Hey Dude

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Sep 22, 1989 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Ted is bragging to Buddy about pumping iron. Buddy isn't impressed. Ted tells him he could work out some kind of program for him. Buddy gets up and breaks a wooden post in half. Ted is stunned. Buddy tells him he is a first degree black belt.

Melody is answering phones and there is someone on the other end that wants to take over the ranch for three days. Mr. Ernst is thrilled, but Mr. Good wants to check out the facilities before he commits. Ted thinks Mr. Good might be with the mob because who would want to rent the Bar None. Melody has doubts, but Ted says he is going to keep an eye on Mr. Good.

The next day, Mr. Good arrives in a Cadillac. Buddy thinks he looks like a movie star with his sunglasses and jet black hair, but Ted isn't convinced. Ted days Good is "casing the joint". Buddy and Melody think he is nuts. Ted says he'll have to prove Mr. Good is up to no good. Mr. E calls the boys over to help Eddie with his bags. Ted drops his clothes in the dirt when his suitcase comes open. Buddy tries to carry a silver case from the backseat, but Eddie insists on carrying it.

After Mr. Good is settled in, Ted tells Buddy and Melody that nobody tips $30 for carrying some bags especially when Mel carried nothing and he dumped his clothes in the dirt. Ted think the money is probably counterfeit. Mel and Buddy still think he is nuts.

Ted, Mel, and Buddy use Mr. E's credit card to break into Eddie's room. Ted snaps the credit card in half. Buddy knows he is in trouble when his father finds out. Mel crawls through the window and lets the boys in. Mel finds a "bullet proof vest" in a suitcase. Buddy finds a draw of cash. Outside, Mr. Good is returning. Mel escapes out the window, but Ted and Buddy hide on side of the bed. The phone rings and Eddie tells the person on the other end that things might work out with the Bar None. He is going to "shoot" someone tomorrow in the corral and if things don't work out they can always "blow it up".

Ted is fixing the post Buddy broke is conviced Eddie was talking about him. Buddy is more worried about his father's credit card than Ted's life. Eddie shows up and tells Ted that he wants to talk business with him at the corral. Buddy says he has an idea.

At the corral, Brad lassos Eddie when he shows up to talk to Ted. His silver case goes flying in the horse trough. Mr. E, Melody, and Buddy rush in. Mr. E demands to know what is going on. Eddie says he works for a company that makes commercials and they needed a ranch setting. "Blow it Up" meant to enlarge the barn in post production if it wasn't big enough. The "bullet proof vest" is Eddie's back brace. The money in the draw was "petty cash". "Shooting" Ted meant shooting him for the commercial, he was going to be the star. The silver case contained a camera. Mr. E tells the kids he is disappointed in him. He takes Eddie to the lodge for some paper towels to dry his camera.

Ted thinks he is an idiot and no one seems to disagree with him. They proceed to throw Ted in the trough.

Buddy is ready to tell his dad about the credit card, when Mr. E receives a new one in the mail. Buddy quickly volunteers to destroy the old one. Mr. Good calls Ernst and tells him they decided to shoot on a cruise ship instead.

Ted breaks a board with his foot. Buddy tells him to do it blindfolded instead. Ted agrees and when he isn't look the girls place a stick with a watermelon in the center on the post. They sit right behind the melon and when Ted breks the melon it goes on them.