Hey Dude

Season 5 Episode 1

Miss Tucson

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jun 07, 1991 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Melody convinces Mr. Ernst to let the Bar None enter the Miss Tucson pageant. A girl from each ranch participates and could move on to be Miss Young Arizona. Mr. E says Melody will represent the ranch. Brad speaks up and says she would like to enter too. The only solution is to hold a preliminary pageant between Brad and Mel with the winner representing the ranch in the competition. Mel walks away seeming a little disappointed that Brad is entering.

At the corral, Kyle announces to Brad that Jake and Danny have formed Team Melody to coach her for the run off. After chasing off a spying Danny, Ted and Kyle agree to form Team Brad to help her (that and they were rejected by Team Melody).

Melody wants to do a musical rendition, "The Greatest Love of All" for the talent portion. Jake's job is to clear the performance with the record company and Danny will see what the judges like in a contestant. Mel is trying to decide what to wear when Brad comes in and pulls out a black dress which is exactly what Mel was thinking.

Ted tells Brad that the schedule for the pageant is the introduction, talent portion, and q and a. Ted is worried because Brad still hasn't picked a talent. She can't sing, she won't dance, and she doesn't play any instruments. Brad says she rides, reads, and travel. Ted sarcastically suggests showing slides and Kyle suggests showing how to pack a suitcase. Brad says she thought of something. On the night before the pageant, Melody has a dream of her losing.

The day of the pageant is here, and the lodge is serving as center stage and Mr. Ernst is the master of ceremonies. The judges are a previous Miss Tucson winner, a Bar None ranch hand, and the owner of a charm school. In the dressing room aka Mr. Ernst's office, Jake breaks the news to Melody that she can't sing "The Greatest Love of All" because the public performance rights would be too expensive. Jake hands her a list of songs ranging from "Home on the Range" to "She'll be Coming Round the Mountain" and they are free since they are in public domain.

Brad and Mel take stage for the introductions which go well. Mel is up first with the talent portion she chooses to sing "Home on the Range". The one judge feels it is an odd choice, but the ranch hand is moved to tears. Brad showcases her talent of packing a suitcase from "turmoil to triumphant". Ted and Kyle are shocked that Brad actually took them seriously. Ted, Kyle, and Melody are more shocked that the audience actually applauded Brad.

In the dressing room, Mel is surprised that she could actually lose to luggage and gets hysterical. Brad tells her to calm down. Mel asks Brad what she looked like as a kid. Brad says like she does now just younger. Mel says she was fat, had ratty hair, and spent a lot of time indoors hiding. When she read about Miss Tucson she thought she could win and it would fix something. Buddy announces that the question and answer round is next and rumor is the scores are close. Mel warns Brad not to throw the competition so she wins. In the question round Brad is asked what advice she would give a friend who is entering a pageant and Brad looks at Mel and says she would tell her that just because you enter a pageant doesn't mean anything will change, you will still be the same person no matter what. Mel is asked why she should win the pageant and Mel says that she shouldn't because it turned her into a crazy person and a rotten friend. The winner of the Miss Bar None pageant is Melody.

Mel is questioning how she won when one of the judges tells her that her answer in the question round was so sincere that they had to pick her plus ranch hand Harry loved her "Home on the Range". Mel says she isn't going to enter the Miss Tucson competition because it isn't important anymore.