Hey Dude

Season 3 Episode 5

Sewn At The Hip

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM May 04, 1990 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

At the breakfast table, Lucy delivers the mail. Brad gets a thing for an upcoming horse show. Melody gets a postcard that says "Ready or Not; Love, Amy". Melody says Amy is her friend from home, but she doesn't understand what the postcard means. Lucy takes Brad to practice for an upcoming horse competition. Buddy shows up with his hair slicked back and is wearing a leather jacket and white t-shirt. Danny asks Buddy what's up, but Buddy tells Danny to call him Bud. Bud says it is his new image. Bud says everyone thinks he is a cute little kid, but he wants to be tough. Melody makes fun of Bud's "tattoo".

At the lodge, Melody's friend Amy is checking in to the Bar None. Amy says her parents had a conference in Scottsdale and she convinced them to let her come to the ranch. Melody says she has to teach a junior lifesaving Amy says they'll have time to catch up. Lucy tells Brad she should be practicing her jumping for the competition. Brad says she is so busy with Mr. Ernst out of town. Amy interrupts and says she has an idea.

Danny comes into the girls bunk and he spots an extra bed. Mel guesses someone is moving in. Danny tells Melody that he met Amy and thinks she is kind of cute. Danny asks Melody what happens when you are friends with someone, but it is more of a habit than anything else. Before he can answer, Amy and Lucy come in. Lucy says Amy volunteered to help out while Mr. E is away. Danny and Lucy leave. Brad comes in and laughs a little because Melody and Amy are dressed alike. Amy says they are like this all the time at home, but Mel says not as much since they are older. Brad thanks Amy for covering her shifts. Amy tells a story about herself and Melody. Brad laughs, but Amy says it isn't that funny unless you were there. Amy says they aren't really clique type people at school. Brad tells Melody that she always thought of her as the "president of the " type. Amy snaps back at Brad saying that she doesn't know them. Brad leaves and Amy calls her a rich snob. Amy says they hate that type. Melody tells her she is wrong.

At the corral, Danny and Jake are talking to Brad while Danny wonders if Melody's friend is coming to the competition tomorrow night. Jake says as the eldest member of the Ernst family currently on the ranch he has dibs on any incoming females. Jake asks if Danny is interested in Amy, but he doesn't answer. Brad doesn't want to give her opinion on Amy when Jake asks about her.

At lunch, the customers are getting Amy and Melody confused with one another. Mel asks if Amy could wear something different, but Amy yells at her. At the lodge, Amy asks Mel if they can declare peace. Melody agrees. Amy says she was just jealous because Mel has this whole other life at the ranch that she isn't a part of. Amy says she wants to talk to Melody about some things. Amy suggests later, but Melody tells her that Brad's competition is later. Melody invites Amy, but she doesn't want to go. Amy says she is only going to be here one more day. She can't believe Mel would rather spend time with them than her and storms off. Danny asks Amy if she wants a tour of the ranch, but she says she is busy and leaves.

Brad is getting ready for her competition, but is nervous she is going to fall off again like last year. Melody tells her she will do fine. Brad thanks Melody and tells her she'll see her out there. Melody asks Amy if she changed her mind, but Amy says no. Jake tries to get Amy to go, but she turns him down as well.

That night, Brad is celebrating. Bud is upset. Brad asks if he is still upset about what happened. He corrects her and tells her Buddy. He can't believe that he saw the cutest girl ever, but her mom refused to let her talk to him because he looked dangerous. Lucy tells them to take the party into the lodge. Danny goes to talk to Amy, but Jake tells him not to bother. Melody asks Amy how her night was and tells her Brad won. Danny invites Amy to the party and she goes with him leaving Melody standing on the bunk steps. Danny asks if it is a spite date. Danny said they don't have to go to the party.

We catch up with Amy and Danny sitting in a boat in Lake Benjamin. Amy asks him why things have to change. Danny says just because her and Mel aren't exactly alike doesn't mean they can't be friends. Amy says coming to the ranch was a mistake. Danny says if she hadn't come he never would have meet her.

Back at the bunk, Melody tells Amy she would almost do anything for her, but she isn't going to give up other friends for her. Melody says she still wants her to be friend, but some things have to change. Amy replies there is one way to tell them apart now, she is the one Danny kissed. In the morning, Danny and Amy say goodbye to each other. Jake tries to get more information from Danny, but he doesn't cave. Buddy comes out dressed like a nerd or as Jake puts it a "baby Uncle Ernst".