Hey Dude

Season 1 Episode 13

Pain In The Neck

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Oct 06, 1989 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Mr. Ernst feels it's a good time for some sprucing up around the ranch, so he calls the boys into his office to discuss with them his fix-it list. At least, he tries to. Ted seems much more interested in the female guest outside. Ted runs out on the meeting, and Danny quickly covers for him, saying that Ted is just keeping his promise to teach the girl about cactus. Danny really plays up Ted's expertise in the field. Mr. Ernst is impressed at Ted's diligence. But when Ted returns, Mr. Ernst tells him that he can't run off like that during the repair jobs.

Danny and Ted set out to repair loose roof tiles on the front porch. Danny climbs up the steel ladder, and it's Ted's job to keep the ladder steady. But, again, Ted is preoccupied with this Charlene, Ted's flavor of the week. His mind is clearly not on the job at hand. He spots her, or so he thinks, and he runs off to talk to her, letting go of the ladder. The ladder and Danny go crashing into the ground.

Ted rushes over to help him, but it's obvious that his friend is hurt.

Later, Danny is sporting a neck brace. The prognosis has Danny up and around in a couple of days, a week, at most. Ted is desperately apologizing, so to suck up, he gives Danny his lower bunk. The other kids show up with some goodies to make his recuperation a little easier. Melody and Brad lend him a Walkman with some Bon Jovi tapes, plus some magazines from Lucy and Mr. Ernst. Buddy gives him a stack of comics. And last but not least, Danny receives a six pack of supermarket cola and chips.

After the other kids leave, Ted hands Danny a bell to ring anytime he needs anything. Danny tries to refuse, but Ted insists. They practice a couple of times, and on each ring, Ted shows up to do Danny's bidding.

A couple of days later, Ted is preparing to give Danny's "Bar None Lecture on Flora, Fauna, and Cacti." Ted draws the duty since it was his fault Danny got hurt. Danny's notes are hard to read, but Ted gathers the four interested guests anyway. Ted's lecture is very quick, superficial, and ad-libbed for the sake of brevity. He does manage to show a turtle and Gertrude, the non-poisonous snake.

Having wrapped up his lecture, Ted is busy on the front porch trying to finish some chores and tend to Danny's bell ringing. Mr. Ernst and Buddy show up, impressed at Ted's oral efficiency. Then Lucy hurriedly arrives, telling them that Gertrude has escaped and is scaring the guests. Exasperated, Ted drops everything and heads to the lodge along with Lucy and Mr. E.

Inside the bunkhouse, Danny's out of magazines again and rings his bell. No Ted. He rings it again and again, but still no Ted. Shrugging to himself, Danny gets up off the bunk and fetches a Mad magazine from the table. But Buddy suddenly walks through the door, and catches Danny walking.

Buddy wants to run right out and tell Ted, but Danny convinces him to keep it their little secret. Though Danny enjoys the fuss over him, and the days off, what he really wants is to teach Ted a lesson about responsibility. Buddy promises that he'll keep the secret a secret.

Later, Danny is still working Ted like a slave. He has him fetching one magazine after another, but he's read all of them. Then he gets Ted to fluff his pillow. Then Danny tries to nap, but he needs Ted to sing to him because that's the only thing that'll work. Ted is very reluctant, but he swears Danny to secrecy and starts singing a lullaby.

Just as he finishes, Ted hears the girls giggling outside. After teasing him pretty harshly, they let him know that just spotted Gertrude in the lodge.

While the kids search for Gertrude, Buddy shows up. They ask him to help, but Buddy misinterprets their small talk as an interrogation. He becomes agitated and starts babbling about how Danny is still hurt. Puzzled, they agree with him, but that makes Buddy even more nervous. He starts denying ever saying anything about Danny not being hurt. Now the kids' are wondering what Buddy is talking about. Buddy cracks under the pressure and spills the beans.

Danny's still lying in his bunk when Buddy comes stumbling in with a bandage wrapped around his head. Turns out he fell off a horse. He asks Danny if he can hang out with him. Then Melody staggers in with her arm in a sling. She hurt herself in a pool accident, so to recuperate she plops down on Danny's bunk next to Buddy. Then Brad comes limping in with a bandaged knee. She crams herself onto the bunk, crowding Danny almost off the bed! They passing the chips, sodas, and magazines back and forth to each other.

Then Ted comes in. He sits at the table and says he's fine except for a little snakebite. Ted can't say which snake bit him because they all look the same. Very concerned, Danny jumps off the bed and tells Ted that they need to get him to an emergency room.

Then Danny realizes that he's been had. Ted hasn't been bit, but he is more than a little mad. He demands an explanation from Danny. The other kids leave the two alone to hash it out.

Ted is upset at the way Danny had him running around with that bell, although he realizes how he would've enjoyed it too. Danny comes back, telling Ted that he could have been seriously hurt falling off that ladder, and that Ted let him down when he depended on him. Ted apologizes, but Danny's heard that one too much before. He scolds Ted for so often thinking only of himself, and how he needs to be more considerate and aware of the needs of his friends. Ted agrees and takes it to heart.

In the lodge, Gertrude makes another slithery appearance clears out the building once more. But today, Danny is back on the job! He happily picks up Gertrude and tells her the story she missed the last couple days.