Hey Dude

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jan 05, 1990 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Melody comes and tells Buddy, Danny, and Ted that Bobby Rogers, a famous television star, is coming to the Bar None. Mel says he is coming to the ranch to learn how to ride for an upcoming movie. Ted thinks he should be teaching Bobby since he is Senior Staff. Mel replies its Brad's job a riding instructor.

Mr. E receives a tip from Ralph at a local ranch that a reviewer from the "Southwest Dude Ranch Guide" is going around in disguise giving out ratings to all of the local dude ranches. Mr. E is worried that he might receive a bad rating causing the ranch to go "belly up". Lucy and Brad tell him the Bar None is in great shape and not to worry.

Ted and Brad are fighting over his riding technique when Bobby arrives. Brad and Bobby head to the lodge for him to register. Melody begs Danny to let her have desk duty. Danny agrees. Bobby registers and Melody is out of it the whole time. Bobby introduces himself to Buddy and Mr. E. Once Bobby is gone Mr. E tells Melody that Bobby might not be who he says he is. He could be a look alike hired by the ranch guide to review the Bar None. Mr. E says maybe he is overreacting, but he knows the critic is out there just ready to write a bad review. A man in a cowboy hat and carrying a briefcase and book comes in and asks Mr. Ernst to point him to his room, but Mr. E tells him to check at the desk and leaves. The man tries to get help from Melody, but she is busy smelling Bobby's registration card.

Ted is practicing his lasso toss, but isn't doing to well. Danny gives him some pointers, but he doesn't do much better. Danny asks about Bobby Rogers, but Ted says he seems stuck up. Danny says he doesn't even ride so how could Brad like him. We cut to the corral, where Brad is talking to Bobby about the basics like the saddle when Melody shows up. Melody asks to speak with Brad. She tells Brad that maybe Bobby would want some swimming lessons since she is the lifeguard. Melody makes the offer to Bobby about lessons.

At lunch, Mr. E and Buddy are still looking for the critic. At the one table Mr. Ernst tells the people if there is anything he can do to make their stay more enjoyable don't hesitate to ask. The man from the lodge interrupts to ask if there are anymore spare ribs, but Mr. E tells him to check with the chef. Mr. E is trying to pour ketchup on someone's food and the cap flies off covering him. Mr. E asks for Lucy's help looking for the writer, but she doesn't see anyone in particular that sticks out. Ted comes riding in on a horse and stops right near Bobby and Brad's table. He says maybe Mr. E could use some help since other staff members are preoccupied with other things. Ted goes to put the horse away. Mr. E says if Ted's antics cause them to get a bad review he is fired. Bobby tells Brad that he thinks Ted is jealous.

At the corral, Bobby is riding nice and steady while Brad watches. Suddenly, the horse speeds up knocking him off. He gets up and is ok. He goes to leave, but Brad tells him to get back up and try again. Ted comes to observe and gives Brad a hard time. Brad tells Bobby to stop for today. He gives Brad a kiss on the cheek in front of Ted.

Back at the girls bunk, Brad tells Melody what happened. Brad says it was no big deal. Melody wants to see the exact spot. Brad says she is overreacting just a tad. Brad said she doesn't see anything in Bobby.

Ted is sitting on the dock looking at a magazine cover with Bobby on it when he comes by. The cover of the magazine has Bobby holding a girls hand. He says he never met her before. The magazine just takes two pictures and puts them together. It doesn't bother him, but drives his girlfriend crazy. Ted is excited that he has a girlfriend and said he seemed interested in a lot of girls. Bobby says like Brad. He says her and Mel are terrific but he is a one woman guy.

Brad agrees to let Melody watch Bobby's lesson, but when the get to the corral. Ted is showing Bobby some lassoing tricks. Bobby said he needed to know some roping for the movie and Ted volunteered to show him. Ted is swinging the rope and lets it go. The rope hooks Mr. Ernst who isn't paying attention and Ted pulls him into the mud. Mr. Ernst says he knows it is Ted's fault, but when he goes over Bobby is all upset saying it was him and he didn't mean it. Mr. Ernst tells him to calm down that it isn't a big deal and leaves. Ted thanks Bobby for covering for him.

Bobby is leaving and he thanks everyone for the wonderful time. Mr. E comes by and says he still isn't sure which guest is the reviewer from the ranch guide. The man with the cowboy hat asks Mr. Ernst for directions to the Circle J Dude Ranch. Mr. E tells him to go nine miles to the gas station and they will give him directions. The guest says he had a great time. Brad, Ted, and Melody see that the man has on a jacket with the "Southwest Dude Ranch Guide" on it and start laughing.