Hey Dude

Season 4 Episode 7

Lost In The Desert

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Oct 19, 1990 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Danny and Jake are doing Three Stooges impressions. Brad tells them it isn't funny. Jake says it is a well known theory that girls don't like the stooges. Melody says she likes them. Danny says she doesn't count because she has brothers. Brad said she could find one guy who doesn't like them. She asks Buddy and he falls over.

In the lodge, Brad tells Mel she doesn't see what the big deal is about the Three Stooges. Mel tells her they are just funny. Brad says just because she doesn't like the stooges doesn't mean she doesn't have a sense of humor. Brad is getting ready for a young buckaroo overnight. Lucy tells Brad that Kyle will be along in a little bit. She states that Kyle will be going along with her. Brad says having Kyle will only make things worse. We see the kids jumping around in the background. Lucy says she has taken a lot of young buckaroos on the trail and they outnumber you. Brad says they are perfect angels and just then the kids sit down smiling.

Jake asks if Melody has seen Buddy because he has been acting weird. Buddy comes in wearing football pads and a helmet and he falls down the lodge steps. Mel asks him about the padding. Buddy say he has been bumping into stuff lately. Jake says it is because he didn't get any sleep, he was up all night. Melody asks if he's been having bad dreams. He says no, he's just given up sleep because it is a waste of time. Lucy tells him he is going to get sick. Buddy states he is find and stumbles out of the lodge. Lucy thinks that by dinner Buddy will be asleep and things will take care of themselves. Brad comes to ask about Kyle, but Lucy is firm Kyle is going with her. She tells Brad to think of Kyle as her assistant.

At the corral with the kids, Brad lays down the law to Kyle. She is in charge and he is the assistant. He doesn't argue because Brad has seniority and has done this before. Brad corrects him and states this is her first time as well. Kyle is skeletal, but Brad says she is qualified, she knows CPR and first aid. Brad tells him the only reason he is here is because Lucy insisted. Brad wants the kids to line up in size order, but Kyle says it doesn't make sense because the horses aren't in size order. She tells him to just remember 'Brad's the boss" and there won't be any problems. Brad changes to alphabetical order instead.

That night in the desert, Brad is chasing a girl while Kyle tells the others a story. Brad catches the girl and she tells them to line up in size order. The kids moan about having to do it again. Half behind her and half behind Kyle. They all run to Kyle and he tells her the kids can't brush their teeth because the toothpaste doesn't have fluoride. Brad states their her toothpaste does. Kyle says they're not done eating yet. The kids want more smores, but Brad says two was the limit. Kyle tries to get her to give in, but Brad says if they ate what they wanted there would be chaos. One kid remarks it is worse than being with their parents. Brad tries to give them an apple instead. He says there is a worm in it and Brad throws it down. Everyone including Kyle laughs at the trick. Brad tells him he is suppose to be on her side instead of making her look like the bad guy. Brad takes a girl to the bathroom leaving Kyle with the others. Kyle tells them that until Brad gets back the smores limit is off. They tell Kyle to do something about Brad because they can't have any fun with her. They tell Kyle that they would have fun if they could get rid of Brad. Brad overhears this coming back from the bathroom.

Back at the ranch, a very aloud noise goes off in the boy's bunk. Danny thinks it is the fire alarm, but Jake points out it is an alarm clock. Buddy set the clocks so he'd get up after 15 minutes, which is enough sleep for him. Jake asks him what is going on since he hasn't slept for more than a few minutes in days. Buddy denies anything is going on. Jake asks when the insomnia started. Buddy refuses to talk leaving Jake and Danny to figure it out on their own. Jake asks Danny when was the last night Buddy got a good nights sleep. Danny says his last good night of sleep was Monday. Jake says the trouble started Tuesday when they went to the movies. Jake asks what movie Buddy saw Tuesday. Buddy doesn't want to answer, but finally he says Nightmare on Elm Street. Jake says it is alright to be scared of a horror movie, but Freddy isn't going to get him if he falls asleep. Buddy tells him to prove it. Jake says him and Danny are still here, Freddy didn't get them. Buddy says they could have been sucked into Freddy's universe. Jake says they wouldn't be here talking to him. Buddy says unless they are evil pod people and the whole ranch could be swarming with them. Melody comes and asks if everything is ok since she heard the alarm clocks. Danny says the are keeping Buddy company and invites her in. Buddy asks if they can trust her.

Back at the campout, Brad is leading a less than thrilled group in a rendition of "Bingo". They want to play hide and seek. Brad agrees, but Kyle isn't too keen on them playing in the dark. Brad says they want to play and her and Kyle will be it. The kids get rope and tie Kyle and Brad together while Kyle and Brad fight. The kids tell them to close their eyes and count backwards from 100 slowly. Brad starts counting, but Kyle tells her to stop and we hear the horses galloping away. They stand up, but they don't get far before they fall down. They get on their feet again. Brad thinks they can get on a horse, but Kyle doesn't think so. Kyle suggests untying themselves. Kyle asks if Brad can reach his back pocket because he has a pocketknife. Brad gets it and starts cutting.

Back with the others, Melody is telling a scary story, but no one is scared. Danny and Jake tell a short story without much success either. Buddy starts yawning, Mel asks if he is tired and he says no. Mel asks what their favorite horror movie is, Danny's is The Thing, Jake and Mel agrees on Aliens, Buddy says Gremlins. Melody tells Buddy that no one takes those things serious and no one gets sucked up into other worlds. Buddy said that evil pod people could be posing as relatives and even friends. Mel is starting to second thoughts about the pod people.

We rejoin Kyle and Brad, who are just getting untied. Brad is worried, but Kyle states that she is overacting. He states that if he was a kid he would hang around and watch them squirm, then have a smores festival, then go riding, get bored and go back to the ranch. Kyle tells Brad that the worse thing that happened is the kids go a stomach ache from overeating. Kyle tells Brad what way north is, but the decision is hers. Brad tells him to never say that again and to show her the way. The mount and leave.

Back at the bunk, Jake says they are out of chips and asks Danny to get the bag he put under the porch. Danny leaves. Jake tells Mel that if anybody is a pod person its Danny. Jake says he is weird. Mel says he is always weird it doesn't prove anything. Jake says it doesn't disprove it either. Danny returns and says there is no chips under the porch. Danny says no one in their right mind would keep chips under the porch unless they were a pod person. Mel and Danny ask Jake what they really know about him. Danny says he just showed up one day claiming to be Mr. E's nephew. Jake tells Buddy to tell them he is his cousin. Buddy says maybe he is, but maybe he isn't. Jake fingers Melody for a pod person. Melody says he still hasn't proved he's Jake Decker, who might not even exist. Jake says Mel is the only girl in America that likes the three stooges if that doesn't prove it. Buddy says he doesn't care if all three of them are pod people they are boring pod people plus the movie wasn't scary. Jake says Mel's eyes are yellow and so is Danny. They agree not to stare at each other. Jake spots Brad and Kyle's overnight group. Jake goes to asks the kids where Kyle and Brad are. Dan and Mel go to tell Buddy, but he is asleep. Danny figures they bored him to sleep.

Brad and Kyle are lost. Kyle says they've must of taken a turn. Brad tells him to just admit he made a mistake. Kyle says he will admit his mistake if she admits she messed up the camping trip. Brad says she was acting like a responsible adult. Kyle says she tortured them by singing stupid camp songs and setting up a salad bar. Brad admits she was a little strict and Kyle admits he could have been more helpful. Danny, Jake, and Melody arrive in the jeep. Brad asks about the kids. Jake says they did and they told them what happened so they came looking for them. Brad asks what they said. Jake said the kids told them they hung around watched them squirmed, ate all the food, they rode around till they got bored and then went back to the ranch. Jake says the one girl who ate all the smores got a stomach ache though. Brad asks what they are doing out this late. Mel says it is a long story. Brad and Kyle go to collect their things. Danny remarks that Brad and Kyle are acting strange plus they've been in the desert all night, where the spaceships land. Danny quickly starts up the jeep.