Hey Dude

Season 5 Episode 6

Jealous Guy

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jul 12, 1991 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Brad is telling Mel about her date with Roger and how he picked her up and carried her over a puddle. She said it has actually chivalrous unlike Kyle and Ted who just act macho. Ted says he is chivalrous, but Brad brings up the time he dropped her watch in the lake and refused to get it. Kyle says he was raised to be chivalrous, but mangles the pronunciation where it sounds more like chilavrous. Ted goes to help Brad onto her horse, but sends her up and over the other side where Kyle catches her in his arms. Kyle goes to put Brad on the horse, but also sends her to the other side.

Brad tells Mel she will tell her about the rest of her date with Roger later. Ted and Kyle asks Mel about Roger. Mel tells them Brad doesn't like Roger just because he's tall, handsome, and has his own convertible. She likes him because he is chivalrous. Kyle goes to clean the water trough, but not before Ted "accidentally" trips him. Mel thinks Ted is jealous because he thinks that Kyle has a crush on Brad. Ted says he goes away for a little while and when he comes back there is someone else going after Brad. Mel leaves, but not before she tells Ted that Kyle can't take his place.

At the water trough, Kyle tells Mr. Ernst that he likes his idea of a rodeo, but it will be expensive. Kyle suggests having a mini-rodeo. Ted watches from behind the water trough mocking Kyle. Kyle tells Mr. Ernst he will work up some prices for the rodeo and get them to him after lunch. He goes back to cleaning the trough and Ted sneaks around to avoid Kyle seeing him. Brad comes riding in and spots Ted, who says he is looking for his keys. Kyle asks Brad to team up with him on calf roping. Ted says he was going to ask Brad first. Brad says if she was going to team up with someone it would be someone who could ride. Ted gets mad and goes to leave and "accidentally" pushes Kyle into the water trough. Brad tells Ted he did it on purpose, but Kyle tells her if Ted said it was an accident than it must have been. Brad tells Ted that while he is looking for his keys he should look for his brain.

Kyle comes to the dining area where Danny and Jake are cooking and tell them that Ted pushed him in the water trough by "accident" unless they could think of a reason he would do it on purpose. They say they can't and Kyle tells them that of course they are going to take Ted's side since they are his friends and he is just the "new guy". Ted comes and sits down at the dining area and when Kyle comes through with a tray of glasses Ted "accidentally" trips him. Kyle and Ted are ready to fight. Ted says the ranch isn't big enough for the both of them. The winner gets Brad. Brad overhears and tells them the winner won't get her they will have to fight her. They change the stakes. Kyle says the winner gets to stay and the loser has to leave the ranch. Ted and Kyle are arguing back and forth when Mr. Ernst comes. He tells Kyle and Ted to pick up the glasses. Mr. E tells Kyle and Ted he needs one of them to check the North Road because Catalina Wash overflowed. They both volunteer to go and Mr. E says they both can go. Jake and Danny tells Mr. E that he shouldn't do that, but Mr. Ernst tells them if Kyle and Ted have a problem the best thing is for them to work it out.

Out in the desert, the Jeep has overheated and Kyle has a bandanna tied around his eyes because he looked into the hot radiator. Ted has his ankle wrapped because he sprained it getting out of the Jeep. After a little arguing, Ted says they should get back to the ranch and have someone look at Kyle's eyes. Kyle says it will be fine in a couple of days. Ted gets Kyle to confess that he looked into a hot radiator before. Ted tells Kyle it is pretty stupid to do it once let alone twice. The Jeep has cooled down and Ted wants to drive. Kyle points out there is a clutch and Ted only has one good foot. Kyle wants to drive, but Ted tells him he can't even see. Kyle says he would rather walk than listen to Ted scream in pain while he is driving because of his ankle. Kyle says all he has to do is walk straight.

Kyle does not get far before he runs into a cactus. Ted starts the Jeep and puts his foot on the clutch and falls over in pain. Defeated, Kyle is forced to return to Ted who is getting out of the Jeep. They figure out that they will have to work together. Ted drives the jeep while Kyle uses the pedals, but it doesn't take long before they drive off the road.

Kyle and Ted start arguing over who's fault it is. Kyle wants to fight. Ted says okay and jumps out of the Jeep and screams in pain. Kyle figures out Ted sprained his other ankle and teases him about doing it again. They start fighting in the dirt. Ted says they should help each other get back to the ranch, get better, and than fight each other. Kyle agrees and Ted hops on his back and Kyle walks with Ted giving directions.

Ted and Kyle arrive back at the ranch at night just in time to see an angry Brad returning from her date with Roger. Brad gets out of the car upset. Ted and Kyle tell Roger to leave her alone. Ted twists Roger's ear and tells him to leave. Brad tells Ted and Kyle she didn't need any help with Roger and what they did wasn't chivalrous it was chauvinism. Ted and Kyle both agree that the other one can stay.

In the morning, Mr. Ernst has Ted, who is on crutches, and Kyle, who is wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes, look at his plans for the rodeo which don't include any horses. Mr. Ernst says it will save money. Kyle wonders how he will have a rodeo without horses. We see Jake dressed as a cowboy on Danny's back (who is dressed like a horse), chasing Buddy, who is dressed like a cow, around with a rope.