Hey Dude

Season 4 Episode 8

Return of Ted

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Oct 26, 1990 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Mr. E is trying to make a video to win $10,000 on "Hilarious Home Videos". Buddy is reluctant to do the stunt, but Mr. Ernst tells him he wouldn't make him do anything dangerous. He shoves Buddy into a wheelbarrow. Kyle pushes it up a wooden ramp and the camera goes black. Danny tells Kyle he went too fast. Mr. E says the camera has the stop button right next to the zoom button. Mr. Ernst says they will have to do it again. He calls for Buddy who is up in a tree. Everyone leaves while Buddy shouts for Kyle and Danny to get him down.

At the corral, Mr. E asks Buddy if he is okay. Buddy says $10,000 will just about cover the medical bills. Mr. E tells everyone to be quiet and states he has that feeling that someone is watch them. Danny thinks he is being paranoid. Just then the corral gate swings open and we see someone take off and Mr. E shouts for them to come back. They can't tell who it is.

At the girls bunk, Brad puts the laundry down and Mel screams. Turns out she is reading a mystery novel and got startled. Mel reads her a part and Brad grabs the book away and they start fighting over it. Brad throws the book out the window and someone says "Ow". The girls go to see who it is, but they take off. The girls says it is weird that some was watching them.

At the boys bunkhouse, Jake says there is a weirdo stalking the ranch. He asks what he looks like. Danny says he is ugly and Buddy says like a troll. Jake spots him and he ducks away. Jake signals to the others and Buddy and Danny leave by saying their lunch break is over. We see Ted throw a book bag in the window and climb into the bunkhouse. Jake jumps off the top bunk onto Ted and yells to Buddy and Danny that he's got him. Ted asks Jake who he is. Jake asks the same and Danny comes in shouting "Ted". Jake remarks that it is the famous Ted that handcuffed himself to Brad. Ted asks Danny who the new guy is and Danny introduces Jake. Buddy asks why he is here. Ted says to see his old friends. Ted asks who's stuff is on his bunk. Jake says mine. Ted states that he guesses it really isn't his bunk anymore. Ted spots Jake's drums and starts playing. Jake tells him to get up and that nobody touches the "tubs" except him. Buddy asks if he is suppose to be in summer school. Ted says he has a few days off because they had to close the school. There was a kiln explosion and there was a fire. Ted asks who the other bunk is. Buddy says Kyle, the new, new guy. Danny says they have to get back to work. Ted's lucky because he doesn't have to. Ted asks where Brad is. Dan says either the corral or in the lodge filling out work sheets. Danny says someone had to take over when he left. Ted can't believe Brad is filling out work sheets. Danny tells him that things change. Ted says to himself that Brad will be happy to see him.

Brad is at the corral and goes into the barn to get something. Ted sneaks up and opens the door and Brad throws hay at him and comes at him with a pitchfork. Kyle ropes him and pulls him down. Kyle tells Brad she doesn't have to thank him. He leaves with Ted saying to himself that if no one is going to get anywheres with Brad it will be him. Brad tells Ted she is glad to see him. She asks why isn't he in summer school. He tells her there was a toxic waste spill and school is closed for a few days. Brad says she will find him after she is done working. Ted goes to find Melody.

At the lake, Melody is finishing up taking some kids boating. Ted sneaks up on her and she swings an oar and knocks him into the lake. She ask Ted why he is here and he tells her there was a gas leak at school and he got a few days off. Mr. E calls for Melody. Ted tells Mel to be quiet because he wants to surprise him. Mr. Ernst asks Mel if she heard from Ted recently. Mel asks why. Mr. E says his parents called and they haven't seen him for several days. Mr. E says he will probably appear soon and leaves. Ted is drying off and Mel asks him why his parents aren't aware of his whereabouts. Ted says he has a reason.

Ted and Mel are walking when Mr. E and Buddy come out of the lodge and Ted throws his towel over his head. Mr. Ernst asks if that is Danny with her. Ted replies "yes, Mr. E". Mr. E remarks that he is all wet. Mel tells him Danny is breaking in his clothes. He says he learned that his first day, you get them wet and then you throw dirt on them. Mr. E wants to help with the dirt, but "Danny" tells Mr. E you get them dirty after they are dry. Mr. Ernst asks Mel if Danny has a cold because his voice sounds different. Mel says she doesn't think so and they leave.

Buddy asks his dad if everybody is gone and Mr. E says yes. Buddy comes out of the lodge in chicken suit. Mr. E tells Buddy to get on his bike and ride around in circles. He tells his dad if he wins the ten grand is all his. The real Danny appears and tells Buddy great chicken suit. Mr. E remarks that Danny's pants dried awful fast and starts throwing dirt on him for Step 2. Danny returns the favor by throwing dirt at him. Mr. E tells him that kids today are so independent they get upset when you try to help him. Mr. E tells Buddy to flap his wings and bark like a dog. Buddy crashes into a telephone pole.

Danny, Brad, Mel, and Buddy are gathered by the lake, waiting for Ted to tell them why he ran away from home. Ted said nothing happened at his school. He is here because he crashed his parents car into a lamp post doing 40 mph. He swerved to avoid hitting a kid and after the accident the kid took off leaving no witnesses. His parents got angry and he took off. Danny points out he doesn't have a driver's license. Ted says that is what makes it so bad. Brad asks if he took the car without permission. Ted says he was practicing his parking in the drive way. Danny tries to figure out the flaws, but Ted tells him the story isn't important. Ted agrees to call his parents and let them know he is okay, but he wants to lay low for a few days. He tells them not to tell Mr. Ernst he is here.

Jake and Danny sneak Ted into the lodge in a trunk. Ted gets out and is on the phone with his mother when Mr. E walks in looking for Buddy. Ted hides behind the counter. Mr. E asks why the trunk is there. Brad says they were going to play a joke on Buddy by mailing him to Alaska. Mr. Ernst doesn't buy it and thinks somebody did something. He sees Mel with the phone off the hook and thinks they were making personal phone calls with the lodge phone. Mel takes the blame by saying she was using it for a radio contest. Ted gets back into the trunk and they leave.

In the bunkhouse, Danny tells Ted they can't hide him forever. Ted says he should just stay at The Bar None. Mel comes in and asks Ted if his car accident would cause the kind of damage that someone would notice. Ted says yes. Mel says she called his parents and there wasn't an accident. Ted says he failed his summer school lit course. He has to take it over in the fall if he goes back. Mel asks what he means. Ted says he could just stay at the ranch permanently because he is good at that kind of thing. Mr. Ernst is coming and Ted wants Danny to hide him, but Danny tells him to stop hiding. Ted hides behind the door. Mr. E comes in and tells them he knows Ted is there some place. The FBI called thinking he was kidnapped. Ted emerges and tells Mr. Ernst it is obvious they don't want him here and he is going home. Ted leaves and the others try to stop him.

We see Ted walking down a dirt road when Mr. Ernst pulls up in the jeep. He asks Ted if he wants a ride. He asks Ted if he was really trying with English Lit and Ted tells him no. Mr. E tells Ted that if he tries he could do anything he wanted. Ted says he came back to The Bar None because he liked it, but everything changed. Mr. E tells him to just give the word and Jake is out of his bunk. Ted decides to go back and stick it out at school, but he has to stay the night because he missed his bus.

In the morning, Danny gives Ted a copy of Romeo and Juliet, the book he didn't read in English Lit. Mr. McGraw in the truck and tells Ted he is going to be late. Ted tells him to wait. Mr. E tells a reluctant Buddy to get his foot stuck in a bucket, stumble around, and fall into the water trough. Ted tells Mr. Ernst to get the camera rolling. Ted proceeds to do the stunt that Buddy didn't want to. Mr. Ernst thanks Ted, but Ted thanks him back. Ted hops into the pickup truck and it drives away.