Hey Dude

Season 2 Episode 2

Battle Of A Hundred Bucks

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Oct 20, 1989 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Mr. E calls a meeting for the entire staff to train them in firefighting so they can hold a potential fire at bay until the fire department arrives. Mr. E orders Buddy to turn on the hose which has a hole in it and squirts him in the face.

Lucy calls Brad, Melody, Danny, and Ted together for a meeting. She has a note from a guest who checked out that states "see that the two kids who made my stay here so nice get this and have some fun with it". The envelope contains a $100 bill. There isn't any names mentioning the two kids. He didn't leave a phone number or address so Lucy can't reach him. Ted says it is his and Danny's because they took the guest on a nature hike last week and this must be their tip. Brad says her and Mel babysat his kids while he was on the hike so the money is for them. Lucy suggests splitting the money four ways, but the kids will have no part of that. They all agree that whoever comes up with the most fun way of spending the money (as determined by Lucy) will get the keep it.

Danny wants to buy cowboy hats, but Ted says they need something more clever. Ted wants to throw a party, but then they realize they would have to invite Brad and Melody which would defeat the purpose of having won the money from them. Ted decides to spy on the girls and see what they are planning. They hear the girls talking and Brad suggests buying a cowboy hat as well, but Melody says it doesn't sound fun enough. Melody suggests a party, but they realize they would have to invite the boys. Brad suggests spying them. Ted and Danny race back to coral. Ted plans to say that the girls deserve the money that way they will stop thinking and whatever him and Danny suggest is sure to win. The girls sneak over and Ted pulls off his plan perfectly.

Mr. E rings his fire bell and says if this would have been a real fire the ranch would have burned down. The kids practice aiming with the hoses and Melody goes to shoot Ted who moves out of the way and she hits Mr. E instead.

Lucy comes by to judge the ideas. The boys idea is to have a painter come to the ranch to paint them. The girls speechless because the boys pulled a fast one only has the cowboy hats idea. Lucy declares the boys the winners. The boys tell the girls they knew they were spying all along.

Danny and Ted try to find a painter, but no one is willing to do their picture for $100. Buddy tells them that there are two artists staying at the ranch and he will talk to them and see if they will paint the picture. Buddy says they will need the money upfront so he takes the hundred and leaves.

Danny and Ted are getting ready for the photo when Buddy says to follow them. He also states they have to wear togas for the photo and be blindfolded. The artists don't want anyone to see them and if the boys don't agree with their conditions they will not do the picture. The artists who are Brad and Melody throw a can of paint at them. Brad says since they painted them the money is theirs and they used it to buy the cowboy hats. Everyone starts fighting over the hats and Buddy suggests sharing them. They all agree to share the hats. Mr. E tries firefighting one more time, but once again he gets wet.
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