Hey Dude

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Sep 08, 1989 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Mr. Ernst is taking a shower when the water stops. Lucy comes in and tells him that the county water level is way below normal due to the drought. He asks her what that means and she replies that they are out of water.

In the lodge, Mr. Ernst is panicked because the guests are going to want water when they wake up. Ted comes in and says the work is done. Lucy tells Ernst that Ted just hooked up the reserve water tank (3,000 gals). Mr. E tells Ted that 3,000 gallons won't last long. He gets the phone book to call the well diggers. Mr. E tells Ted they have to watch their water usage and names him "Ranch Water Marshal". Ted wants a uniform with a badge, a night stick and a stun gun. Ernst says lets not get carried away.

Mr. Satkina from the Happy Well diggers, tells Mr. E that it will cost five dollars a foot and they might have to go down 500 feet. Mr. E says it isn't in the budget and offers to pay a buck a foot. Danny tries to stop Mr. E from speaking, but he keeps going. Mr. Satkina gets angry and leaves. Danny tells Ernst that Satkina felt as if he was questioning his honesty because he was bargaining. To an Indian that is a major insult.

At the guest dining area, Brad is pouring water for a guest when Ted shows up. He grabs the glass from the guest and tells Brad she can serve the rest to another customer. She says it is disgusting and she refuses to do it. Ted tells her to get smaller cups then. Brad tells him he is taking the water marshal thing to far. After Brad leaves, Ted proceeds to fill up a big water bottle.

Ted spots Danny giving a lecture on the meaning of various Indian items. Danny mentions a "rattle" used in ceremonial dances. Ted tells him he could do a rain dance. Danny said he only saw a rain dance once plus it isn't the right time of season. Ted dances around with the rattle which makes Danny angry. Ted says just make something up. Danny tells Ted he just doesn't understand and leaves. Melody says Danny's history is important to him. It would be like Ted going to Europe and someone making fun of the American flag. Ted goes to apologize. Mel sees Brad who was going to do laundry until Ted turned the water off. Brad says she is worried because Lucy and Mr. Ernst has been in his office going over budgets for two hours. Buddy walks by with a bag of aluminum cans.

Back at the boy's bunk, Buddy comes in saying that it will only take 240,000 cans to save the ranch. Ted and Danny question what Buddy means. Buddy states he overheard his dad saying that if he doesn't come up with $2,500 he will have to fire everyone except him. Ted apologizes for before, but states they have to do something to save the ranch. He leaves stating he is going to have to be even tougher about the water. Danny speaks to his Indian figurine telling it he needs help and to give him a sign just then the shade flies up and Danny states he know what to do.

Brad is in taking a shower with Melody waiting when Ted arrives questioning why she is there. Melody says she is doing yoga. Ted sees right through her lie. He looks at the shower stall and sees Brad's feet. Ted leaves, but before he does tells Melody to tell Brad her next shower is in four days.

Mr. E wants to raise rates to cover the cost of the well, but Lucy says if they charge the guests anymore they are going to lose them. Mr. E then goes to Plan B which is searching for oil, but Lucy points out the Mr. Satkina owns the drilling equipment. Lucy tells Mr. E not to worry because they are all behind him.

Danny calls Mr. Satkina and asks him to come over because he needs to talk to him. Danny tells the others that one thing an Indian doesn't want to do is offend nature. If they can get Mr. Satkina to think that by fixing the well he will get on the good side of the natural spirits he'll do it.

They rig up flowers and other things to move. Mr. Satkina arrives and Danny tells warns him about the spirits giving him signs. The flowers move on their own and Mr. Satkina says he sees what is going on and says he better talk to Mr. Ernst.

Mr. Satkina tells Ernst that the kids made him change his mind and he would like to talk to Danny. Outside the kids have their doubts and when Mr. E calls for Danny he thinks he is in trouble. Inside Mr. E's office though Mr. Satkina tells Ernst he can pay what he can when he can. Satkina tells Danny that he knew all along, but was inspired by what they were willing to do to save the ranch.

Mr. E is taking a shower when the water stops. Mr. E says "not again". Ted comes in and tells him the water heater is broken. Just then ice cold water shoots out on Ernst.