Hey Dude

Season 5 Episode 4

Rest In Pieces

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jun 28, 1991 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

At breakfast, Mel is all cheery while the others are grumpy about getting up early. Jake tells Mel she couldn't be mean if her life depended on it. Ted says if she isn't nice for the entire day they will make her breakfast for a week, but if she has even one slip up she makes them breakfast for a month. Melody agrees. Ted walks over to shake her hand and pretends to trip. Mel goes to get ice and everyone laughs telling her she didn't last thirty seconds. Mel says the bet is on starting now and calls them jerks.

Buddy, Jake, and Ted overhear Lucy talking to Dr. Johnston on the phone. She says she will break the news to Mr. Ernst and she won't tell the kids because they will get upset. She tells him she has all his instructions written down. She tells the doctor he's lost hair, been stumbling, and hasn't looked too well lately. Lucy says they will hope for the best and hangs up. Lucy leaves and Mr. Ernst comes by. He tells the boys that he hasn't been feeling well. He tells them if Dr. Johnson calls about his physical results to let him know. They look at Lucy's paper she left behind and it says Mr. Ernst has gastrothombous which could be fatal unless the following precautions are taken: keep warm, feed only mashed carrots, if he becomes agitated and biting or kicking occurs hose him down, important: keep him on his feet; don't let him sleep. They are suppose to follow the instructions for the next twenty-four hours.

Ted assigns the others various tasks. Mel comes out and Jake tells her that Mr. Ernst isn't well. She doesn't believe him thinking it is part of the bet. Mel proceeds to insult them and leaves. Mr. Ernst sticks his head out his window and tells them to keep it down because he is going to nap.

Mr. Ernst lays down and Brad sneaks in and starts tickling him with a feather. Mr. E sneezes and wakes up. Brad tells him she is dusting. He tells her to leave so he can nap. Mr. Ernst lays down and is awoken when he hears Jake and Ted playing drums outside his window. Jake and Ted tell him they are practicing for the young buckaroo parade tomorrow. Mr. E decides to do the grocery shopping since he can't sleep.

Mr. Ernst returns from grocery shopping and he is carrying the grocery bags when he steps on something sticky. He starts shaking his foot to get it off and the kids who are watching nearby misinterpret it. Danny rushes in with the hose and sprays Mr. E.

At the lodge, the kids break the news to Mr. Ernst about his physical. They show him the instructions from the doctor. Mr. E calls the number on the instructions and the doctor's assistant confirms that the results are no mistake.

Later that night, Mr. E has candles burning in his office, has a big bowl of mashed carrots, and is recording a message to Buddy. Melody enters with some receipts. Mr. Ernst explains the situation to her, but she just laughs thinking it is a joke. She insults him and leaves. In the lodge, the kids are telling jokes to try to keep Mr. Ernst awake. Mr. Ernst says the worst is over.

We cut to Mr. Ernst kicking and screaming and the others spraying him down. Mr. E wants to sleep, but the kids take him outside for fresh air. Mel comes out and tells them to give up the joke because she won the bet because it is after midnight. Brad tells her it isn't part of the bet. Mel realizes that her last conversation with Mr. Ernst could have been of her insulting him. The kids start dragging Mr. Ernst when they pass Lucy. She wants to know what they are doing. They tells her that Mr. Ernst has gastrothombous. Jake says they heard her on the phone and have been following the doctors instructions. Lucy says Uncle Albert has gastrothombous. Lucy tells them she remembered the instructions from Dr. Johnston that she left in the tact room. Jake realizes that they confused the doctors names; Dr. Johnston is the vet and Dr. Johnson is Mr. Ernst's doctor.

At breakfast the next day, Mel makes the kids breakfast even though she lost the bet. The other kids dig in and quickly realize why, their pancakes are laced with crushed hot peppers.