Hey Dude

Season 5 Episode 10

Low Budget Brad

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Aug 09, 1991 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Jake is trying to get the Bar None on the television show "Vacations of the Wealthy and Well-known", but Ted and Buddy walk into the picture carrying a load of garbage while Mr. Ernst is trying to say his lines. They try it again, but the sign Mr. Ernst is leaning up against falls down.

Jake is trying to get a reluctant Melody to pose as a rich guest staying at the ranch for his audition tape. Ted agrees to fake it, but Mel interrupts him. Brad rides up on her horse and Jake gets her to tell about her previous vacations. Mel tells Brad that her parents called and she is to call them back. Brad doesn't seem in a big hurry to call them and states that she is going shopping at the mall.

Back from the mall, Brad shows Melody her purchases which consists of multiple bags and items. She tells Mel her fathers philosophy is "if you have money spend it". Buddy arrives and tells Brad her parents called again and she is to call them back. Again she isn't in a big hurry to get back to them. Brad offers to let Mel watch her cut the tags off, but Mel decides not to and leaves.

Jake is talking to Ted and Danny about how his video isn't going to well because there isn't any rich guests staying at the ranch. Jake wants Brad to say something else exciting for his video. Ted gives Brad a telegram that came for her. She figures it is from her friends who are traveling around the world. Jake tells her he will tape her reaction for the video. Brad starts reading to herself and quickly looks upset. She orders Jake to turn the camera off. Danny asks if her friends fell off a gondola. Brad tells them her father lost his job.

Danny and Melody join Brad at the lake. Danny apologizes for making jokes earlier. Brad drops some hints about privacy and Danny leaves. Brad wants Mel to leave, but she refuses. Brad tells Mel that her father was working on a big contract and when the deal went south everyone working on it was let go. Mel asks about savings, but Brad tells her the Taylor's spend as fast as they get it. Mel tells her she will still be the same person. Brad says everyone is something, Mel's the nice one, Danny's the sensitive one, Kyle's the cowboy, etc and she is the rich one and she is no longer that. Brad tells Mel she spent a fortune on clothes and she can't afford to pay for them. Everyone comes out of hiding and tells them they are going to help her break her rich girl habits. Brad declares that from this point on she is "Low Budget Brad".

Brad is covering her eyes as Ted and Danny cut up her credit cards. Kyle suggest substituting something else for every time she wants to shop. Ted's designed a quiz about bad habits which Brad scores a one out of three on. Mel comes and tells her that her and Jake managed to return the clothes to the mall even without the tags. Mr. Ernst comes and tells Brad that he put together a list of her current salary, current expenses, and outstanding debts and even if she quits spending all together it still won't be enough. Ted says they will have to resort to desperate measures.

There are tables set up and they are getting ready to auction off some of Brad's possessions. Brad's riding hat goes for $1.50. A man buys a riding trophy for $4. Mel tries to buy a sweater for ten dollars, but Brad interrupts with an eleven dollar bid. Mel tells her buying back her clothes isn't the answer.

Jake runs into Brad carrying a big clothing bag. She says she is doing laundry, but he points out that the coral doesn't have washing machines. Brad says she fell off the wagon and bought back all her stuff for more than she paid originally. Jake tells her she will just have to get by on her salary. Brad says she didn't have to auction for her she had it for her parents. Jake suggests calling her parents and telling them what happened. Brad says she decided to sell her horse because she can afford to keep him.

Brad tells Melody she mailed the money from her horse home to her parents. Mel introduces her to "Sir Barney's" new owners, the staff, everyone chipped in and bought Sir Barney. Mr. Ernst tells Brad that Sir Barney can stay at the ranch rent free.

Jake has given up on "Vacations of the Wealthy and Well-known", but he is going to submit a tape to "Just Folks" instead. Mr. Ernst and Buddy, dressed like farmers, are in the middle of their speech when Brad, Mel, and Ted pull up in a new car. Ted says that Brads father's deal came through after all and he bought her the car. Jake tells Mr. E and Buddy that he can do "Vacations of the Wealthy and Well-known" after all and runs after the car.