Hey Dude

Season 1 Episode 10

Ted & Brad Get Handcuffed

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Sep 15, 1989 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Buddy tells Mr. Ernst he has decided to become a magician. Buddy has been inspired by The Great Zamboni, a magician and recent Bar None guest. Mr. Ernst mentions that, while Mr. Zamboni has been very nice to entertain the other guests, his actions will not result in a discount on his bill. Apparently Zamboni has been living rather extravagantly during his stay.
Mr. Ernst goes on to tell Buddy that he could see right through The Great Zamboni's tricks because he used to be a magician himself. Buddy asks him to show him some tricks but his dad tells him the tricks are secrets.

Ted enters the room and tells Mr. Ernst that Zamboni has gotten into his car and left the ranch. It seems that our "Great" Zamboni is a great big deadbeat intent on leaving that huge bill unpaid. But in his haste to leave, Zamboni has left behind a piece of luggage.

Later, with Danny, Brad and Mel now also looking on, Buddy decides to open Zamboni's abandoned case to find out what's inside. He is pleased to discover it contains items used in the magician's act. Brad tries out Zamboni's magic wand and tries to make Ted disappear to no avail. The girls tell the others they must now get back to their chores. But before she leaves, Brad gets in one more jab at Ted, advising him to work on his "disappearing act".

When they leave Ted is mad because Brad is always given him a hard time saying that she acts like her worst nightmare would be to be stuck in a room with him.

Ted gets Zamboni's trick handcuffs and decides to handcuff himself to Brad as a joke. After bribing to take Buddy to the movies, Ted learns from him how to make the handcuffs work. He leaves to find Brad.

Mr. Ernst reenters the room with some rather interesting news about Mr. Zamboni. He tells Danny and Buddy that Zamboni has escaped police custody numerous times. He adds that Zamboni's most recent escape took place just two days earlier when he got away from Tulsa, Oklahoma, police while still in handcuffs. Mr. Ernst then proceeds to tell the boys that once upon a time he was an accomplished escape artist, his specialty being rope escapes. Buddy and Danny run off to try to find Ted before he uses the cuffs.

But they are too late. By the time they reach Ted and Brad, the combative couple is already securely in the cuffs. Ted has been trying to remove them, but Buddy's instructions are not working. Buddy asks to take a look at the cuffs, and when he does his worst fears are confirmed. They are Tulsa PD cuffs.

Later, Lucy takes a look at the handcuffs, declaring them to be of the "pretty serious" variety. Brad tells Lucy she may have to respond like a coyote in a trap and chew her own hand off if she is not soon out of the cuffs. Mr. Ernst tells Brad and Ted that the Tulsa PD has sent the keys to the cuffs, but they won't arrive until the following day. He has also contacted a locksmith, but that gentleman is busy trying to free a woman who has locked herself to her husband's golf clubs, so he will not be able to make out to the ranch for several hours.

In the meantime, there are chores to be done. Brad points out to Mr. Ernst that she must soon serve lunch. Ted says he has a chair to fix. Mr. Ernst tells them to work together. He then subtly suggests that Danny and Melody stop standing around staring at Brad and Ted and get back to work. They take the hint. As they walk off, they tease the handcuffed couple, remarking on their newfound closeness.

Lucy tries to help Brad and Ted by telling them about a film entitled "The Defiant Ones", which starred Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier. In that film, two handcuffed escapees overcome their initial dislike of each other to become friends. Brad appreciates the point Lucy is trying to make, but tells her she wants to get through this without killing Ted.

Now lunchtime, Ted and Brad must now work out how they are going to serve the guests. Ted places a towel over their cuffed hands to conceal the handcuffs, but there's still the matter of how to explain why he and Brad are always so close to each other. Brad suggests she try to pass Ted off as her trainee. Ted rejects the idea. He suggests they try to serve the two tables simultaneously. This way, he reasons, they can get the job done in half the time and he can fix his chair. Brad is skeptical, but agrees to go along with Ted's idea. However, as they serve the guests water, Brad can't resist telling them that Ted is her trainee. Ted tells another guest that Brad is his trainee. Then as he attempts to serve a bearded gentleman some water, Ted's cuffed arm gets a good yank from Brad and the guest gets a good soaking from the pitcher.

Now Ted is finally free to work on the chair. Working with a vise and carpenter's glue, he sloppily begins to put the chair back together. But Brad has noticed a problem. She tries to warn Ted, but he won't let her complete a sentence. He's so convinced she's going to insult him again, he won't listen to her. Later he finds out he has rebuilt the chair around their handcuffed arms, and the only solution is to dismantle it.

Mr. Ernst then shows up with some bad news. The locksmith won't be able to come to the ranch today because he has locked his keys in his car's trunk along with his tools.

Still not willing to give up on being separated before sundown, Brad and Ted again seek Lucy's help. Lucy uses a hammer and chisel to try to break the chain against a hitching post. That fails. So Ted suggests they try an acetylene torch. Lucy points out that the heat generated by the torch would spread through the cuffs and burn their wrists. Desperate to be free, Brad grabs the tools and starts hammering away at the chain. In the process she nearly injures Ted.

The prospect of having to spend the night handcuffed to each other causes tempers to flare. Ted and Brad get into a shouting match. Brad then pushes Ted. He falls over and she winds up doing a flip over the hitching post. No one is seriously hurt.

Night approaches, and Mr. Ernst has called a meeting in his office to decide what to do about sleeping arrangements. He first suggests that Ted might stay in the girls' bunkhouse. But Melody objects, saying that Ted's snoring will disturb her sleep. How about letting Brad sleep in the boys' bunkhouse? Well, Danny's argument against that involves all the hairspray and perfume girls typically use. He seems to feel that one overnight stay by Brad would cause the bunkhouse to smell like a cosmetics counter for weeks.

Brad and Ted are shown their quarters by Mr. Ernst and Lucy, they are still fussing. Lucy asks them if it will be necessary to frisk them for weapons. "We'll be fine", Brad assures her. They say their good-nights and Lucy leaves the room.

Brad and Ted, must spend the night in bunk beds. Ted asks what bunk Brad wants. Brad opts for the lower bunk. But when she lays on her belly, Ted lets her know that, because of the arms being connected, the person in the lower bunk must sleep on their back. Brad informs Ted that she is subject to leg cramps when she sleeps on her back. Ted tells her she will have to take the top bunk then. Brad says that's fine with her, then asks Ted to be a gentleman and help her get up onto the bunk. This he does, and Brad politely thanks him. Ted lies down in the lower bunk, sighs, and tries to go to sleep.

Almost as soon as his eyes shut, Ted begins to snore. Bradley shakes her handcuffed arm to awaken him. Shortly thereafter, she shakes the same arm again, this time because blood building up in her hand is beginning to cause pain. Ted complains that all the blood is draining from his hand, so he's not much better off. He asks her if she wants to switch places, and she says, "Yes." Ted asks her if her legs will be a problem, but she has decided to risk the cramps to relieve the throbbing hand.

Brad's aforementioned leg cramps begin almost immediately. As she attempts to stretch out a cramp, one of her legs strikes the underside of Ted's bunk. Soon Ted's rest is again disturbed by a kick from below. Brad tells him. Ted suspects there is more to the kicking than just cramps. He decides to even the score by hitting Brad with his pillow. Ted claims it is an arm spasm. Gritting her teeth in anger, Brad kicks the bunk again. Back and forth they go until a full-fledged pillow fight breaks out. This comes to a screeching halt when a concerned Lucy gets accidentally gets slapped in the face with the pillows.

It's morning now, and we find our two bleary-eyed cuffmates trying to have breakfast at the ranch's outdoor dining area. Danny and Mel soon join them. Mel asks them if they slept well, but the question is ignored. Instead, Ted asks them to ask Brad a question on his behalf. That's because overnight he and Brad decided it would be best if they didn't speak to each other. But now Ted needs to know if he can use his right arm to eat his cereal. Danny puts the question to her, and Brad grants Ted thirty seconds of eating time. As Ted rushes to shove cereal into his mouth, Brad proceeds to tell the others that Ted insisted on sleeping with the lights on. Ted claims it is a lie. Brad then describes how Ted kept calling out the name "Fluffy" throughout the night. She speculates that Fluffy is a stuffed toy Ted slept with at home. Ted pretends not to know what she's talking about.

When Ted's thirty seconds of arm use expires, Brad jerks her left arm away from his bowl. This causes Ted to spill milk and cereal on himself. Scowling, he uses his spoon to flick wet cereal into Brad's face and hair. She responds by splashing Ted's face with a glassful of milk. The situation has gotten very ugly, yet Danny and Mel continue to giggle like small children. Ted stands up, positions himself behind Brad, and pulls her cuffed arm around her neck. Ted tells her it is time declare war.

But before Ted can dump the bowl's contents on Brad's head, Mr. Ernst shows up holding a large manila envelope. Sensing all is not well, Ernst asks Ted what's going on. Ted tells his boss he was simply trying to help Brad get a kink out of her neck. She plays along with the charade, and Mr. E seems to buy it. But Ted is still not quite out of the woods. He must now explain the milk dripping from his face. He tells Mr. Ernst that's the result of trying to drink his milk left-handed. This leaves Mr. Ernst looking a tad skeptical, but he decides not to question Ted any further. Before he leaves, Mr. Ernst casually informs Brad and Ted that the keys to the handcuffs have arrived. They, along with Danny and Melody, excitedly run after Mr. Ernst. The removal of the cuffs is not shown.

We now see Brad walking toward the stables. There she meets up with Lucy, who's busy working on some horse-related gear. They exchange greetings, but after that Brad just kind of stands around watching Lucy work. Lucy senses that Brad has something on her mind, so she tries to initiate a conversation by asking Brad how her wrist is doing. Then Brad works up the nerve to get to the subject she really wants to discuss. She begins by asking Lucy what happened to the main characters at the end of "The Defiant Ones". Lucy tells her, that they stayed together and helped each other. She goes on to explain that since the handcuffs were removed Ted has been avoiding her and treating her like she's a vampire. She even claims that Ted forms an impromptu crucifix with his fingers whenever he sees her. Never one to mince words, Lucy tells Brad she thinks Ted's feelings were hurt by her harsh insults and suggests an apology. It takes a little prodding, but Lucy ultimately convinces Brad to apologize to Ted.

Before Brad takes off, Lucy asks Brad to think about why she picks on Ted so much. She wonders if it's not a bit like the little girl in the school yard who's always running after the little boy and punching him because secretly she's got a crush on him. In spite of herself, a huge grin develops on Brad's face. Lucy has hit the nail squarely on the head. Still too stubborn to admit her feelings, Brad laughs it off.

The scene shifts to the bunkhouse with the broken chair. Ted is there working on the chair as Bradley nervously sets foot on the porch. As she thinks about what she is going to say, she bites her lower lip and takes a deep breath. Ted spots her and forms a cross with his fingers. Brad tries to convince Ted she has come in peace, but he keeps interrupting her, rehashing some of her earlier insults. When he finally lets her get a word in edgewise, Brad gives Ted the following apology.
She tells him that being handcuffed to him wouldn't be the worst thing in the world and if she had to be cuffed to someone he wouldn't be her last choice.

Thinking she has failed in her effort to put things right with Ted, a disheartened and embarrassed Brad turns and walks away.
Ted stops her and tells her she wouldn't be his last choice either. He tells her it would be his history teacher, Mr. Garfield, whom he describes as "THE most boring man alive". Brad says she would least like to be handcuffed to her Aunt Trudy, a woman who constantly eats raw garlic. Now convinced everything is again okay between herself and Ted, Brad decides it time to start teasing him again. She brings up the subject of a weird high school-age guy she knows, a guy who sleeps with the lights on and has a teddy bear named Fluffy. With that Brad runs away laughing. Ted literally drops what he's doing and chases after her.

We now go to the main lodge where Buddy is tightening a rope around his seated father. It's because Mr. Ernst plans to demonstrate his escape artistry prowess for his son. When Brad and Ted enter the room, Ernst explains the bizarre scene to them. Brad asks if there has been any further word of The Great Zamboni. Mr. Ernst tells her that the Scottsdale Police picked up Zamboni that morning, but by afternoon he had again escaped. Anxious to get back to the demonstration, Ernst has Buddy start a stopwatch to time his great escape. Looking like a man suffering a seizure, he struggles mightily, but the rope does not budge. Ted suggests loosening the rope, but Mr. Ernst won't hear of it. Ted and Brad decide they have seen enough, so they tell Mr. Ernst they have to get back to work. Mr. E tells them to go ahead but they are going to miss all the excitement when he gets going. Even Buddy decides to leave. He claims he's going to go look for a comic book.

It's night now. The crickets are singing loudly as we get an outside shot of the main lodge. A window reveals a light still burning inside. We hear Mr. Ernst call to Buddy and tell him to bring the stopwatch because he got a finger loose.