Hey Dude

Season 4 Episode 6

Secret Admirer

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Oct 12, 1990 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Mr. Ernst is worried that he is losing his hair. He has some trophies out looking back. He tells Jake and Buddy that he is getting older and over the hill. Buddy says when he is his dads age he wants to look just like him. Jake asks him if he wants to be bald, Kojak and Son. Mr. E sticks his high school "Faster with a Calculator" trophy over Jake's head.

Brad asks Danny if he saw her riding group, he says that Kyle took them out an hour ago. She tells Mel who questions why Kyle would do that. Brad tells her the group was all girls and Kyle is all hormones. Kyle returns with the riding group and Brad confronts him. Kyle states that the group saw him passing by and asked him to take them out. He wrote her a note explaining the situation, but forgot to leave it. He states that they like it when he does his rope tricks. Brad says her favorite is the one where he ties himself up and jumps into the lake.

Mr. Ernst is jogging and comes upon Buddy. He stops all out of breath. Buddy asks how far he went. Mr. E states to the Jeep and back. Buddy remarks that it is less than 100 yards. Buddy asks if it has to do with his birthday. He tells Buddy that his birthday coming up is just between them. Melody and Brad come along. Mr. E tells her him and Buddy are just talking about the weather. Mel remarks it will be nice weather for his birthday. Mr. E growls at Buddy and walks away. Buddy tells Mel he is sensitive about his birthday coming up. Buddy says he is going through a mid-life crisis. Brad suggests throwing a party. Buddy tells him his dad wants no party or presents. Melody says it could be like a kids party to make him feel young. Buddy is against the idea, but the girls leave to plan it.

At lunch, Brad asks Mel how they are going to get Mr. Ernst to the party without him suspecting anything. Mel suggests writing a note: "A great surprise awaits you in the dining area on Saturday night". They sign it a "Secret Admirer". Brad tells Mel she is sick of Kyle's attitude. He thinks he is special just because he grew up with rodeos. Mel suggest writing him a nasty note that is from a local dating service that rated him: its states that he is unacceptable and the only one that wanted to date him was a horse named Mrs. Ed. The see Jake with the mail and tell him to deliver the letters to Kyle and Mr. Ernst.

Mr. Ernst is in his office doing push ups when Jake gives him the mail. He is about to open the letter when Jake hands him a small package. Mr. Ernst gets excited. Jake asks what it is, but Mr. E tells him nothing. Jake grabs the box. Mr. E agrees to show him only if he swears not to tell anyone and not to laugh. Jake closes his eyes and Mr. E emerges with a toupee on. He asks Jake if it makes him look younger. Jake mentions that it looks like a squirrel landed on his head. Mr. E not paying attention asks him to repeat what he said. Jake states that he will knock the girls dead.

Brad and Mel are going over last minute preparations for the party when Kyle drops by. Mel tells Kyle they want to invite him to Mr. Ernst's party on Saturday night at 8pm. He says he can't because he has a date. Brad asks him if it is more important than Mr. Ernst's birthday. Kyle says it isn't just any date it is a date with a secret admirer. Kyle shows them the note and it is the one they wrote for Mr. Ernst. They realize that Jake mixed up the letters. Kyle wants to know what letter, but they run off when they see Jake. Jake tells them he already delivered the mail to Mr. E. Jake says he didn't read it yet, he is taking a nap. They tell Kyle Mr. Ernst got his letter. He asks what is wrong with his letter. Mel says it is kind of nasty. He asks why they would write him a nasty letter. They tell him for being a jerk the other day.

Brad and Mel think about going to Mr. Ernst and confessing, but they rule that idea out. They are going to try stealing the letter while he is sleeping. Mr. E is sleeping at his desk, but he wakes up and asks why they are there. After some stumbling, Brad says they were passing by and decided to tidy up his desk. He agrees about his office being a mess and takes a lot of his papers including the letter and sticks them in his top desk drawer. He tells them to see what they can do while he gets out of their way. Mr. Ernst leaves and Brad tries the desk drawer which is locked. She finds a crack and tries to get the note. Brad gets a hold of the note, but her hand gets stuck. Mr. Ernst returns and asks why Brad is sitting in his chair. She states she wanted to see what it would be like to have such power. Mel shouts that Hailey's comet is outside and Mr. E rushes outside. Mel tells Brad to see if there is lever inside the drawer to open it. Brad says there is an animal inside and its got her hand. Brad gets the drawer open and see Mr. E's toupee and the letter. They switch the letters. Mr. Ernst returns saying there is no comet. Mel says she actually said how calm it was outside not comet.

Brad and Mel rush back to the bunk. Mel says she is going to rip, burn, and bury the letter. Brad decides to save the letter just in case Kyle acts up again. Mel puts the note on the dresser and leaves.

Mr. E is polishing his trophy, when Kyle arrives. Kyle tells him there is dead a squirrel in his trophy, but it is just his toupee. Kyle tells him a story about a 93 years old cowboy who ran away and became and acrobat. Kyle almost gets caught, but he switches the letters.

That night everyone is waiting to surprise Mr. Ernst when Kyle walks by. Brad calls him over. Kyle tells them that he saw the real letter on her dresser and he switched them. Mel panics, but Mr. E arrives. Mr. E tells Brad he read both notes. Mr. E gives Kyle the cruel letter, but Brad grabs it. Mel states that tonight Mr. Ernst is twelve again. Jake and Danny got him a race car. Kyle got him a hula-hoop. Buddy got him a squirt gun. Mr. E says it is the best birthday party ever. He states that he has been going around all week moping, but he is the luckiest man in the world. He says he learned a valuable lesson, "never leave a loaded squirt gun next to a desperate man". They all scatter.

The next morning, Danny and Kyle are trying to get an animal that is caught under the jeep. Kyle tells Danny to be careful. Mr. E asks them what they are doing. Danny says there is an animal stuck under there and it isn't moving. It may have gotten hit. Mr. E goes under and Mel tells him to be careful. Mr. E says it isn't alive. Everyone is disappointed. He says it isn't a pretty sight. They asks what it is and he tells them his toupee.
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