Hey Dude

Season 4 Episode 11

Some Like It Hot

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Nov 16, 1990 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Jake hung a swing from a tree. Mr. Ernst says he needs two cooks and one tee-pee style clubhouse built for the young buckaroos. Jake says him and Danny will build and the girls will cook. The girls ask while they always have to cook. Jake says women cook and guys build things. Brad wants to switch jobs. Mr. Ernst is reluctant, but Danny says they will switch. Mr. Ernst doesn't like the idea. Jake says the best chefs are men. Jake says when the women fail at the tee-pee him and Danny will fix it. Mr. Ernst sets on Jake's swing and one of the sides gives way.

Jake tells Dan that they have to convince Mr. Ernst to let them cook because the girls are watching. Danny has his doubts. Jake tries, but Uncle Ben won't cave because they have two critics from "Dude Ranch Monthly" coming to rate the ranch. Jake says to at least let him flip the burgers. Jake flips a burger and it goes on the ground. When Mr. Ernst looks down at the ground his glasses falls off. Jake picks them up, but drops them on the grill. Jake pulls them out but it is too late they are melted. Mr. E has trouble finding Jake without his glasses, but when he does he tells him if he messes up one more time he is fired. Mr. E leaves to get his spare pair of glasses. The critics show up and the boys take over the grill. Jake goes to give one of the critics a burger and he accidentally flips it at her. They storm off while the girls yell at Jake. Mr. Ernst returns and Jake and Dan storm off leaving Brad and Mel there to explain. Mr. E tells the girls that he remembered those glasses were his spare pair. He asks if the critics were there yet. Mel says they were. Mr. E wants to know if Jake treated them alright and if they liked the food. Mel said it looked good…on them. Mr. E asks which way they went so he can apologize.

Mr. E not being able to see, stumbles into Jake and Danny. He thinks that they are the critics. He tells them that he is sorry for what happened, but rest assured that that staff member will not give them anymore trouble in the future because he is fired. Mrs. Thorpe aka Jake with a female voice tells Mr. Ernst that the service and meal was wonderful. He asks Mrs. Stevenson aka Danny what she thought and she says her burger was fine. Mrs. Thorpe replies that the boys at the grill should get big raises. Mr. Ernst tells them to call him Benjamin. Mrs. Thorpe says her first name is Jasmine and Mrs. Stevenson is Danielle. Mr. E thinks he met Danielle before, but she says they didn't. The "ladies" leave and Mel and Brad look on in disbelief.

Mel and Brad are ready to build the tee-pee. Brad has detailed plans thanks to a school drafting class. Melody is having trouble holding the poles up. They try to put them together, but they fall down. Jake and Danny arrive to see how it is going. Mr. E stumbles in and Jake asks when his new glasses are coming in. Mr. E tells them in a few days. He asks what cabin the critics are in and Mel tells him cabin 9. Mr. E says he is going to see how they are doing. Jake interrupts that they are in cabin 6. The girls state that no one is in cabin 6, but Jake says him and Danny moved them earlier because cabin 6 is cooler than cabin 9. Jake points him to cabin 6, but it is the wrong direction because he has to buy him and Dan some time. Dan isn't pleased that Jake lied again.

Jake and Danny get to cabin 6 a little before Mr. Ernst. Jake hands Danny a shower cap and tells him to put it on. Danny doesn't want to put the cap on or talk in a high voice, but Jake tells him it will be the last time. After some reassuring, Danny agrees to do it. They rush inside and close the door. Mr. E arrives and they tell him they are leaving tomorrow. Mr. Ernst invites them to be his guests at the barbecue. Mr. E mentions that they will be having quail. Danielle wants to know what else they will be having. He says cheese potatoes, wild rice, and strawberry shortcake. Danielle says they will be there. Mr. Ernst says he will see them tomorrow and leaves. Jake tells Danny that they can't go to dinner tomorrow. Danny says it was his stomach talking because they missed lunch. Mr. Ernst returns and tells them that their meal will be prepared by the same two young men from earlier since they liked their cooking so much. He leave again. Jake says they are in trouble.

In the lodge, Brad is on the phone with someone and they apparently deliver. She charges her order to the Bar None. Brad tells Mel that the man looked at her plans and that they can have to tee-pee built by tomorrow and come in under budget. She tells him that the man said it will be cute whatever that means. Jake and Dan come in and Jake says they just have to get through dinner. Danny wants to tell Mr. E the truth before they get in deeper. Jake says they are already in too deep thanks to him and his stomach. Dan says Jake was the one that started it. Jake asks the girls if they have to tee-pee done yet. They tell him almost and he says they would have been done by now. Mr. E stumbles in and he tells Brad and Mel that he invited the critics to the barbecue. Brad looks at Jake and Danny with a smile on her face and says "ladies you didn't tell us". Mr. E tells Brad and Mel to get some cool lemonade for the ladies. Jasmine, Danielle, and Mr. E sit down on the couch. The girls bring the lemonade and dump it in Jasmine and Danielle's lap. He asks if they have any hobbies. Danielle says that Jasmine is a two time tango champion. Mr. E says that maybe he can arrange for some music during the barbecue. Jasmine and Danielle leave. Jake and Danny "come in". Mr. E tells Melody to send some flowers and chocolates to Jasmine's room because she is something special.

Jake is worried because Uncle Ben is in love with Danielle. Mr. E has some binoculars to help him see better. Lucy asks him where he is headed. Mr. E says he just wants to confirm dinner plans with the critics. Lucy says she will do that so he doesn't have to walk there. He asks her if she's seen Jake and Danny. Lucy points him in the right direction. Danny says he is going to have to tell Uncle Ben that Danielle is already dating someone. Jake starts doing his female voice and Mr. E yells at him for mocking a guest. He tells them to get the bandstand together. Jake tells Danny that with binoculars he can see who they are. Jake says there is only one thing they can do.

We see Jake and Danny in dresses, wigs, and make up. Mel and Brad spot them and asks them if they are out of their minds. Jake says this is the last time. He asks the girls to just play along. They agree if they admit "girls can do anything boys can do except for Brad and Melody who always do things better than Jake and Danny" and they have to do their chores for one week.

Mr. Ernst welcomes Danielle and Jasmine to the barbecue and they quickly leave because Jake and Danny have to cook the food. The real critics show up and thank Mr. Ernst for the invitation. He tells them they are on a first name bases. They tell him hardly, and that they normally don't give ranch owners a second chance. He tells the one lady that he is looking forward to dancing. She says she hates dancing. Jake and Danny spot the real critics. Jake begs Mel and Brad to get the critics away from Uncle Ben before he finds out the truth. After some pleading the girls agree. The girls tell the critics that they have an emergency phone call and they leave. Danielle and Jasmine rush over the Mr. Ernst, but the real critics are returning. Danielle tells Benjamin that she wants to dance. During dancing, Danielle's wig comes off and Mr. E sees that it is Jake. Mr. E starts to yell at Jake, but everyone claps. The real critics tell Mr. Ernst that they appreciate good entertainment. The Bar None stands a good chance at winning The Dude Ranch monthly award. They thank him for not showering them with flowers and chocolate like many other ranch owners. They leave. Jake tells him everything turned out fine. He tells Jake and Dan to get out of the dresses and he wants them in his office in five minutes.

The next day, everyone is laughing at Brad and Mel's tee-pee. Mr. Ernst says they are going to need some small buckaroos to fit inside. Jake says he knows how they came under budget. Brad blames Mel because he found the contractors name in the phone book, but Mel points out that Brad hired him. Mel says Brad put down inches in the plans instead of feet. Mel says she thought Brad took a drafting class. Brad forgot to mention that she failed the class. We get a close up of the tee-pee which is about a foot tall.
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