Hey Dude

Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Aug 02, 1991 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Brad is showing new worker, Megan, how to tend to the horses. Brad yells at Ted because he didn't show up to train Megan because he was trying to get his hair right. Ted tells Brad she looks in the mirror so much he'd think she had a twin. They bet each other who can go the longest without worrying about their looks. Brad confiscates Ted's comb which drives him in a panic when Megan accidentally squirts him with the hose.

At the bunkhouse, Ted is confiscating all of Brad's makeup and beauty products so she can't cheat. Mel is upset because her date was terrible. Ted tries to leave, but not before Brad's takes his hairdryer. Brad wants to borrow Mel's sweater, but Ted tells her that is against the rules. They both agree that they will pick out the other's clothes until the bet is over and neither one of them can bathe. Brushing teeth is allowed, but no flossing unless they have corn on the cob or ribs.

Mr. E is upset because a magazine called the Bar None ragged. Mel asks Jake and Danny what they think of her as a girl. They say they don't really think of her as a girl they think of her as just Melody. Buddy comes over and tells Mel she looks upset. He gives her a candy guaranteed to make her feel better. Mel tells him that he is the most sensitive and mature guy on the ranch. She tells him she has to teach a swim and leaves, but not before giving him a kiss on the cheek. Buddy says to himself that she likes him.

At the dining area, Buddy offers to carry something for Mel and tells her he is going to talk to his dad about her doing hard labor. Buddy says bye to Melody with a smile on his face. Mel sees Ted trying to look at himself in a plate. Mel asks him if he got dressed in a tunnel. Ted says he thought his natural good looks would just shine through any bad outfit. He starts complaining until Brad shows up looking like a waitress. He asks her what she things of her clothes. Brad says she wants to thank him because she woke up not having to worry about her appearance. Ted is surprised that Brad hasn't given up yet.

Buddy comes and asks his dad when do you know when your in love. He tells Buddy the story of a date with his mother where he got sick with food poisoning and she gave him soup to make him feel better. He says love is taking care of someone when they are sick and wanting them to be happy. Buddy thanks his dad and leaves. He runs into Megan who asks if he wants to do something with her. Buddy tells her that he is just getting involved with someone and wouldn't want to lead her on. Megan leaves upset and Buddy pulls an envelope out of his pocket and runs to the girls bunkhouse with it.

Buddy asks Jake and Danny for advice. He says he is going to asks a great girl out for a picnic. He left her a note that says he has a surprise for her. Jake thinks it is Megan, but Buddy tells him he is wrong. Danny tells him don't worry about kissing just worry about having a nice time. Ted comes running and Danny warns Buddy not to take grooming advice from him. Ted tells Buddy that he should prepare something exotic for the picnic. He thinks the girl is Megan, but Buddy tells him he is wrong as well. They want to know who the girl is when Melody comes running and tells Buddy she got his note. Buddy smiles at the guys, but they looked worried.

At the picnic, Buddy gives Mel one of his marshmallow, green pepper, Swiss cheese, and chocolate covered radish kabobs. Buddy gets a drink with two straws and asks Mel is she wants some, but she says she isn't thirsty. Buddy tells Mel she is so pretty, nice, and smart. He says he will probably never meet anyone like her again. Mel says a boyfriend girlfriend relationship has to be mutual. Lucy interrupts and tells Buddy he has to wipe down the light bulbs in the lodge. Before he leaves, he tells Mel that it is the best time he had all summer.

Mel shows Lucy a stuffed monkey that Buddy gave her and asks her what she should do. Lucy tells her to stop dating Buddy, Mel says she isn't and Lucy tells her he thinks he is. Mel is worried that the rejection might scar Buddy. Ted tells Mel that Buddy is carving their initials on a tree. Lucy tells Mel to just tell him the truth. Mel is reluctant until Ted points out that Mr. Ernst would make a great father-in-law.

Mr. Ernst sees Brad dressed in a plaid shirt with suspenders and patch covered jeans and asks her if her fashion magazine subscriptions expired. Brad tells him about the bet. He says he hopes it is over soon because the staff uniforms will be there soon. She tells him that the look of the ranch means nothing to people, they come because he makes them feel welcome. He tells her she is right and they don't need uniforms or the full spa he is going to cancel them right away. Brad goes after him telling him maybe she spoke too soon.

Buddy tells Mel he got them tickets to the symphony on Friday night. Mel says she can't make it, but Buddy tells her he will have his dad give her the night off unless there is some other reason she can't go. Mel says no not that she can think of. Buddy tells her he has to shave again. Megan sees them talking and looks disappointed.

Megan sees Buddy driving the Jeep. He says he is going to take it Friday night. She says he can't drive. He asks how she knows and she says because she is his age and she can't drive. She asks if he is taking his girlfriend out and he says yeah. She tells him he doesn't look too happy. He says Mel is nice and pretty, but it isn't what he expected. He says it isn't fun because he isn't being himself; it hurts to shave and he hates the symphony. He wants to slurp his soda and catch frogs and be himself and Mel doesn't like that. Megan says maybe he picked the wrong girlfriend. She says she thinks he is nice just the way he is. She invites him to a miniature golf tournament on Friday, but remembers that is when his date it. She heads back to the coral.

Melody tells Danny and Jake she is upset for not telling Buddy the truth earlier. She asks them what happened when a girl first broke up with them. Jake says he gave himself a mohawk and Danny locked himself in his room for a week and a half. Jake says it is unavoidable making someone feel bad when you end a relationship you just have to minimize the pain. He says she will just have to tell him and she gets her chance because Buddy walks in. He tells Jake and Danny he would like to be alone with Mel. He tells her he doesn't want to go out with her anymore they are just too different. He sold the concert tickets, but she can keep the monkey. She tells him when she meets the right guy she hopes he is as nice as him.

At the coral, Jake, Danny, Mel, Buddy, and Lucy are armed with buckets, soap, and sponges. They tell Mr. Ernst that they are going to give Brad and Ted a surprise bath. He tells them that the write up in the newspaper was suppose to say rugged not ragged. Lucy spots Brad and Ted and Mr. Ernst runs behind the fence to join the others. Ted (who is wearing a bucket hat, a patterned shirt, and red shorts) and Brad (who is wearing a flannel shirt, short overalls with a belt, and leggings) come in and Mel pops out from behind the fence. They ask her what she is doing. She tells them from those who love them and those who have to share bunks with them, their bet is officially a tie. Everyone comes out armed with their cleaning materials and spraying Brad and Ted with the hose.
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