Hey Dude

Season 4 Episode 12

Mr. Moneybags

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Dec 07, 1990 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Mr. Ernst is hanging a sign that says "Home to the World's largest toothpick sculpture". Jake and Danny are picking up the sculpture. He states that it is a scale model of New York City. Kyle asks how much it is and Mr. E will only say a lot. The others joke, but Mr. E says soon bus loads of tourists will come in. Just then a speeding car comes pulling up and some people that are dressed like gypsies get out. The man looking at a book and speaking very poor English mumbles something that Mr. E interprets as wanting food. Turns out he is correct and they thank Mr. Flabbybottom. The man says Mr. E is Flabbybottom and he is Zog. Mr. E says he isn't Flabbybottom his name is Ben Ernst. When he says Ernst they get mad and Mel points out that Ernst must mean something bad in their language. The tourists get fish and potatoes and are ready to throw them at him, but Mr. E says he is Flabbybottom after all and welcomes them to the Bar None. Zog slaps Mr. E with a fish and starts dancing.

In the lodge, Mr. Ernst tells the others that they will put the toothpick sculpture in front of his office window. Buddy answers the phone and tells his dad a man is on there who wants to buy into the Bar None and be his partner. Mr. Ernst tells Buddy to tell the man on the phone he isn't interested. Brad asks who it was, but Mr. E says he keeps calling and won't say his name. He tells him he doesn't want a partner, but he calls anyway. Kyle says he thought Mr. E could always use some extra cash. Mr. Ernst says that was before the toothpick sculpture. They hear the truck outside and rush out.

Mr. E says the sculpture wasn't at the freight depot. Danny says it was and they loaded it on. Mr. E rushes to the truck bed and find a pile of toothpicks. Danny wonders where Jake is since he was suppose to be in the back to make sure nothing happened. Mr. Ernst asks how it happened. Danny replies that he must have hit a bump. Jake comes walking up and says Danny was going sixty through the dip. Mr. Ernst asks if Danny was speeding and Danny says a little. He says Jake told him to put his foot down and Jake tells him he meant the brake. Jake says the sun was melting the glue and the toothpicks were falling apart. Mr. E thinks Jake fell off going sixty, but Jake says he hopped off to try to salvage some wreckage. He has a shirt full of toothpicks. Mr. E says he hates his life. Brad tells him they can clean the toothpicks off and use them next time they serve ribs. Melody says you can never have enough toothpicks. Mr. E says one toothpick per guest per day and they'll have enough to last 300 years. Mr. E asks who would want to come look at a bunch of toothpicks in a pile. Just then, our crazy tourists come and started admiring the toothpicks. Mr. E says they don't count and besides he is ruined. Kyle asks again how much did he spend on it. Mr. E say enough and without the income from the sculpture he won't be able to make the months ranch payment. Mr. E tells Danny to pick up every single toothpick and he wants an exact count while he goes to his office to bang his head on his desk. Jake asks who the tourists are. Mel says they don't know and they don't speak English. Jake says he will figure them out. Buddy quietly tells him not to say Ernst around them. Jake introduces himself as the nephew of the owner, Benjamin Ernst. They start chasing him with potatoes and fish.

In the lodge, Danny is still counting toothpicks and Jake is trying to figure out what Ernst means in the tourists language. Brad asks if he knows where they are from. Jake says they are from Ladavia which is tiny Eastern European country. Mr. E comes and tells them they have to talk. He has been thinking of ways to save money so he can make the ranch payment. Brad says like cut backs, but Mr. E says there is nothing left to cut back. He says he has been thinking of letting someone go. He says it is terrible, but it is the only way to save money immediately. Mr. E asks for volunteers. Everyone looks at Danny because it is his fault. Dan states that it was just one mistake and besides he has seniority. Kyle should go. Kyle suggests one of the girls. Everyone starts screaming. Mr. E says he asked for a volunteer not a mob. The phone rings and Mr. E sends Buddy to answer it. Jake suggests firing Buddy and everyone agrees because he is the youngest and shortest, but Mr. Ernst reminds him that he doesn't pay Buddy. Buddy says it is the mystery guy wanting to buy into the ranch and this is Mr. Ernst's last chance. Mr. E agrees to talk to him. They are going to meet tomorrow morning.

The next morning, two Ladavias are chasing Jake and Mr. E asks what is going on. The man is Korab, Jake's sworn enemy and the female is Makyak, Jake's wife. Jake says they were married by accident. He thought he was asking for a potato recipe. Mel yells that the mystery man is here. A limo pulls up and everyone is ready to greet him. The driver gets out and opens the door and its Ted. Mr. Ernst asks why Ted is here. Ted says he wanted to talk to him. Mr. Ernst says he didn't say that. He shoves Ted back in the limo and tells him to get out because he is expecting someone important. Ted says somebody who wants to become his new partner. Mr. E says he thought he could see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it is just Ted in a rented limo. Ted says it isn't a joke he is loaded. He hands the limo driver money from a wad of cash while the others look on. Melody thinks it is a hidden camera show. Ted says it isn't a joke. He tells everybody that when he was at the airport on his way home last time he was at The Bar None he bought a lottery ticket and won the third prize. He had to come out to pick up his check and decided there was no better way to invest his money than in The Bar None. Ted says the lottery guy is later that day to present the check. Brad asks how he can afford the limo if he doesn't have the money. Ted says plenty of people will bankroll him until he gets the check. Ted makes the mistake of saying Mr. Ernst and Jake's wife tries to choke him. Brad asks if he skipped out on summer school again, but Ted says it is over and he aced it thanks to his talk with Mr. E. Ted gives him a bill from his wad, Mr. E says he can't accept it until he notices it is $100. Ted gives him another bill for cabin nine. He says it is great seeing everyone especially Kit. Kyle is quick to correct him. Mr. E gives Ted his money back. Ted tells him to consider it a down payment on his investment. Mr. E says he isn't going to be his partner. Ted says he will just have to find something else to do with his $75.000 he was going to invest. He said he won $150,000 and was going to put the other half in cds and bonds. Ted tells Mr. E he isn't kidding and he might want to reconsider. They'll meet in a half hour. The others start calling Ted a snob. Ted returns and says he will give $20 to the person that gets his bags to his room in thirty seconds. Buddy, Danny, and Melody rush off to get the bags. Brad says that was disgusting.

Danny comes into his bunk with Melody and she is complaining to Kyle that Danny cheated. Kyle thinks that they are arguing over the tip from Ted, but they were actually drawing straws to see who gets to dump the bucket of manure over Ted's head and Danny got the lucky straw. Ted comes in and tells them that he is the same old Ted and if they need anything just call the office and schedule an appointment. Ted and Brad are outside talking. Ted is whispering something to Brad that we can't hear and he says "no hard feelings" and leaves. Brad comes inside and tells the others that Ted said he knows how much she wants to go out with him, but it wouldn't be appropriate since he is now her boss. Everyone agrees that Brad gets the lucky straw.

In the lodge, a maintenance man is putting the finishing touches on a new sign on Mr. Ernst's office door that states Ted McGriff, Manager (in large print) and Mr. Ernst, Asst. Manager (in small print). Mr. E shouts for Ted. Ted comes running in with Mrs. Decker throwing potatoes at him. Jake carries his wife out. The phone rings and Ted sends Mr. E to answer it. Ted tells the maintenance man that he should have made his name bigger. Mr. Ernst cancels the order for the sixty foot waterslide. Mr. Ernst reminds Ted that he isn't his partner yet. Ted calls his lawyer to draw up the papers. The other kids come in looking for Ted. He tells them to call him Mr. McGriff in public and goes into the office for privacy. Brad has the manure in a bucket. Mel says maybe they are getting worked up over nothing since no one's actually seen the winning lottery ticket. The lottery man walks in to present Mr. McGriff with his $150,000 check.

He tells Ted to sign the back of the ticket and show some identification. He looks at Ted's ID and says he is only 17. You have to be 18 to buy a lottery ticket. Since he purchased the lottery ticket illegally he can't win the money. The man grabs the check from Ted and tells him maybe he can get him a free ticket when he turns 18 and rushes off. The others drag Ted to the water trough for punishment for being a jerk.

Ted tells Mel that the money he has been carrying around was his life savings. He says he is broke and is going to have to ask Mr. Ernst for his job back. Jake is loading the toothpicks in the trunk of the Ladavia's car. Jake says they eat a lot of stringy meats. Mr. Ernst almost broken even on the sculpture. Jake said he got a book from the library so he knew how to communicate with them. Danny asks if he figured out what Ernst means Jake says he doesn't want to know. The Ladavia's wave goodbye to Mr. Flabbybottom. Mel asks Jake if he ironed out all of the miscommunications. Jake says he did. Jake's wife comes out from the water trough and Jake runs to chase the others down.
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