Hey Dude

Season 4 Episode 10

Doghouse Blues

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Nov 09, 1990 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Jake is trying to interpret Melody's dream without much luck. Mr. E drops by and Jake tells him he is going to major in physiology and is interpreting dreams. Mr. Ernst tells him he won't be able to interpret his dream from last night. Jake is going to give it a shot. Mr. E says he went to buy ribbon for his adding machine and when he came out the parking lot turned into a swimming pool filled with Jell-O and it was hailing fruit. Just then a whole bunch of lemons from the tree they were sitting under fell on everyone.

The pool is cracked and rain is coming so the young buckaroos can't do those, so instead Jake plays Name that Smell. The first kids guesses wrong and the second kid faints. Dan asks Jake what is in the box and Jake tells him he doesn't know, but it came from his laundry bag. Just then Valerie Vleck pulls up. Jake ushers the kids to their rooms to lock the doors. Brad and Mel also take off running. Val heads for the lodge and tells Jake and Dan to get her things. A sleeping Mr. Ernst sees Valerie and ducks behind the counter. Val hit's the bell saying she wants to rent a room. Mr. Ernst creeps up and asks if she means to rent a room here. Val says yes and then she is going to use the phone to call her parents and tell them she is coming home. Mr. E gives her some paper towels to wipe her tears and sends Buddy for a mop. Mr. E asks what is wrong. Val says it is her husband, Vic, he is a two timer. She states that last week they got in a guest who was Miss Farm Equipment 1967 and she was Vic's old girlfriend. Vic gave her a discount and delivers room service, which they don't even have. Val says he can have her if he wants her but it is going to cost him big. Val picks up her gun, but Mr. Ernst tells her she is just tired and upset. They are out of rooms so they have to bunk with the girls.

When Mr. Ernst explains the situation to the girls they are not pleased. Mr. Ernst explains to Val that he knows what she is going through. Val said she never took Ben for a divorced man she always thought of him as a geek. He tells Val to go inside and make herself at home and tells Brad and Mel to be nice. Val discovers some buffalo brownies she made for Vic, but she wants Mr. E to have them now. Against the warning of Melody, Mr. Ernst tries one and likes it. He asks why they are called buffalo brownies and Val tells him because they have real buffalo chips. He leaves gagging and Val thinks he likes her.

That night, Mr. Ernst is using mouthwash to get rid of the brownie taste. Mrs. Vleck knocks on the door with her pajamas on. She smells the mouthwash and thinks Mr. Ernst is freshening his breath for her. Val tells him the night is young and she even has on perfume with real pollen. She says her husband doesn't like the perfume, but she can tell he does. She tries to seduce him, but Danny comes in and says he saw Mr. Vleck drive up. Mr. Ernst says they can have a talk, but all Val wants to do is tell her husband she has the hots for Mr. E. Vic is pounding on the door with flowers. Mr. E sends Val out the back. Vic tells Mr. Ernst he is a man on mission and asks if he seen his wife. Mr. E says it isn't a good time right now because they might say things they'd regret later. Vic agrees that he should take some time to cool off. He tells Mr. E that maybe Val's been planning this for awhile and she left for another man. He asks Mr. Ernst to talk to her and find out who it is and he will take care of him. Vic pulls out a machete.

Val Vleck is having a talk with the girls. She tells them marriage is like a demolition derby. She goes to get her "hooks" into Mr. Ernst. In the lodge, Mr. E, Vic, Danny, and Jake are talking when Vic says maybe it is time to end it all and pulls out a grenade. Everyone panics but it is Vic's lighter. Jake asks what is the problem with him and his wife. He says it is a misunderstanding and the only reason he gave Betty Lou a discount is because she fell on hard times. He says he doesn't have any feelings for Betty Lou. Jake suggests that maybe she is seeing someone else on the side. Vic states that he thought about that and him and Ben was just discussing that before Jake and Dan came in. Mr. E panics because he thinks Vic knows that Val was flirting with him, but Vic just wants him to talk to Val. Mr. E agrees to talk to Val.

In his office, Mr. E tries to decide what to do and he decides to just ignore the situation and hope it goes away. He sets down at his desk and Val, who is outside the window, begins playing her guitar for him and singing. Mr. E tells her stop. Vic walks in and says he has decided to talk to Val. Mr. E turns around and Vic asks why his head was out the window. He says he was getting fresh air. Danny and Jake motion that he has lipstick on his face, but Mr. E just thinks their faces itch. Vic asks what is on Ben's face. Mr. Ernst says it is jam, but Vic knows it isn't and looks out the window. Valerie hits him with his guitar. Vic is angry and Mr. Ernst tries to calm him down. Vic tells Mr. E that he can do his explaining at dawn. It is Mr. Ernst's choice machetes or guns and Vic has plenty of both. Mr. E mumbles machetes in disbelief, but Vic misinterprets it as his weapon choice and tells him he can use his because he has a whole crate at home. Vic storms off.

Its dawn and Mr. E has sunglasses and a briefcase and is trying to sneak out. Val asks if he is going to fight for her. Mr. E says he would like to, but he is a Quaker and they aren't allowed to fight. She asks where he is going and he tells her Venezuela to visit a cousin. Mr. E turns to leave, but Vic is there. Vic tells him he wants to settle this right now. Mr. E goes to call the police, but Vic tells him he's won. Vic tells him if Val wants him she can have him. Mr. E tells Val they aren't suited for each other. Vic tells Mr. E that she is the loveliest creature you could have. Mr. E recommends they see a counselor.

In the morning, Jake has Mr. E, and the Vlecks gathered. Val says she wants honesty not sneaking around. Vic says he was just trying to help Betty Lou. Val asks why he had a farm equipment calendar. Vic says she gave it to him for being nice. Jake gives the Vlecks foam bats and tell them they can use them to take out their aggression. Val ends up hitting Mr. E for not wanting her for his wife and Vic hits him for not wanting his wife. They end up beating Mr. E some more and than they hug and go home. Jake runs away leaving Mr. Ernst on the ground.