Hey Dude

Season 5 Episode 11

Jake's Fight

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Aug 16, 1991 on Nickelodeon



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    • (Mr. Ernst returns to his office beaten and battered)
      Jake: What happened? You said you were going to have a talk with the Bigalows.
      Mr. Ernst: Well, thats how it started out, but apparently the Bigalows are a fairly excitable bunch. I somehow said something to upset them I guess because before I knew it I was lying down in the dirt. Mr. Bigalow was standing over me threatening to punch my lights out. You got into a fight with Mr. Bigalow?
      Jake: Why didn't you just talk to Roy's mother.
      Mr. Ernst: I didn't think that would work.
      Jake: Why not?
      Mr. Ernst: She was the one holding me down.
      Jake: I'm suppose to fight a guy whos mother could probably beat me up. Forget it, no way!
      Mr. Ernst: This is bigger than a fight, its a question of the Ernst family honor. Remember the Ernst family motto?
      Jake: We like Math.
      Mr. Ernst: No, other one. An Ernst never backs down.
      Jake: I don't remember that one.

    • Brad: Its time to talk to Mr. Ernst.
      Jake: No, this is my problem and I'll handle it.
      Melody: But, Mr. Ernst can help to stop this fight.
      Jake: No, and thats final! I want you all to swear that you won't say a word. Nobody, is going to talk to Uncle Ben.
      (We cut to Jake on his knees in Mr. Ernst's office)
      Jake: Please, Uncle Ben you gotta help me. This guys gonna kill me in.. you got the time.
      Mr. Ernst: Quarter to three.
      Jake: Fifteen minutes.

    • (Brad lay down the rules for her and Mel's date with the Vlecks)
      Brad: One date not to exceed three hours, no kissing, no hand holding, and we don't have to talk to them if we don't want to, and we definitely don't have to watch them eat.

    • Buddy: I saw him shaking down kids for protection money.
      Melody: Oh, that's unbelievable.
      Buddy: Yeah, five bucks an hour is pretty steep. But, I got the economy plan three hours for 14.50.

    • Buddy: Are you going to fight him Jake?
      Jake: No, I'm gonna die. Does anybody know the number of a really good undertaker?

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