Hey Dude

Season 2 Episode 4

Bunkmate Battles

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Nov 03, 1989 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Danny finds Ted on the front porch, pecking away on his typewriter. Ted tells Danny how he's writing a little history lecture to tell the guests on rainy days. The problem is, much of his concepts are based on old west stereotypes, particularly the part about "the savage American Indian." Danny, takes offense at that. Danny tries to enlighten Ted about all the positive contributions of the Indians, but Ted is his beliefs. Danny makes a bet with Ted: he can't go a week without using things the Indians provided. Ted agrees. Danny starts by confiscating Ted's just-opened chocolate bar.

Meanwhile, Melody is preparing for her daily exercises. Her side of the bunk is especially messy today. Brad comes in to read, and she's a little testy about Mel's messiness. But Mel shrugs it off, switches on her Walkman, and starts counting out loud while she sweats to the oldies. Her counting get louder and louder until Brad has to get up off her bed and yell into Melody's face. The two start to argue, but before it gets out of hand, they grudgingly defuse the situation. They both resume their exercises and reading.

On the trail, Ted pulls aside his riding party for a rest and pulls out some trail mix. Danny confiscates the whole bag and informs Ted that there's nothing in it he can eat, because the Indians grew it all first.

Later, Melody returns to her bunk and finds that Brad has arranged a schedule of activities. Melody is immediately resentful. Then she reads the schedule and really blows her top. Her "loud" activities are scheduled when she's not even around. Mel furiously tears down the schedule and suggests a better idea. She strings a clothesline down the middle of the bunk and hangs a blanket between them. There, private bunks. Mel cranks on her boombox. Until Brad yanks out the plug. The only outlet is on her side of the bunk! They argue some more and Brad storms out the bunk. Upset, Mel chases after her.
Danny and Ted, back from the trail ride, are waiting in the food line. But as the chef starts filling Ted's plate, Danny tells him that it's barbecue, and, you guessed it, the Indians invented barbecue. And forget about the chips, hot sauce, corn on the cob, chili, and soda. Ted is thinking that Danny is really enjoying this!

In the lodge, Mr. Ernst is on the phone peddling his ranch to a potential guest. Just as he promotes the friendliness of the staff, Brad and Melody storm in, screaming that they hate each other. And from the other direction, Ted is ranting that he's fed up with Danny's watch dogging. Mr. Ernst gives up the pitch.

Putting himself physically in the middle of the screaming kids, Mr. Ernst calls for order. He has the kids each tell their grievances, and after hearing them, Mr. Ernst decides the kids should creatively work out these problems themselves. But the kids start up their arguing again. Mr. Ernst gives up and hides away to his office.

Brad tells Melody that she's moving some of her things into the lodge, where she's sleeping tonight. Danny and Ted tenuously agree to talk things over later at the corral. Then Buddy buddies up to Ted and offers him some popcorn. Ted's grateful, but he has no appetite. Buddy cajoles Ted into just a little. Ted finally agrees. But just as he reaches for some, Buddy yanks the bag away telling Ted he can't have any because Indians grew it. Ted angrily chases Buddy out the lodge.

Alone in her bunk, Mel is reveling in her freedom to do as she wants. Or she tries. She cranks up her radio and starts to boogie down. But it's unfulfilling. So she starts to exercise, counting out loudly. Instead of satisfaction, all she gets is a sore throat. So Melody decides to mess up the room by throwing Brad's clothes on the floor. All the while, Mel is talking to herself...out loud.

She starts to delightfully chuck Brad's framed pictures, until she discovers a photo of the two of them during happier times. It jolts her back to the reality of the situation. There's a knock on the door, and Brad pokes her head in. Brad admits to Mel that there's such a thing as too much peace and quiet. Mel admits that being loud and crazy isn't fun without Brad to annoy. Brad tells Melody that she's her best friend, even though she sometimes wants to kill her. They agree to make up.

In the boys' bunk, Ted has finally had his fill of the Indians inventing everything. When Danny finally gets to cotton underwear, Ted explodes, thinking that Danny's making half this stuff up. On the contrary, Danny rattles off many more things he's never mentioned, ranging from breakfast foods to the U.S. Constitution. Ted is taken aback, wondering why he's never heard of these before. Danny tells him it's because non-Indians wrote the history books. Ted is gratefully enlightened.

Back at the main lodge, Mr. Ernst is again on the phone, selling to a prospective guest. He hesitates when asked about the staff, labeling them as "very spirited". But the bickering pairs walk through the lodge by Mr. Ernst. Except they're not bickering. In fact, they seem tighter than ever, laughing with each other and planning buddy activities.
Mr. Ernst happily returns to his pitch. "Getting back to what I was saying about the staff. Let me tell ya, they're the best reason there is to come to the Bar None."