Hey Dude

Season 2 Episode 3

Our Little Champion

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Oct 27, 1989 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Ted and Danny ask Mr. Ernst for an advance in pay for upcoming dates. Mr. E tells them no so they check his sofa and find ninety cents that fell out of Mr. E's pockets while sleeping.

The boys come to the pool looking for money. Ted tells Mel this girl would only go out with him if she got a date for her friend hence where Danny comes in. Ted confesses to Mel he didn't actually see her friend.

Melody saves a little girl's life while lifeguarding. She notices that a man is staring at her and he quickly tells her that she's a great swimmer and introduces himself as Coach Daniels. He asks her if he could time her for speed and she agrees. She does the test and the Coach is thrilled with her potential. He tells her and Mr. Ernst about a regional swim meet coming up in two weeks, and gives her a training schedule.

Mr. Ernst is beside himself, plotting all the publicity they can create to get more business for the Bar None. Soon, Mr. Ernst puts up a big poster in the entry way saying, "Bar None Ranch, Home of Melody Hanson, Future Olympic Champion".

At the lake, the boys only have $1.48 in the date fund and they are getting desperate for money. Danny has his doubts because Ted refuses to tell him what his date looks like. Danny has visions of an six foot seven East German woman.

When they learn of Melody's training, they sell personally autographed photos of Melody for $5.00 and T-shirts with her name and face for $8.00. They give tours of her bunk, and Ted even sell pieces of Melody's salad for a dollar each!

Melody soon tires of the training: having to get up at 5:00 a.m., eating only salads, and having to swim 30 laps with only 3 minute breaks. She tells Brad she's sick of it, but Brad only tries to push it off, saying she's nervous. Melody tries to tell Mr. Ernst, but can't because she knows how much he's counting on her.

On the morning of the meet, Melody talks to Ted, who is at the pool before anyone gets up to swim, and tells him of her doubts about competing. Sooner or later she will lose and then everyone will hate her...or so she thinks. Ted comforts her, telling her what a great person she is. Suddenly, in the midst of their conversation, the rest of the cast comes in bubbling about the meet and all the rest soon to follow. Melody explodes into tears and runs of crying, refusing to go to the meet. The next day, Melody teaches the little girl how to swim. The gang gives Melody their own version of a gold medal. Then Ted and Danny push her into the pool as an Olympic tradition.

Finally, at the end, they both cancel the date, because the girls had a restaurant more expensive in mind than Ted had. They instead donate their money to the Olympic fund in Melody's name.