Hey Dude

Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM May 11, 1990 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Melody and Brad are relaxing by the lake after a hard days work. Brad asks Melody if she told anybody they were coming. Melody says she didn't. Brad says she thought she heard voices. Buddy, Danny, and Jake start shooting water balloons at the girls from across the lake. The girls gather their things and run while the boys laugh.

Buddy tells Danny "Brainbusters", the television game show, is looking for contestants. He suggests Danny try out since he knows a lot of useless information. Danny can't answer the sample questions. He says he does know a lot of useless information, but about things on and around the ranch. Buddy said he could have met Wink Wellman and Tawny Dawn. Jake shows up and answers both sample questions. Danny and Buddy think Jake should try out, but Jake says no and heads up the dock. He spots a penny on the ground and tells Danny if it is heads it is good luck and Brainbusters is a good idea, but if it is tails it is bad luck and no Brainbusters. The penny is heads and Jake agrees to try out for the show.

At the bunk, Danny and Buddy are quizzing Jake. Buddy wants Jake's autograph picture of Tawny, who reads the numbers off of ping pong balls. Danny says Tawny has a sea sponge for a brain. Buddy gets mad and throws his hat at Danny who is on his bed. Jake says throwing a hat on a bed is bad luck. Danny tells Jake "no es problemo". Jake tells him don't speak Spanish today because it is Tuesday the 13th. In Spain, Tuesday the 13th is the same as Friday the 13th in the United States. Danny tells Jake he didn't know he was so superstitious. Jake says he isn't that superstitious. Buddy asks Jake what he knows about penguins. Jake says your not suppose to use the "p" word in months without the letter "r" in them.

At the lodge, they have a practice game of Brainbusters. Danny, Melody, and Jake are competing. Mr. Ernst is playing the part of Wink Wellman and Brad is playing the part of Tawny Dawn. Brad isn't too happy about playing Tawny. Jake answers both questions in the practice game right. Brad messes up reading a number causing her to yell at Buddy for having golf balls instead of ping pong balls. Mr. E quickly calls for a commercial break. Jake shows Brad his lucky penny. Brad checks the mail. Mr. Ernst asks Jake what was in that letter he got. He asks what letter? Mr. E says the letter he gave Melody to give to him. Melody gave it to Brad who gave it to Danny who gave it to Buddy who gave it back to Mr. Ernst. Mr. Ernst gets the letter out of his pocket and hands it to Jake. Jake looks at the letter and says thanks to them his life is ruined. He knew Brainbusters was a bad idea and runs off. Melody looks at the letter. It is a chain letter. Jake was suppose to send 10 copies to people by Monday (which was yesterday) or bad things will happen.

Melody reads the chain letter and it states someone broke the chain and was run over by a milk truck a week later. Mr. E reassures Melody that nothing will happen to Jake. Mr. Ernst wants to demonstrate to Jake that superstition as no bases in reality. He calls Jake out to show him. Mr. E spills salt all over, breaks a mirror with a hammer, gets a black cat and runs it across his path and walks under a ladder. Mr. Ernst says nothing he did will bring him any bad luck. Just then, the cat scratches Mr. Ernst and he drops it. Danny rushes to try to get the cat and knocks the ladder onto Mr. E. Jake says he tried to warn him and he will probably have to walk backwards for a week just for watching. Jake runs back into the bunkhouse.

Danny has the other kids gathered and says he has a plan to get Jake over his superstition phase. Danny switched Jake's lucky penny with another one while he was sleeping. He says after a week they will tell Jake and he will see things went fine without the lucky penny. Across the lake, Mr. Ernst is trying to catch the cat so he can return him to the pet shop since he is a loaner. Brad says if things go bad Jake is going to blame the switching of the pennies.

Jake is walking backwards with drinks and trips over Mr. Ernst who is looking for the cat. Melody and Brad give Danny a dirty look. Danny says it was just a coincidence. Danny and Buddy is showing Brad how to launch water balloons. She shoots it across the lake and hits Jake. At the lodge, everyone takes down the Brainbusters stuff since Jake won't be trying out. Buddy says no picture of Tawny all because of that penny. Danny yells that it had nothing to do with the penny. Buddy drops the golf balls from the Brainbusters practice game and Jake who is walking in slips and falls on them. He wants to know what is going on. Danny confesses that he switched the pennies. Jake said he knew that is why he switched them back. Jake says he isn't superstitious all the time just when he has something important coming up. Jake says he still wants to try out.

Mr. Ernst finally catches the cat. The pet shop tries to get him to keep the cat, but Mr. E doesn't want it. Melody tells Mr. E Jake aced the tryouts but since he isn't eighteen he can't be on, but they are going to enter him in the teen tournament. Melody says Tawny Dawn was there in person. Buddy comes in, but he is frozen and can't move or speak, but should be fine in a few days.

A few days later, Buddy is back to normal. Jake asks if he remembers anything. He says he remembers Melody saying "look there's Tawny Dawn" and turning around and everything going blank. Jake asks if he remembers the death grip. Buddy says it couldn't have been that bad. Danny says they needed the jaws of life to get him apart. Brad goes to launch balloons, but the boys broke the slingshot. Melody sneaks up behind them and throws a bucket of water at them.