Hey Dude

Season 3 Episode 1

Inmates Run The Asylum

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Apr 06, 1990 on Nickelodeon

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  • Inmates Run the Asylum is the definitive "Hey Dude" episode. It is the most creative, interesting, and more importantly, entertaining, episode that the show has.

    This episode should be the highest rated episode of "Hey Dude"... bar none (no pun intended). I have seen the crux of entertaining episodes "Hey Dude" has to offer and this one takes the cake. The premise to begin with is exciting... Mr. Ernst is leaving the ranch for a day and has to decide on who to leave in charge of the ranch. The choice comes down to two candidates (Brad and Ted). Ted wins the coin toss that would decide the leader and chaos ensues. Perhaps what is best about this episode is the absence of Mr. Ernst. He was always a delightful character and his escapades were always amusing, but to really have an episode devoted primarily to the main four characters (Ted, Brad, Melody, and Danny) was something that the show lacked ever since "The Battle of the Sexes," which also was a favorite of mine. I always felt that this show would have produced a better output of episodes if there was less time around the storyline for Mr. Ernst. Anyway, about this episode... The hilariousness this episode has continues from one situation to the next: From Ted bossing the gang around (Brad, Melody, Danny) and making Buddy his deputy, from the gang taking over power from Ted, from Ted taking over once again and so on was very well-written and exciting. It seems like every actor has their game on this time- even Buddy, who is the weakest actor of the series, does a good job. The angle of symmetry between Buddy and his father was just a cherry to add on the already delicious cake this episode was. The added fact that Ted was to leave the show in the next two episodes made this episode more important. The battles between Brad, Melody, Ted, and Danny was what made "Hey Dude" the gem of a television series. I would have to say that this episode, along with "Battle of the Sexes" should be an episode every "Hey Dude" fan should see. One final note, the craziness exuded from Ted was the most hilarious aspect of this episode, and how the gang (Brad, Melody, Danny) played off his supposed "craziness" to calm things down. You hope by the end of the episode that whoever wrote this episode is a major screenplay writer for Hollywood movies. That's how good it was.