Hey Dude

Season 2 Episode 11

Bar None Babysitter

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jan 12, 1990 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Buddy is dressed like Sherlock Holmes and he runs into Ted. Buddy says he is on a case. Ted asks who he is watching and he points to a girl over at the picnic tables. Ted introduces himself to the girl and she says her day is completely ruined. Ted says maybe he can help. The girl agrees and calls her little sister Noelle over and tells her Ted is her babysitter. The girl leaves leaving Ted there speechless.

Ted carries the girl back to the lodge and explains the Mr. Ernst that Noelle's sister left her with him. Mr. Ernst says that it is nice of him to volunteer. Ted says babysitting doesn't go with his image. Mr. Ernst says he is in charge of the "Young Buckaroos" and she is the youngest so he is responsible. Mr. Ernst declares Ted the official "Bar None Babysitter". Ted wants to pass it on to Lucy, Danny, Melody, or Brad, but Mr. E will have none of it. Brad, Melody, and Danny walk in and Noelle tells Brad that Ted is her babysitter. Brad teases Ted saying he finally found something he is good at. Ted and Noelle leave. Mr. E gathers Danny, Brad, and Melody in his office. He says he had another "Benjamin Ernst brainstorm". He tells Brad and Melody that they are in charge of coming up with prewritten post cards that way the guests don't have to do it. Melody tells Brad it is the dumb idea because who would want a stranger writing their postcards, but they comply.

Outside the main lodge, Mr. E tells Danny he is now the "Answer Man". Danny doesn't want to be the answer man, but Mr. E tells him he knows more than anyone else on the ranch. Mr. E says he just needs confidence. A man comes and asks Danny to identify a rock. Danny gives the man a detailed answer and he thanks him. Danny is now confident that he can do the job. Ted tries to pass Noelle off on Danny, but he says he is busy. Two kids come and asks Danny a question about cactus which he answers then they asks him to name the seven dwarfs, but he can only name six. They tell him he doesn't know anything and leave.

Buddy tells Lucy he is looking for a crime. She tells him he will be the first person she'll call if she hears of a crime. Buddy leaves. Ted tries to pass Noelle off on Lucy, but she turns him down as well. When he looks for Noelle she is gone.

Buddy tells Ted this is his first case. Ted tells him it isn't a game he actually lost a person which is a new low even for him. Buddy asks Ted if he can help. Ted tells him he can come along, but don't get in his way. Buddy speaks into his walkie talkie "now leaving the scene of the crime". Brad and Mel are still writing postcards when Danny comes and asks them to name the seven dwarfs. Melody can only name six as well. Brad doesn't know the missing one either. Danny asks if any of them want to be the answer man. Melody agrees as long as he finishes her postcards. Buddy and Ted come through and Buddy says into his walkie talkie "that they are now continuing their search at the cookout area". Danny and Brad ask Ted if he is looking for something or someone, but Ted says no and leaves. Brad criticizes Danny's postcard writing saying it doesn't have flare.

Buddy states that they are now continuing their search at the main lodge. Ted says Buddy is driving him nuts with the walkie talkie, but Buddy says a good detective has to make his reports at regular intervals. Melody who is now at the answer man table asks Ted what is going on. Ted asks if she can keep a secret. He asks if he seen a little girl with a knapsack, but Melody hasn't. Just then, the two kids return and asks the dwarf question. She only gets six, but Buddy helps her with the last one. They asks another question, about a flashlight, but she doesn't know the answer.

In Mr. Ernst's office, he is looking over the written postcards and tells Brad, Melody and Danny it isn't what he had in mine. Plus some of the guests have been telling him about some strange answers they've been getting from the answer lady. He says if they are going to do this they have to do it right. Brad and Melody tell him most guests want to write their own postcards. Danny says it is hard to be the answer man without a college degree. Danny tells him that some of his ideas may be ahead of there time. He agrees and puts the ideas on hold.

Ted is still looking for Noelle when her sister returns. Ted tells Buddy to keep looking. After some stalling, he tells Noelle's sister that he will go get Noelle. Buddy tells Ted that if he would have listened to him he would have found Noelle hours ago. He calls into the walkie talkie for Noelle to return and she appears behind Ted with the other walkie talkie. Buddy says that he just told Noelle their location and she had to be anywhere, but where they were. Noelle's sister arrives and picks her up and leaves. Ted chases after Buddy for tricking him.

In the lodge, Brad is laughing at Ted because Buddy tricked him. Brad says its obvious where there is one kid with a walkie talkie there is a second kid with a walkie talkie. Danny calls him an embarrassment to guys everywhere and leaves. Mr. Ernst comes in and tells Ted that he has a surprise for him. Five kids run in and Mr. Ernst tells them to meet their new babysitter.