Hey Dude

Season 4 Episode 2

Ride, She Said

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Sep 14, 1990 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Melody is trying to think of a party to throw at the Bar None that doesn't involved fire. At the 4th of July party Buddy, accidentally burnt her hair with sparklers. A guy arrives at the girl's bunkhouse with a delivery for Brad. Brad and Mel look out to see a horse getting off a trailer. The man gives her a card with a letter. Brad reads it and it says the horse is named, Charisma, and she is from her parents. She is an early Christmas present.

Brad takes Charisma for her first ride. Melody shows up and tells Jake, Danny, and Buddy she is organizing committees for the Christmas in July party. They try to leave, but Mel stops them. Mel says since they never spend Christmas together it will give them the opportunity to spread the Christmas spirit. Buddy gets cooking, Danny gets decorations, and Jake gets entertainment. Buddy asks Brad to ride Charisma, but she says she has to get to know her.

Mr. E is loading up extra horse things to take to a riding school that Lucy's friend runs. Mr. E and Brad go to deliver the things. They meet the owner of Trot, Cindy. Cindy tells them they work primarily with handicap kids. Brad says that it is sad, but Cindy tells her is almost impossible to be unhappy when your on a horse. Plus riding gives the kids a feeling of self-worth. Brad goes down to the corral, where some kids are riding. There is a boy setting off to the side. Brad mentions that she doesn't think she could handle having cerebral palsy. Just than a woman comes with a wheelchair and tells the boy, Bobby, that it is lunch time. Brad apologizes to him and runs back to the truck.

Back at the ranch, Jake is practicing his drums. Mel, Danny, and Buddy start to sneak up behind him with a plastic container, but they spot Brad and Mr. E and retreat. Jake tells Brad he is thinking about doing a drum solo for the party. He tells Brad not to go overboard on his gift, but he did leave some "Drum World" catalogs by her bunk. Brad tells Jake that she came from Trot and it was scary. Jake tells her that is the only place kids can do wheelies in a wheelchair. Brad calls him a jerk and kicks his drums. She calls him insensitive. He tells her the kids don't want you to focus on their handicap they want you to focus on them. Brad asks him what makes him an expert. Jake says he isn't an expert, but he has a friend back home with cerebral palsy and when he had a broken leg his friend left him in the dust during their wheelchair races. Brad thinks she might be uncomfortable because she feels guilty she isn't disabled like them. Jake tells her not to be. Buddy, Melody, and Danny throw some snowballs over the fence at Jake and Brad.

Brad rides Charisma to the Trot ranch. She spots Bobby and Cindy tells her Bobby's been coming for a year, but he never rides he just watches. Brad leads Charisma into the corral and shows her to Bobby. Bobby pets Charisma and seems happy by the whole experience.

In the lodge, Brad is trying to eat the popcorn that is for the Christmas tree while Mel is stringing it. Mel asks while Brad is grumpy. Brad tells her that her parents are usually traveling at Christmas and she is stuck with a relative eating fruit cake. Mel tells her it will just be the staff and maybe some guests. Mel says she forgot mistletoe. Brad says a little Christmas in July cheer isn't so bad. Buddy comes in and is trying to raise money for the Christmas fund with desert sleigh rides at only $2.00. They don't have a sleigh, but he is going to use a wagon. Buddy says they were going to borrow Charisma, but Brad grabs him and asks him if he wants to die. She states that she doesn't want anybody riding her. Buddy tells her if she would have let him finish they decided against horses all together. He introduces the reindeer, Jake and Danny, who are fighting about who is going to lead the wagon.

Cindy tells Brad that she seems to be a regular at the ranch. Bobby says he wants to ride Charisma. Brad agrees to let Bobby ride. Bobby is having a great time and tells Brad he has four good legs now.

At the party, Buddy asks Brad and Mel if they tried his Christmas surprise yet. Danny is behind Mel signaling no to Brad. Brad tries to hint to Mel, but she doesn't understand and eats some. Brad asks what it is. Buddy tells her it is sour chili and hot guacamole combo. Brad turns him down, but Jake comes for seconds. Danny proposes a toast to good friends and good food. Mr. Ernst enters as Santa Claus and falls when he tries to lift his sack of presents.

The kids exchange gifts, everyone gets picture frame with a photo of Brad in it from her. She says she doesn't care what they put in it, she just hates the photos of strangers that come in them. Jake opens his gift and inside is a pair of new shredded jeans. He says he will try them on later. Jake gives them a certificate that states that they each have their own star named after them. Melody's gift to Brad is her fancy cowboy hat.

In the morning, Melody asks Mr. Ernst where Brad is. Mel says Brad is usually by the pool on her day off. Jake says he hasn't seen Charisma either. Mr. E says Charisma doesn't live at the ranch anymore. He says Brad is over at Trot donating Charisma to them and is volunteering to help out there part-time.