Hey Dude

Season 4 Episode 12

Mr. Moneybags

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Dec 07, 1990 on Nickelodeon



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    • Ted: Hey Kit, how they treating you?
      Kyle: Fine, but thats Kyle.
      Ted: Oh yeah whatever.

    • Ted: Well guys its been great seeing you all especially you Kit.
      Kyle: Kyle
      Ted: Whatever

    • (Ted's driver sets his bags down)
      Limo Driver: Excuse me sir, shall I see these to your room.
      Ted: No thank you James. I'll get one of the staff to do that.
      Limo Driver: Will that be all then sir?
      Ted: For today James.
      Limo Driver: Very good sir.
      (Ted pulls out a wad of cash and gives the driver a bill)
      Ted: Thank you James.
      Limo Driver: Thank you sir and sir one thing, my name is not James.
      (Ted hands him another bill)
      Limo Driver: James it is, good day sir.

    • (Buddy answers the phone)
      Buddy: Yeah
      Mr. Ernst: Buddy, that's not how you answer the phone.
      Buddy: It's for you.
      Mr. Ernst: Ask who it is.
      Buddy: Who is it?
      Mr. Ernst: Not like that.
      Buddy: He won't say.
      Mr. Ernst: Well, ask him what he wants but..
      Buddy: What do you want?
      Mr. Ernst: Buddy
      Buddy: He says he wants to buy into the Bar None and be your partner.
      Mr. Ernst: Him again, tell him I'm not interested.
      Buddy: Get a life!
      Mr. Ernst: Buddy, we are gonna have to have a serious discussion about your phone manners.

    • (Mr. Ernst is talking about his toothpick sculpture)
      Mr. Ernst: Just think of all the people this is going to attract.
      Buddy: Yeah, millions of people..with things caught between their teeth.

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