Hey Dude

Season 3 Episode 4

New Kid On The Block

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Apr 27, 1990 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Danny is looking for his hat, but he can't find it. Mr. Ernst comes out of the lodge and Buddy tells him "he'll never fit in here". He walks over to Danny, Melody, and Brad and tells them his nephew, everybody's problem, Jake Decker will be arriving from California later that day. They tell him they will make sure he has a nice vacation. Buddy tells them Jake isn't coming for vacation he is coming to work at the Bar None. Mr. E reassures them it is only on a trial bases. Buddy says Jake only cares about playing his drums, but Mr. E says he won't put up with that. Brad asks Mr. Ernst if he knows where the "Sign Up Here For Breakfast Ride" sign is because it is missing. Danny says things are falling apart without Ted and just then the ramada Mr. Ernst was leaning on gives way.

Mr. Ernst asks Buddy what happened to his shoelaces, but he says somebody took them. Danny says no wonder the ramada fell apart somebody took the screws out. Melody says it is probably the same somebody who took her lifeguard whistle and Brad's silver picture frame that was on her dresser. Buddy says he can't believe Jake is coming to his ranch. Melody asks if he is anything like Ted who you could at least shoot the breeze with. Buddy says he guess so. Mr. Ernst returns with the tools.

Off in the distance, we hear drums. We cut to Jake on the back of a pickup truck playing his drums. The truck stops and Jake's drums go flying. Mr. Ernst yells at Jake. Jake tells him he didn't plan to ride in the truck, but he missed his flight. Buddy says Jake better not be bunking with him. Mr. E, Danny, Melody, and Brad leave. Buddy tells Jake he didn't have to come to the ranch. Jake said he didn't want to come, but he'll have to make the best of it. Buddy says he has an idea since his dad is only giving him a week to prove himself all Jake has to do is screw up and he is on his way back to California. Jake and Buddy agree to work together.

At the corral, Brad yells at Jake for messing with the horses. Jake has snorkels and is trying to turn the horses into seahorses. Mr. Ernst comes by with Buddy and some guests, but Brad covers the air tank Jake strapped to the horse's back and tells Mr. E to come back in five minutes.

Danny tells Melody that he found Jake in the shower this morning reading a book while the shower was overflowing. Melody says yesterday, Jake tried to save someone in the pool he thought was drowning when if fact the guest was just turning while doing the backstroke. They says they can't keep bailing Jake out. Just then, Jake and some guests walk through with skis strapped to their feet. Buddy comes through with his dad as Brad, Melody, and Danny cover the guests skis with dirt. Mr. E is satisfied with their explanation and leaves. Buddy yells at them to stop interfering because Jake is trying to get kicked out. Danny, Melody, and Brad tell Jake that they will get him kicked out of the ranch if that's what he wants.

Melody, Danny, and Brad are trying to come up with ways for Jake to get fired. Brad wants to set Jake's drums on fire, but Jake quickly rules that out. They say Ted would know what to do he was an expert at getting into trouble. Jake says it sounds like they were close. They say they will help him, but they couldn't imagine wanting to leave. Jake says his parents are always away so he has the place to himself. The others tell him they won't let him down.

Later in the day, Buddy asks Jake where he has been Jake tells him he has been out looking for "Jake's Guide to Life" he lost it on the way in. He tells Buddy he records down anything important that happens to him or an idea he gets. Jake tells Buddy he wants to stay. Buddy is set against it. Jake tells him he had to compete with Buddy growing up for attention. Buddy's father would do anything for him, Jake's father can't wait until he is out of the house. Buddy tells Jake he can stay if he stays out of his way.

Buddy says it is too late his dad is already coming. They run off to Mr. E's office where Jake's drums are set up. Jake starts taking the drums apart, but Uncle Ben walks in. He wants to know what is going on. Jake says he was just setting the drums up because he is giving them to him. Jake clarifies that he is actually donating them to the Bar None and he can still play them because he will give benefit concerts. Mr. Ernst tells Jake that the guests come for rest and relaxation not to lose their hearing. Mr. Ernst says he has a great idea. He will take the drums apart and use them as portable feed buckets for the horses.

Brad pops her head in Mr. Ernst's window and tells him to come quick to the corral. Jake runs to try to cut his uncle off. At the corral, Danny is putting the finishing touches on "Jake's Spa" which in reality is the horse trough. Buddy and Jake arrive and start tossing the lawn chairs and umbrellas over the fence. Jake asks Buddy how to shut the water pump off, but he doesn't know. Mr. Ernst arrives and Jake tells him he was just treating the horses to sparking water. Jake says it adds a touch of to the ranch. Mr. E agrees and tells Jake to carry on.

Back at the main lodge, Danny tells Mel and Brad when Mr. E gets a look at the artwork Jake will be out of here. They agree though that having Jake around wasn't so bad. Jake comes into the lodge and they tell him they came up with something big just in case the other things didn't work out. Jake sees the paint that Danny is holding and runs off to survey the damage. Buddy comes in and tells them Jake changed his mind and he wants to stay. They tell him they never wanted Jake gone to begin with. Mr. Ernst screams "whoever did this is fired". Outside, there is a big banner with a cartoon of Mr. Ernst on it that says "Wanted: Dead or Alive". The others run outside and everyone tries to take the blame. Jake says he wanted to go home at first, but now he doesn't. The others all tell Mr. Ernst that they want Jake to stay even Buddy. Mr. Ernst agrees, but Jake's probation period is extended one week.

Danny comes out the lodge with a package that is address to everyone. Inside is all the missing stuff. There is a note saying "if you don't miss me; I knew you'd at least miss your stuff; Love, Ted". Brad's silver picture frame has a picture of Ted in it. Danny has the screws to the ramada, but there is an extra package of screws. They wonder what they go to. Mr. Ernst comes out and sits in the rocker which collapses. Mr. Ernst blames Jake. The others try to tell him it is Ted, but he doesn't believe them.