Hey Dude

Season 3 Episode 13

Stick Around

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jun 29, 1990 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Everyone is sitting around complaining to Mr. E about how hot it is. Mr. Ernst says he is going to throw a ho down. Danny says they have to work it so how is that helping them. Mr. E tells them all they have to do is set it up and they have the rest of the night off. Brad says she doesn't dance. Danny says she took ballet. Brad says it is much different. Jake demonstrates his "Jake dancing", but no one is impressed.

Jake is building the stage for the dance. Lucy asks him why he stops halfway through when he is hammering. He states that he is apologizing to the nail. She takes the hammer from him and does it. She says do it like that. Jake tries to get her to do it again, but Lucy knows his plan. A man names Bill sneaks up behind Lucy. Lucy says its been five years since she seen or heard from him. Bill asks if she missed him. She tells him all the time. He says they have a lot of catching up to do and him and Kyle are staying at the Bar None. He says his rodeo is in town for the week. Bill says maybe it is time for him to settle down. They go to talk in private.

Brad confronts a teenager at the corral trying to saddle up a horse. She states that only staff saddles horses. Brad tells him if he wants to go for a ride just tell her his level of expertise. He replies it is expert. He says if they weren't talking he would already be half way up the hill. Brad says no one talks to her like that except her grandmother. He calls Brad's clothes too dressy and states that girls shouldn't work on ranches. Brad says to herself that she doesn't care if she gets fired. She gets ready to confront him when Lucy and Billy show up calling for him. We find out he is Kyle, Billy's son. Lucy says him and Brad should have a lot in common. Brad leaves disgusted.

Buddy brings Kyle to the staff dining area. The others introduce themselves. Brad goes to leave, but Kyle stops her. Buddy says Kyle's dad is in the rodeo. Brad says you don't treat horses like that. Kyle says it is better than jumping contests where the horse jumps a foot off the ground and you get a pretty ribbon pinned on you. Melody asks isn't there is room for both kinds of riding. Brad and Kyle both reply no. Mr. Ernst shows up and Buddy tells his dad he wants to be a rodeo clown. Mr. E doesn't seem thrilled since his son will be a moving target. He asks how the planning for the dance is and everyone says it is coming along good. Mr. E and Buddy leaves. Danny says it is time to clear the table. Danny and Jake get up with the plates. Kyle pulls Danny off to the side and asks "aren't the girls suppose to be doing this". Danny tells Kyle that they will talk.

Lucy is at the corral and is standing around a little dazed. Melody replies that she seems "far away". Lucy says not yet, but maybe soon. Lucy says her and Bill are thinking about getting and just then Bill calls Lucy and she runs off before she can finish her sentence. Melody assumes it is marriage and seems happy. Bill and Lucy tells Kyle they are thinking about making plans for the future.

Brad has an out of control horse. Kyle runs over and asks why she is showing off. Brad says she isn't, she just wants to see what it is like to be a real cowboy since he says it is so great. Kyle replies that she is using the wrong bridle. He volunteers to show her the right one, but Brad does not want help. They start fighting and the horse gets away. Kyle chases the horse and ropes it. Bill and Lucy run over and ask what happened. Kyle says the horse got a little frisky. Bill and Lucy leave along with Melody who goes to do CPR on herself. Brad says she would have been fine if Kyle didn't grab the reins. Kyle tells Brad to save him a dance on Friday.

Melody catches Brad in the bunk practicing her square dancing. Brad tells Mel the dancing isn't her and maybe the whole ranch isn't her. Mel tells her she has been working at the Bar None for a long time and she can't imagine what it would be like without her. Mel volunteers to show Brad a few steps, but Brad says she is just going to be herself. Mel thinks Brad is practicing for Kyle, but Brad tells her she can't wait for the rodeo to get over so Kyle can leave. Mel says Kyle may not be the only one leaving. Mel makes her promise to keep a secret. Mel tells Brad that Lucy and Bill may be getting married.

Lucy asks Danny how he feels about Kyle. Danny says he feels sorry because Kyle is always moving around. In the evening, Lucy and Bill meet. Bill says some guys at his qualifying round were talking about a new rodeo circuit that travels across the country and has big prize money. Lucy asks him what happened to settling down. Bill says he can't face the fact of not competing. Lucy replies that there is no place for her in that life. Bill says he loves her with all his heart, where ever he is. Lucy asks about Kyle, because he needs a place where he can settle down for more than a week or two. Bill asks if she has an idea where that place might be. He Lucy nods her head and states that she will keep her eye on him. They go to talk to Kyle.

At the dance, Melody sees Lucy talking to Mr. Ernst. Danny and Jake asks what is the big deal in that. Melody says she is telling him that her and Bill are getting married and she is leaving the Bar None. They asks Mel how sure she is and she says a 6.5 out of 10. Lucy comes by and Danny asks if there is any news she'd like to share. They hint at the marriage, but she doesn't know what they are talking about. Lucy leaves and Danny tells Mel rumors are "nasty business". Mel wonders what she was talking to Mr. E about if it wasn't that. They spot Brad and wonder why she is there since she said she wasn't coming. Kyle is shocked that Brad is there. Brad says only to watch, but Kyle drags her on the dance floor. Mr. E comes over and says he talked to Lucy and thinks it is a great idea, they will try it out for a few weeks and see how it goes. Mr. E says Kyle will be staying with them. Brad doesn't seem to happy.

Jake and Danny meet up with Kyle who is at the corral, they are admiring his hat. Danny tells him it would be a shame for such a fine hat to get wet. Kyle tries to walk away, but Melody and Brad, who is on a horse and has a lasso, show up. Brad gets the lasso around Kyle and Melody tells him to give her anything he doesn't want to get wet. Kyle says this must be an initiation where they throw him in the lake. Danny tells him not the lake, the water trough and they shove him in. They grab his hat and take off with Kyle chasing after them.
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