Hey Dude

Season 2 Episode 7

Teacher's Pest

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Dec 01, 1989 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

At poolside, Brad tells Melody that she received a letter from her parents who want her to join them in France. Brad doesn't really want to leave, but Mel is surprised that she really has doubts about leaving. Brad says she belongs here. She'd miss everyone, even Ted. Just then Ted and Danny jump off the diving board soaking Brad who is nearby.

The girls make fun of Ted who is reading comics, but he claims he is doing research that way he'll be in touch with Buddy when he asks him for advice. Ted's English teacher, "Old Lady Andrews" as he likes to call her arrives. Ted questions why she is here. She tells Ted she won on a raffle ticket and the grand prize was a weekend at the Bar None. She spots Mr. E and Ted tells her he is the owner of the Bar None. Miss Andrews seem intrigued. Buddy and Danny comes by and Ted tells Miss Andrews that they are his junior staff. All three leave. Mr. Ernst and Miss Andrews lock eyes and Mr. E who is working the grill is so out of it that he ignores Melody who is nearby.

Mr. Ernst finds Ted cleaning up at the barn and pumps him for more information on Miss Andrews. Mr. E mentions that she is an attractive lady. Outside the bunkhouse, Ted is telling Danny and Buddy that nothing is safe anymore. Danny thinks Ted is talking about food, but Ted says he is talking about Miss Andrews. Buddy states that she doesn't seem too bad. Ted says with her here he can't be himself and since she thinks Mr. E is a hunk she'll probably stick around the entire summer. In the words of Buddy, "that woman is history".

At the pool, Ted can't believe Miss Andrews is wearing a bathing suit. Mr. E comes by and Miss Andrews tells him to call her Annie. She starts flirting with Mr. Ernst while Buddy and Ted watch is disbelief.

In front of the corral, Melody tells Ted and Danny that Brad's parents are making her come with them to France, but she wants to stay at the ranch. Ted wonders why she would choose the Bar None over France maybe because of him. Melody wants everyone to write letters saying how much Brad is needed at the ranch and she will send them to Brad's parents and maybe they will let her stay. They agree to write the letters. Danny leaves to help Melody at the pool. Buddy comes by and asks Ted if he seen Miss Andrews. Ted says his father took her on a trail ride. Buddy doesn't understand why they are spending so much time together. Buddy has new cowboy boots that his father bought and he has to soften them up with saddle soap. Ted says he has a plan to solve the "Miss Andrews problem".

Ted and Buddy are watching Mr. E and Annie getting to know one another. They go there separate ways, but not before Mr. E gets his foot stuck in a bucket. Buddy "bumps" into Miss Andrews and tells her he is really busy. He has to break in his father's new cowboy boots. Miss Andrews volunteers to do it so Buddy tells her the "correct way". You dunk the boots in lots of mud, boil them in water, and lay them in the sun all day. Buddy signals to Ted that the plan went perfectly.

Brad spots Miss Andrews making mud to dunk Mr. Ernst's boots in. Annie tells her that Buddy told her the entire breaking in technique. We cut to Mr. Ernst in his office and a really muddy looking pair of boots on his desk and Miss Andrews sitting nearby. He calls Ted and Buddy into his office. He says that his only son has taken it upon himself to embarrass one of the guests with the help of one of the staff. Buddy confesses that he tricked Miss Andrews. Mr. E asks why they did it. Ted says he had a hard time seeing Miss Andrews as a regular person. He said at the Bar None he is Ted--Senior Staff and with her there he felt like he was back in high school. Buddy says he got confused because his dad liked her and he already has a mom. Mr. E says the Bar None is an opportunity for everyone to make new friends. Miss Andrews is like a new friend and even though he and Buddy's mother aren't together she'll always be his mom. Mr. E starts laughing at the boots on the desk and says he found those in the barn. His new boots are safe because one of Ted's co-workers stopped Miss Andrews from ruining them. He says Ted should thank her because she saved his job.

Ted thanks Brad for stopping Miss Andrews, but Brad denies it was her. That night, Brad tells Melody that her parents called and said that she doesn't have to go with them. She tells Melody that she knows the letters were her idea. Brad states she is surprised that even Ted wrote a letter.