Hey Dude

Season 4 Episode 6

Secret Admirer

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Oct 12, 1990 on Nickelodeon



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    • Kyle: Danny, you better be careful. You don't know what kind of animal is under there.
      Brad: Is it moving?
      Danny: I can't tell? I don't think so.
      Mr. Ernst: What's going on here? What are you doing underneath the jeep?
      Danny: Theres an animal under there, it's not moving. We've think it may have gotten hit.
      Mr. Ernst: OK, stand back. Let me handle this. (climbs under the Jeep)
      Melody: Mr. Ernst, please be careful. It might be poisonous.
      Brad: Do you see it?
      Mr. Ernst: Yes, I can.
      Jake: Is it still alive?
      Mr. Ernst: No, I'm afraid it isn't. Stand back everybody. You wanna close your eyes. This is not a pretty sight. Oh, yuck. (Mr. Ernst holding a light brown thing)
      Brad: What?
      Mr. Ernst: My toupee.

    • Kyle: You've lost that twinkle in your eye.
      Mr. Ernst: Its probably just the cataracts.

    • Melody: Why don't we tell him (Mr. Ernst) the truth? One of us will march into his office and confess while I stay here.

    • Melody: Did you bring Mr. Ernst his mail yet?
      Jake: Yeah, I just did why?
      Brad: Do you happen to remember that little red envelope?
      Jake: With little flowers on the back?
      Melody: Yes, Yes!
      Jake: With real fancy handwriting?
      Brad: Yes
      Jake: And it smelled like perfume?
      Melody: Yes, that's it.
      Jake: Never saw it.
      Melody: What?
      Brad: Jake, do you want me to tell everybody about your Donald Duck night light?

    • (Jake sees Mr. Ernst with his toupee)
      Jake: It looks like a squirrel landed on your head.
      Mr. Ernst: What was that?
      Jake: Nothing, I said your gonna knock the girls dead Uncle Ben. Go get them. I got some squir...chores to attend to.

    • Jake: Uncle Ben, I don't think your losing your hair. I think your forehead is getting bigger.
      Mr. Ernst: Thanks a lot Jake.
      Buddy: Hey, maybe you could grow your eyebrows out really long and just brush them back.

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  • Allusions

    • Kojak: A crime drama television series that debuted in 1973. It starred Telly Savalas at Lt. Theo Kojak. When Buddy says he wants to look like his father when he gets his age. Jake remarks they could be Kojak and son alluding to Mr. E's hair loss.