Hey Dude

Season 5 Episode 3

Incredible Shrinking Ted

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jun 21, 1991 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

At the dinner table, Jake, Danny, Brad and Melody are wondering why Ted is being so nice. He volunteered to set the table. Melody thinks he wants money. Ted comes and serves dinner to the others and leaves when they tease him about wanting something. The kids try to lift there drinks and silverware, but Ted glued them to the table. Ted returns and starts laughing at them. Brad tells him it wouldn't be funny if it happened to him. Ted says unlike them he has a sense of humor and leaves. Brad says she as a plan to get Ted back, but when they go to get up they can't because Ted put glue on the seats.

At the bunkhouse, Ted weighs himself and sees that he lost four pounds and his shoes have gotten bigger. Danny denies changing the shoes or scale. Ted leaves and trips with his larger shoes. Brad and Mel come in and Danny tells them the plan is going good because Ted is confused about his weight and shoes. The girls found identical clothes to Ted's just bigger and they place them in his dresser. Mel gives everyone lifts to wear in their shoes so they look bigger.

Ted is trying to set on the swing, but is having a hard time because of his oversized clothes. Jake tells Ted that he looks scrawny. Ted gets defensive and Jake tells him he looks stressed.

At the bunk, Ted is panicking and tells Jake and Danny that something is wrong. His shirt fits like a tent, he has to roll his pants up, and Danny is taller than he is. Ted weighs himself and he lost eight pounds in a few hours. Ted says he is also getting smaller. Dan tells Ted to stand up straight and he tells Jake that Ted does look smaller. The girls enter and also state that Ted looks smaller. Mel takes out a tape measure and measures Ted. He is 5'7" which he hasn't been since he was twelve. The others take off laughing quietly.

Ted is strapped into a weird device and is hanging upside down. It is suppose to stretch him taller. Mel brings Ted lunch, but he isn't interested in the choices: shrimp salad, tiny tot potatoes, and strawberry shortcake. Brad tells Ted she may have found what is wrong with him, microshrinkaphema, it affects 1 in a million teenager boys of Irish descent who live in the desert. Ted asks what happens, but Brad won't tell him. Danny measures Ted and tells him he shrunk another inch and a half.

Mel comes by as Ted is writing his memoirs. Ted asks a favor of Mel, when he gets really little if she can take care of him and carry him around in her purse. She agrees to do it. He says he asked Brad first, but she doesn't like short guys. Mel gets mad and leaves.

Danny tells Brad that her idea of fooling Ted was the best ever. Jake wants to pull the plug, but Brad says Ted deserves it after all he did to them. Mel interrupts and tells the others that Ted called a doctor who is staying at the ranch and he wants an emergency exam. Danny says when Ted finds out it is a joke they will have to help pay the doctor's bill. They rush to stop Ted.

Ted is laying in bed and the doctor is examining him. The others want to talk to Ted alone, but the doctor tells them he is in the middle of an examination. The doctor tells Ted he has microshrinkaphema. Brad says she made that up and the doctor must be a quack. The doctor says there is a cure, but it is expensive. Ted gives the doctor a $1000. The doctor gives Ted a bottle of pills and tells him to take three a day and he will be back to normal. The doctor quickly leaves. The others tell Ted it was just a joke. Ted tells them they should have stopped him before he handed over his money. Jake says maybe they can find the doctor and get the money back. Ted says he doesn't know how to pronounce the doctor's name, but he wrote it down. He spells it out E-R-N-S-T. Ted tells them he fooled them good and he knew all along it was a joke.

In his office, Mr. Ernst is putting a disguise on. Ted tells Mr. Ernst that he did great. Ted thanks him for lending him the money. Mr. E says he hasn't left the office in three hours he was getting ready to go over to the boy's bunkhouse. Ted wonders who examined him. Buddy says it was Dr. Breckinridge, he called him. Buddy states he heard Ted was sick so he called Dr. Breckinridge who is outside leaving in a taxi. The kids chase him to get the money. Mr. E tells Buddy good job that he guesses that will be the last joke the kids will play. Mr. E thanks Buddy for holding on to the money and to give it to him to put back in the safe. Buddy says he thought he was suppose to give it to the real doctor. Mr. E asks him what real doctor. Buddy says the real doctor that he gave the money to who is leaving in the taxi. Mr. E races off to chase the taxi. Buddy takes the money out of his pocket and puts it in the safe.