Hey Dude

Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Apr 20, 1990 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

At the breakfast table, Brad is distributing mail. Ted gets a letter and has a shocked look on his face. Danny asks what's in the letter because it "looks official". Ted said its just his license. He tells everyone he has chores to do and leaves. Melody says Ted is acting weird even for Ted. Danny states that Ted doesn't drive. Buddy says how are they going to find out what's in the letter. Danny said first they will hint at it, but if Ted doesn't cave then they will steal it.

The corral, Buddy and Danny are bothering Ted hinting about the letter. Danny asks if he saw Brad since her date with the guy from Canyon Ranch. Buddy says his name is Butch and he drives a feed truck. Ted seems shocked that she would go out with someone named Butch. Danny asks Ted why he never asked Brad out. Ted states that he has his list of priorities and Brad isn't towards the top. Danny questions if he will even be able to score a date with Brad. Ted says he will have to prove him wrong.

Outside their bunk the girls are cleaning a rug, when Melody asks Brad about her date last night. She says it was like a course in horse feed. Ted comes over and tells Brad that his sources tell him she lifted the ban on dating. Brad says there's never been a ban on dating. Ted says in that case he is free to go out with her on Saturday night. He says it may be a once in a lifetime offer. She tells him Saturday night is when she rearranges her shoes. He tells her she may want to rethink her answer. She says no, but maybe some other time. He says like Christmas, because if will be a cold day before he asks again.

At the corral, Brad tells Ted she changed her mind and she will go on the date with him. That night, Buddy sneaks over to the boys bunk where Danny is searching for the letter. They find it in his boot, but just then they hear Ted outside. They quickly put the letter back. Ted comes in and says his date is the start of something big. Danny isn't convinced that Ted can handle it. Danny asks if he is worried that this date might change him and Brad's friendship. Ted says fate brought them together and he never tempts fate. Ted leaves and Danny tells Buddy to get the letter. Buddy reads the letter "Dear Danny and Buddy, Roses are red; violets are blue; its not nice to be nosy in someone else's shoe. Sincerely Your Friend, Ted McGriff".

It's Saturday night, Brad and Ted are at the restaurant for their date. Brad comments that it isn't an inexpensive place. Ted says he has it covered and she should order whatever she wants. He almost chokes when he looks at the menu. When they have their food, Brad asks Ted if he ever thinks about the future. He says he hasn't given it much thought. He asks Brad, but she doesn't know either. Ted is telling Brad a story about him playing baseball when he gets icing in his hair. She starts laughing at him. The waiter brings the check, Ted looks for his wallet, but doesn't seem to have it. Brad hands him some money under the table without the waiter seeing. On their way back to the ranch, Ted says years from now he doesn't think they will be celebrating the anniversary of their first date. They say goodnight.

Ted walks in on Danny and Buddy still looking for the letter. He tells them he will clue them in on the mystery mail tomorrow. Danny and Buddy asks him about his date with Brad. He says that he kissed her and they have reached the next plateau in boy-girl bonding.

The next day, Melody asks Ted about the date when Danny and Buddy arrives. Danny says to Brad that he heard they had an interesting time last night. She said it had its memorable moments. They ask if she had a great time and she replies that she did. He exceeded all her expectations.

Ted gives Brad the money for dinner last night. He thanks her for what she said to Danny and Buddy. She says she really did have a good time. She said she likes the real Ted. He says he is glad to hear that especially now. Brad questions what he means. He says the letter he got is for summer school. He said there was some kind of mix-up in the records so he has to go back and face English Lit. He says he wanted to tell her first. He didn't tell her earlier because he didn't want a mercy date.

All the kids are gathered around while Ted is getting ready to leave and they are all upset especially Brad. Brad tells him to go home and pass a few courses and before he knows it he'll be back at the Bar None. Mr. Ernst calls for Ted and as he leaves Brad tells him she is going to miss him and gives him a kiss.