Hey Dude

Season 2 Episode 5

Crash Landing

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Nov 10, 1989 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Mr. Ernst, Ted, and Buddy are in the main courtyard installing a sprinkler system; even though the instructions clearly state: to be installed by professionals only. Mr. Ernst claims it to be a conspiracy between plumbers and manufacturers. Then Mr. Ernst busts the hot water main with his pick ax.

Ted hears a sputtering engine, then looks up to see a small airplane approaching. As it gets closer, it becomes obvious that it's in trouble. The Cessna casts a shadow over them and disappears over the horizon with a crash.

The men rush right over to the crash site. The plane is tipped nose first into the desert, with most of the doors blown over by its rough landing. Approaching the plane cautiously, they find the pilot, alive and conscious.

But the pilot seems more concerned about his lost bag than anything else. He stumbles out of the plane, finds his bag, then passes out. Mr. Ernst notes that the pilot is lucky he didn't stumble or pass out into the nearby thirty-foot deep mine shaft.

They bring the pilot back to the lodge. They lay him down on the couch while Mr. Ernst calls for an ambulance. But Buddy discovers stacks of cash in pilot's bag. Suddenly, the pilot awakens with his hand in his pocket. He points his "gun" at Ted, and he forces Mr. Ernst to hang up the phone.

The pilot then proceeds to tell the guys everything but his name. He even pulls out a recent newspaper article that recounts his own exploits as the bank robbing airplane bandit. The pilot landed his plane on Flagstaff's Main Street, robbed the bank of $80,000, and then escaped in his plane. It turns out the robber ran out of gas on his way to Mexico.
The pilot stashes his bag behind the counter, and then throws Mr. Ernst, Ted, and Buddy down the shaft while he makes his getaway.

Meanwhile, Brad has returned from her morning ride and meets up with Melody and Danny. They're each looking for one of the missing staffers, since they've all been stood up. Resentfully, they figure out that they must be hiding out in Mr. Ernst's air conditioned office.

Mr. Ernst has a panic attack in the mineshaft, having been in there for almost sixteen minutes. But they get their wits together and climb up each other's shoulders to the top. Buddy makes it out and throws the rope back down to his dad and Ted.

Brad, Mel, and Danny arrive at the lodge just in time to see the pilot retrieving his bag of cash. Mel tries to help him with his bag, but he's obviously very possessive of it. The pilot claims he's a guest, and that he's settled up with Mr. Ernst and he's on his way out. The pilot mentions the Mr. Ernst and his two kids went to feed the pigs (which they don't have). Melody tries to be nice, but Brad and Danny are very suspicious. Brad starts dialing the police, but the pilot returns and threatens them. He figures these meddling kids ought to join their friends in the mine shaft.

At the mineshaft, Mr. Ernst jumps out from behind a bush and startles the pilot into the mine shaft. The gang gets a special commendation from the police.

After paying the plumber $200, Mr. Ernst finally gets the sprinklers installed. He checks his watch, and the sprinklers fire up on cue. As he watches his handiwork from his office window, the sprinklers jam up and shoot high velocity spray right into his office.
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