Hey Dude

Season 5 Episode 8

Presumed Stupid

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jul 26, 1991 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Ted comes to Mr. Ernst for an advance in his pay. He wants to by a cassette player that is on sale. Mr. Ernst refuses to advance Ted the money.

At breakfast, Jake and Buddy are trying to figure out why Ted is upset. Ted tells the others he has been saving for the cassette player, but is still a little short. Melody comes and delivers the mail. Ted asks if anyone wants to lend him the money. Jake, Danny, Buddy, and Mel say they are broke. Brad got a birthday card from her grandmother in the mail that has $50 in it which happens to be the amount that Ted needs for his cassette player. Ted tries to ask Brad to borrow the money, but she runs off with him chasing after her.

At the corral, Ted wants to borrow the money, but Brad won't loan it to him. She is worried that it will ruin their friendship. A little girl tells Ted that Tuesday is her birthday and she is going to have a party at the ranch with balloons, cake, and a real birthday fairy. The girl asks Ted if he wants to come to her party.

That night in the lodge, Jake, Danny, Buddy, Brad, and Mel are going to play Monopoly. Mel tells Brad that she should put her money away. Brad tells her she hasn't had time because she has been avoiding Ted all day. Ted arrives and tells Brad that he is not going to bother her about the money anymore. Brad is the banker for the Monopoly game and they are about start when the lights start flickering. Mr. Ernst tries to fix the lights when they go out completely. Buddy tries to steal the race car from Brad and Ted goes to hand her the box when he drops it sending Monopoly money on the table and floor. The kids decide to pack it in since they can't play in the dark. Brad tells them her birthday money is missing. They search on the floor, but don't see it. Buddy says it might not be lost it might be stolen. Brad tells Buddy that is stupid for him to even think. Ted says they should just look for it in the morning and he will even get up early to look for it.

The next morning, Brad tells Mel that she still hasn't found her money and they looked everywhere. Brad sees Ted showing off a new cassette player to Jake and Buddy. She asks him where he got the money for the cassette player. Ted says is doesn't really matter where he got it; you either save it or earn it. Brad says there are other ways. Ted asks her what other ways. She doesn't answer, but Ted tells her that she thinks he stole the money. Brad says for him to just tell her where he got the money, but Ted refuses saying if she was true friend she wouldn't need an explanation. Brad says that their friendship must not be that good and storms off. Jake tells Ted in order to steal the money he would have needed careful planning something that isn't possible. Jake pulls Buddy aside and tells him they have to figure out where Ted's money came from and why it is a secret. Ted hears and once again states he didn't take the money and where his money came from isn't their business. Jake tells Buddy they have a case to solve.

Jake asks Brad who sat next to her during the Monopoly game. Brad says Mel was on one side and Jake was on the other. Buddy says Jake was sitting next to him which means Ted was sitting next to Brad. Mel said if Ted took the money he wouldn't have helped search the lodge in the morning. Buddy said he wasn't there because he left the bunk in the morning in a big hurry. Brad and Mel said it must have been Ted after all and they storm off. They go to question Danny.

Jake tells Danny to ignore all the evidence like the fact that Ted was desperate and would do anything to get that cassette player, or the fact that Ted was next to Brad during the blackout, or the fact that it was Ted's idea to call off the Monopoly game, or the fact that it was his idea to postpone the search, or even the fact that Ted wasn't even there at the search this morning. Jake says the type of guy that steals money from his friends is the kind of guy who doesn't think of the effects of his actions, who's a little self centered and a little thoughtless. Jake says it sounds like Ted did it after all and they solved the crime. Ted shows up, but Jake, Danny, and Buddy walk away in disgust.

Everyone except Ted is at the boat dock when Mr. Ernst arrives with paint. He tells them to paint the trim of the boat and goes for more paint. Mel says maybe they can talk to Mr. Ernst about Ted. Ted arrives and asks what Mr. E wants them to do, but no one talks to him. Ted starts painting the boat when Mr. Ernst returns asking him what he is doing. Ted said nobody told him to only paint the trim because they are not talking to him. Brad asks Mr. Ernst what would happen if they can't work with someone because they can't trust him. Mr. Ernst says he would have to let that person go unless they wanted him to get involved. Ted tells him that it won't be necessary. Mr. Ernst wants their decision by the end of the day.

In the lodge, the other kids are meeting about Ted. Brad wants him fired. Jake says they should have a secret ballot vote. Ted comes by and Mel offers him to say something in his defense. Ted says his word should be good enough for them and if they don't trust him so be it. If they don't trust him he doesn't want to be there. The kids vote and everyone votes not guilty. The kids apologize for accusing Ted. Danny wants to finish the Monopoly game, but Ted says he has an appointment and leaves. The kids decide to take the game outside.

The kids are outside playing when the little girl from the corral is saying goodbye to the birthday fairy. The kids spot Ted dressed in tights, a tutu, and a wig. Ted says that the girls mother hired him to perform at her party. Ted says that she paid him in advance and that is where he got the money for the cassette player. Danny pays Mel her $200 for passing go and mixed in is Brad's $50. Brad says she must have mixed up the money during the blackout.