. He also spots the burp rag on Brad's shoulder, she tells him it is her towel. The others rush off except Mel to tend to Baby Fleeman. Mr. E asks Mel how she slept and she falls into her cereal bowl. Mr. E notices the pacifier she has in her hand and goes to confront the kids.

At the girls bunkhouse, Mr. E knocks on the door and Danny, Jake, and Buddy sneak out the window. Mr. E hears crying, but Brad tells him it is Ted. Brad hands Baby Fleeman out the window to Danny and Jake. Mr. Ernst gets sick of waiting and heads around back. Brad sees him walking around and grabs Baby Fleeman. Ted helps the others back in the window and without realizing it helps Mr. Ernst in as well. Brad tells Mr. Ernst that they couldn't leave Baby Fleeman somewhere again. Brad asks Mr. E to hold Baby Fleeman, but again he refuses. He says he held Buddy when he was Baby Fleeman's size and he accidentally dropped him and ever since he is scared he will do it again. Mr. E starts playing with Baby Fleeman and the others sneak out. The baby starts crying and no one is around to pick him up. Mr. Ernst is forced too and the baby stops crying.

The next morning, Mrs. Fleeman returns to pick up Baby Max. She leaves and they tell her to come back and visit soon. Mr. Ernst figures they will probably never be back, but Jake tells him they will; Mrs. Fleeman forgot her purse.