Hey Dude

Season 2 Episode 9

Dan The Man

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Dec 15, 1989 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Buddy calls a meeting and tells Melody, Danny, Ted, and Brad that the doctor put his father on a strict diet and he has to exercise. He says his father is horrible at this, he even bought t-shirts with sweat strains already on them so people think he exercised. Buddy also told the kitchen staff to only give him food that's on his list. Buddy tells them that when his dad gets hungry he gets desperate. They turn around to catch Mr. E trying to eat their pizza.

Outside the barn, Lucy thanks Danny for working in her garden because her corn is very tall. Danny says his parents taught him everything he knows. Back at the lodge, a female guest says she saw a young man riding a horse like he was born too. Ted appears, but she says it isn't him. She spots Danny and says it was him. She wants to him to pose for a picture. Ted teases Danny about him being the main tourist attraction. Mr. E calls Ted over when Buddy comes in. He tells Buddy he shouldn't have made a big deal about this diet. Buddy says he worries about him and announces that it is time to go jogging. Mr. E announces he is too busy, but Ted quickly volunteers to cover the desk. Mr. E shoots him a dirty look and goes to change.

Mr. E finds Melody and Brad at the corral. He asks if they had lunch yet. Brad says no, but Melody says she did. He makes her tell him everything she had while he savors over it. Danny comes out of the horse stall and Brad says she feels sorry for Melody who is reliving her lunch. Danny said he is going to take his favorite horse, Uncle Albert, for a ride. Brad said when she groomed him his nose was running. Brad suggests not riding him today, but Danny will hear none of it.

That night, Mr. Ernst is sneaking around looking for food when Ted catches him. Ted says Buddy thought his father might sneak out for a late night snack. Mr. Ernst has cookies under his robe with Ted confiscates.

In the morning, Lucy barges into the boy's bunk, and tells them Uncle Albert is not eating and isn't breathing right. Later that morning, Lucy tells everyone that Uncle Albert has strangles, but the vet caught it in time. Ted, Lucy, and Buddy leave. Brad asks Danny if he can help out with her extra riding lessons. He says he is the last person she'd want.

In the bunk, Buddy says that he has to watch his father all the time. He is even hiding pizza in his sock drawer. Buddy asks Danny for a recipe, but he get angry and shouts that he doesn't know anything and storms off.

That night, Danny is out with Uncle Albert and is apologizing to him. Brad comes and tells him it wasn't his fault. Danny says he should have listened to her and riding Uncle Albert made him worse. She said it was a mistake. Danny says his father expects him to be perfect. Brad suggests Danny tell his father what happened.

The next morning, Mr. E and Ted return from his walk. Ernst tells Ted he hates running. He tries jumping jacks instead, but he gets a cramp in his leg. He asks for something less bouncy so Ted suggest sit ups, but Mr. E can only do two. Next, Ted suggest climbing stairs, but that doesn't work either. Danny tells Brad he called his dad. His dad didn't say much but he sounded disappointed. Lucy tells Mr. E that he should feel lucky he got a warning many people don't get that they just collapse and die. Mr. E says she is right and he states he is turning over a new leaf.

Melody comes with a package for Danny from his father. It has a new belt. His father states in a letter that a man who hides his mistakes his foolish and that a man who learns from his mistakes is truly wise. Back at the lodge, Mr. E has the kids gathered and tells them his cholesterol is down 25 points. There will be mandatory exercise sessions every morning at 7am and all staff meals will come from the "Eat Well, Feel Well, Do Well, Be Well" cookbook. He gives them some tofu with sprouts. Mr. E and Lucy leave to do his five mile run and the kids run to the phone to order a pizza.