Hey Dude

Season 5 Episode 12

Double Date

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Aug 23, 1991 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Jake tells Buddy and Melody that he is going to start charging for his advice and his predictions. That night, Brad and Kyle return having won in their respective events at the rodeo. Lucy talks about Kyle taking ribbons in calf roping and bronco busting. Ted looks upset and says he is going to bed. Lucy retells the tale of Ted's broken saddle and falling into a pile of pool. No one wants to celebrate with Mr. Ernst's tuna and marshmallow smores and slides from his accounting class' 15th annual reunion.

Jake is handing out Ask Jake flyer's advertising his advice. Ted wants advice on girls. The advice isn't for Ted, but it is his Asian pen pal, Ted-wasaki, who has a girl he likes Brad-wong everything is going great until a new guy comes to work with them, Kyle-chang, and him and Brad-wong start hanging out and it makes his friend sick. Jake suggests that jealously makes the heart grow faster. Ted thanks him and Jake brings up the issue of his payment. Jake is to send his bill to Ted-wasaki, Tokyo, Japan, 90714.

At the girls bunk, Ted comes in and Mel tells him that Brad isn't there. Ted wants to see her and gives her a CD. Contrary to Mel's belief, Ted doesn't want anything except a date with her on Saturday. Ted denies that the date has something to do with Brad. After some convincing that the date isn't to make Brad jealous does she agree to go out with him. Outside, Brad complains to Melody that Kyle ruined her pictures from the rodeo by drawing on the faces of all the guys except him. Mel wants to know how Brad would feel if Ted started going out with someone else. Brad wouldn't care, but what if Ted asked Mel. In the unlikely event that Ted does ask her out she can go with him. Mel says Ted already asked her. Brad thinks it is a another one of Ted's games to make her jealous. Mel gets angry about Brad acting like all the guys are hers. Brad says that she is going to go out with Kyle on Saturday. Mel suggests a double date and Brad agrees. As soon as Brad leaves Mel seems to regret it.

Its Saturday night and Kyle arrives to get Brad and gives her a small bunch of flowers. Brad rubs it in to Melody. Ted arrives with big bouquet of flowers tied with ribbon for Mel. Ted asks Kyle where he got his weeds at, but Brad replies that it is the thought that counts. Mel asks where they should go. Kyle suggests a movie and Brad suggest dinner. Unlike Brad, Melody doesn't need to go to an expensive restaurant. Brad doesn't expect somewhere expensive just somewhere where she can get a salad.. Wherever she decides is fine with Kyle. Ted's wallet is too heavy with money so he hands it over to Mel to put in her purse. Brad has her doubts about the date, but Brad wants to charge on.

At the miniature golf course, Ted is accused of doctoring Kyle's score on the score card a fact he denies. Brad's up and Ted tries to help her line up her shot. Brad refuses his advice and nails someone in the head with a golf ball. Ted is always bailing Brad out, but that isn't how Brad sees it. Knowing Ted has been a disaster like the time he handcuffed him to her. Ted doesn't think it was too bad except it was the worse night of Brad's life. They relive their experience of sleeping on the bunk beds. Mel and Kyle break them up. Kyle suggests leaving , but Ted is determined to continue since he is winning. Ted makes his shot and gloats about it. Brad is accused by Ted of being old and out of touch. Mel and Kyle want to know the score, but Ted and Brad walk off arguing. Kyle wants to leave because he can't handle Brad and Ted fighting. Mel tells him that they instead of flirting they bicker back and forth. Mel tells Kyle that they've been used. Mel's solution is to take off. Kyle has the keys to the Jeep and Mel has Ted's wallet leaving them with no money since you pay on the way out. Mel and Kyle pick up their clubs and head for the exit. A little while later, Ted and Brad realize that they were abandoned. Brad thinks they left because he was fighting with her. Brad is going to explain their situation to the manager and they will probably let them bring money the next day.

We join Brad and Mel in the water picking out golf balls with nets and hip waiters. Brad isn't happy, but Ted points out the positive that the manager will drive them back to the ranch when they finish. They start fighting over who's fault it is until the manager yells at them to stop it. Brad and Ted come to realization that they screwed up.

Jake has his Ask Jake booth set up and gets two customers in Ted and Brad. After the twenty dollar fee, they tells Jake that Kyle and Mel are not talking to them after the previous night and what should they do to rectify the situation. Jake suggests doing some of their chores like cleaning all the bathrooms with a toothbrush for the rest of the summer. Ted doesn't want to, but Brad convinces him. They leave and Kyle and Mel appear and thank Jake.
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