Hey Dude

Season 3 Episode 9

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jun 01, 1990 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Buddy is trying to hypnotize Danny, but it doesn't work. Jake arrives so Buddy tries it on him and it seems to work. Buddy tells Jake that when he says the word zardok he will dump his cereal on his head. Buddy says zardok, but Jake dumps the cereal on his head instead of his own. Jake yells at Buddy for taking his cereal. At the lodge, Danny asks Buddy what happened. He tells Danny that Jake pulled a fast one on him. Jake comes in and doesn't understand why Buddy is mad. Buddy tells Danny that Jake faked being hypnotized. Buddy accidentally says zardok again while explaining the situation to Danny. Causing Jake to pour his cereal over Buddy's head once again. Jake tells Buddy to stop using his cereal to pour over his head. After Jake leaves, Buddy tells Danny that he is faking, but Danny thinks Buddy actually hypnotized Jake. Buddy says he will try to deprogram Jake in the morning.

Melody comes in and Danny asks for a favor. He asks Mel to take the rest of his shift since he promised to take a guest on a nature hike. Brad comes in and asks Mel to take her housekeeping shift. Danny says he asked Mel first. Mel says she will help them both out. They thank her and leave. Two older lady guests arrive.

Melody is taking them to their room and is struggling with all their luggage. Brad shows up and asks Mel to do her laundry. Mel agrees and Brad hands her the clothes bag and leaves. Danny shows up and hands Mel his bag "since he heard she is doing laundry" and leaves. Mel drops everything. The two guests who used to work for the phone company, call Mel a "sap", because her friends take advantage of her. They tell her to say no every once in a while. Melody says she doesn't mind. They tell her people like her should be rewarded and they give her a quarter (for her college education).

At lunch, Mel is working solo and all the guests are shouting orders. Sam, the cook, ask why she is working alone. She replies that Brad and Danny are suppose to be there. Buddy shows up and says Danny can't make it and she has to cover for him. Mel replies that she can at least count on Brad. Buddy says sorry and leaves. Another girl shows up, and says Brad can't make it and for Melody to cover for her. Melody asks herself why people take advantage of her. The two phone workers show up and tell Melody that they said she was a sap. Sam asks her to take the barbecue sauce back to the kitchen since everyone's been served. Melody trips and falls with the sauce.

At the corral, Brad comes back from riding and asks Danny if Melody would be mad since she played hooky. Danny says he hasn't seen her all day. Brad replies, "you didn't see her a lunch"? Danny says he didn't, but you were there? Brad says no she bailed out to take a riding lesson and Danny was with Linda. Melody shows up covered in barbecue sauce. She says no more special favors and from this point on she is on strike.

Danny and Brad have their hands full at a buckaroo breakfast. Brad confesses that she hasn't waited tables in a month since Melody always covers for her. A food fight breaks out when the kids see Danny and Brad spill food on one another. Melody watches from a distance smiling.

Buddy is suppose to be deprogramming Jake, but instead tries to use reverse psychology, telling Jake to dump the cereal over "my head". Melody comes gloating about Danny and Brad's breakfast disaster. Buddy tells Melody to say zardok, but once again Buddy ends up with cereal on his head. Jake says the deprogramming didn't work.

Danny and Brad are cleaning bunks. Danny criticizing Brad's dusting, bed making, and waitressing. Danny and Brad get into a pillow fight. Once again, Melody watches on in delight. Brad and Danny realize that they never worked side by side before.

Buddy tries deprogramming Jake again by telling him zardok means nothing. Buddy says zardok and Jake stays where he is. Jake says it worked. Danny and Brad tell Jake that they are just going to divide their work area in half and stay out of each others way. Melody shows up and Brad tells her that they were depending on her too much. Danny says they won't be asking for anymore favors. Jake asks Melody if being nice all the time makes her feel used and resentful. Jake tells Melody don't be a sap. Jake says if someone asks her to do a favor and she doesn't want to just tell them. He says Chapter Six in Jake's Guide to Life: A Sap No More may help her out.

At the lodge, Danny, Jake, and Buddy are going to try to help Melody. Buddy demonstrates what's Melody suppose to do by "selling" cookies to Danny. When its Melody's turn instead of telling him no, Mel wants to buy two boxes. Jake says its time to meet Mr. Bear. Melody is suppose to tell Mr. Bear how she feels when her friends takes advantage of her, but she ends up getting angry and choking him. Jake says she has to be honest and let people know how she feels. Brad and Danny return covered in soap. Brad insists she told Danny about putting soap in the washer, but Danny says she didn't. Danny storms off. Brad asks Melody if she can do her shift in the kitchen while she sends her stuff to the cleaners. Melody agrees to do it if Brad does her garbage detail. Brad agrees to the deal. Jake tells Mel she did all right.

Jake tells Buddy he feels guilty and that he was faking all along with the hypnosis thing. Buddy says he knows and he is sorry too for the other post hypnotic suggestion that he threw in. Jake wonders what he is taking about. Buddy says the one he threw in to get even with him. Jake says he doesn't remember. Buddy tells him not to worry about it since he can't be hypnotized anyways it doesn't matter. Jake agrees. Buddy says "snail drum" and Jake howls. Jake seems oblivious to what happened and leaves. The night, everyone yells at Buddy because he keeps making Jake howl while they are trying to sleep.